People's Democratic Party

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People's Democratic Party
The PDP logo
Leader Pete James Before the party's closure
Chairman Nicholas Bertrand Before the party's closure
Founded June, 2006
Headquarters Geneva
Political ideology Social Democracy
Political position Left
Colours Red
Website Not known

The People's Democratic Party (PDP) was the successor to the Alexandrian Pride Party (APP). The name change occurred when party president Fabiola Douay left the nation out of discontent.

The PDP described itself as a "progressive centre-left party that [was] dedicated to ensuring democracy and protecting the rights of the people". It was considered the only active party of the left within Alexandria. It sought to represent everyone who had liberal and progressive beliefs.

The party was founded by Nicholas Bertrand, who assumed leadership after Douay's departure. At the end of the PDP's days, the leader was Pete James, the PDP had one MP in the Imperial Parliament, and was intending to fight for seats about to go up for by-election. Bertrand had expressed hopes that the PDP would bring Alexandria into a new era of two-party democracy. He failed in achieving this goal and so did James.


The only policy statements ever released focused on free health care, free education, Trade Union laws and to introduce a national minimum wage that grows with inflation, in essence a Welfare State.