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Partido de Liberación Nacional

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Partido de Liberación Nacional
Party logo
Leader Rodrigo Calderón Mendez
Chairman Sofia Vallejo Cortéz
Founded 1669 AN
Headquarters Puerto Arcadio, Los Liberados
Political ideology Populism, Socialism, Corporatism
Political position Centre
Colours Red, Black
Parliamentary seats
65 / 125
Asamblea Nacional
19 / 300
Grand Council of Verionian States

The Partido de Liberación Nacional (Party of National Liberation) is a political party in Los Liberados, where it is the governing party. It is closely alligned to the Junta de Liberación Nacional (National Liberation Council), the governing Junta of the islands, and its President Jacobo Castrigo Álvarez. In anticipation of the establishment of an elected legislature, the Junta formed the PLN in order to contest the upcoming elections.


The Party is broadly centrist, and has Liberadosan nationalism as its main ideology. It supports internationalism, especially in its promotion of the Batavian Confederation. A big-tent party, it houses factions ranging from conservatism and corporatism to socialism. Political commentator Manuel Hablar described the party as "not so much ideological, but rather based on personality, either nationally or within the local communities". The PLN is strongly autocratic, and opposes any further democratic change in the country.


The PLN is a founding member of the Micras Socialist International. It is also is a sister party of Voorwaarts Batavië!, a ideologically somewhat similar Batavian political party.

Economia Liberada

Starting from the Rodrigo Calderón Mendez Presidency, the PLN gradualy adopted a more socialist and interventionist policy. With the adoption of major economic restructuring and nationalisations, the liberal wing of the party felt alienated and protested. This let the Junta de Liberación Nacional to suspend the 1678 party congress. In the subsequent elections, the PLN again won a majority of seats, and increased its share with one seat.


The PLN has always had an absolute majority in the Asamblea Nacional de la República. In the third Asamblea, the party holds 64 out of 125 seats. In the Grand Council of Verionian States, the PLN hold 19 of the 38 Liberadosan seats.

Electoral History

Year Leader Seats notes
1669 Jacobo Castrigo Álvarez
78 / 125
The PLN won a supermajority in the first Asamblea elections
1673 Jacobo Castrigo Álvarez
64 / 125
Following a loss of seats, the power of the Asamblea was restricted in the 1675 Constitution of Los Liberados.
1678 Rodrigo Calderón Mendez
65 / 125
The PLN slightly increased its seats in Calderón's first election