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Parap is the capital city of the Wechua Nation, a region of the Alduro-Wechua Federation. The city is in the mountainous center of the country, at the foot of one of the largest peaks of Keltia, Mount Lacara. The city is the second most populous city in the Federation, after the city of Punta Santiago, Alduria. It has a population of 612,911 (1686 AN). Its elevation is around 3,400m (11,200 ft).

The city is the historical and ancient capital of the Wechua people and the heart of Wechua culture and religion. While the new capital city of Cardenas is being built, Parap serves as the temporary co-capital for the executive and administrative functions of the Federation, sharing duties with Punta Santiago, Alduria (legislative and judicial). The King of the Federation resides in Parap.

The city of Parap is governed by the Wechua Capital District, a state in the region of the Wechua Nation. The Wechua Capital District is subdivided into Wards.