Pendronia's Decline (MS-1103)

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The Pendronia's Decline course is offered by the Royal University of Gotzborg's School for Micronational Studies. The course covers the decline of activity and independence in Pendronia, its efforts to seek unification with the Kingdom of Hanover, its ultimate decision to join Gotzborg as an Archduchy and the associated diplomatic fallout of that decision.

Course Information

Course Information Details
Course Title Pendronia's Decline
Course Designation MS-1103
Suggested Audiences History Diploma Candidates, General Interest
Length 7-part Lecture Series
Exam TBD
Associated Certificate(s) History Diploma
Instructor Liam Sinclair
School School for Micronational Studies
Original Release 2013
Content Last Updated 2014

Lecture Series

Introductory Remarks

The Kingdom of Pendronia, as it was once called, existed as a sovereign Internet micronation in the Simulationist Community from October 2001 until December 2004. It was then that it was annexed by the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg, where it remains to this day as an Archduchy.

Pendronia holds a special place in Gotzborg's history; it being the first micronation of Gotzborg's King, August Charles II. Indeed, it was this relationship - combined with strong suspicion - that ultimately would lead to Pendronia joining Gotzborg. That annexation was not without controversy as the suspicion that I alluded to was formed during intensive discussions in which Pendronia was negotiating its secession to the Kingdom of Hanover. These discussions had all but concluded, complete with a framework unification agreement between the two micronations, when Pendronia and Gotzborg announced that Pendronia would join the latter, much to the chagrin of Hanover.

Throughout this course, we will explore and discuss the final months of Pendronia as an independent micronation, its desire to unite with Hanover, the unfolding of that process, the secret plan that ultimately saw it join Gotzborg, and the fallout from that strong rebuke of Hanover.

Pendronia's Decline

Founded in October 2001 by David Roest[1], the Kingdom of Pendronia was a popular micronation in the Anglophone Simulationist Community during that community's early formative years.

Pendronia was a well-respected micronation throughout its independence. During its second-anniversary in October 2003, Atteran Emperor Mik'el Tzion called the Kingdom "vibrant and interesting"[2]. More than a year later, this opinion was shared by Ciaron Broeck, who opined that Pendronia was an "active and vibrant monarchy"[3], just a matter of days after its annexation to Gotzborg had been proclaimed.

Yet all was not well in Pendronia as it entered its third year. On November 10, 2003, the Kingdom was thrown into upheaval as David McNamara attempted to seize power from Roest, and in doing so sought to turn the Kingdom into a presidential republic. The coup caught many micronationalists off-guard, and generated shock in others, such as Scott Alexander, the community's leading journalist of the day, who quipped, "That's the last place I would have expected something like this." [4].

This coup would follow a general decline in activity on the part of Roest over the next five months, whose macronational obligations had increased, resulting in a decreased ability to focus and participate in his duties as Pendronia's King. As with many other monarchist micronations, especially ones that form a cult of personality around the founder (who is also, in often case, the monarch), Roest's declining participation dragged on Pendronia's activity as it slipped into 2004. By April 22, 2004, Roest had realized the increasingly painful impact of his absences on the micronation, and announced his abdication[5], to be succeeded the following day by Steven DeBlood.[6]

Yet the citizens of the Kingdom had not waited for Roest to abdicate to seek a brighter future for it. In January 2004, the "Joint Committee on Unification" was convened to establish a framework that would allow for the unification of Pendronia and Hanover, as both were close diplomatic friends. It was in this committee that the close diplomatic friendship would disintegrate and in which the groundwork was laid for Gotzborg's eventual annexation of Pendronia later that year.

Laying a Path for the Future

Building a Framework

Preparing for Annexation

Gotzborg Steps In

Diplomatic Fallout

Letting Bygones be Bygones


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