Pallisican Standard International

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Pallisican Standard International
Founded 35.51 PSSC
Headquarters Lucien, Passio-Corum
Products Brokerage

Pallisican Standard International was established in the mid-30's PSSC as part of an effort by the government of Passio-Corum to establish a trade network between the nations representing the USSO.

Company Descriptions

Company Flag Company Name Company Description Date Established Notes
Shirley Stock Fund Shirley Stock Fund The industrial center of the Eastern hemisphere, the Shirley Stock Fund oversees the production and maintenance of a wide range of products, from ships, to aircraft, to guns and tanks. TBD Shirley Stock Fund
University of Port Brent University of Port Brent New Zimia's primary institute of higher education, the University of Port Brent operates campuses across Passio-Corum. As a member of the USSO Common Market, the University aims to establish campuses across Micras. TBD
Pallisican Wildlife and Conservation Agency Pallisican Wildlife and Conservation Agency The Pallisican Wildlife and Conservation Agency aims to preserve the Fauna of Corum by exporting specimens abroad, and by running educational programs around the world. TBD Pallisican Wildlife and Conservation Agency
Chrysos Research Expedition Chrysos Research Expedition An affiliate of the New Zimian Space Exploration and Settlement Agency, Chrysos Research Expedition is responsible for leading scientific research missions to the planet Chrysos. By investing in the Research Expedition, investors fund portions of a probe's voyage to the gas giant. TBD
New Zimia Stock Fund New Zimia Stock Fund The oldest of the major companies based in the Kingdom of New Zimia, the New Zimia Stock Fund oversees the agricultural production of the region's unique herbs and spices. TBD
Ossyo Energy Corporation Ossyo Energy Corporation Like the Seemsy Energy Corporation, the Ossyo Energy Corporation also operates a number of powerplants, powered by fuels imported from the Domain of the North Antarctic, and from across the USSO Common Market. TBD
Zartosht Oil Ports Zartosht Oil Ports Established in 35.51 PSSC, the Zartosht Oil Ports oversee the extraction and export of oil from the region which lies to the north of Lake Erik, in southern Eura. TBD
Belcourt Coffee Traders Belcourt Coffee Traders A band of Interlandian merchants from near the Alexandrian city of Belcourt, the Belcourt Coffee Traders offer the highest quality coffee beans in the Micrasian east. TBD
Merchants of the Southern Vineyards Merchants of the Southern Vineyards An ancient guild of central Eurani wine producers, the Merchants of the Southern Vineyards travel three times a year from the city of Raspur to sell their wares in the markets controlled by the Pallisican Port Felix Shipping Corporation. TBD
Crown's Court Confectionary Corporation Crown's Court Confectionary Corporation Legend holds that the owners of the Crown's Court Confectionary Corporation retain access to the long-lost soda recipes which were crafted in the twenty-eight hundreds PSSC by the founders of Hamland's Fanny Confectionary Plc. This legend is reflected in the name of Crown Court's most popular artisan soda, Fanny's Cream Soda. TBD
Tax Guild of the Great Western Sea Tax Guild of the Great Western Sea A branch of the Tax Guild of the Sea of Storms, the Tax Guild of the Great Western Sea was established in the early 36.60's on the basis of an effort to undermine the Shireithian support for Sea-Reavers operating in the Great Western Sea and eastern Taylor Bay during the War of Lost Brothers. To this end, the Tax Guild of the Great Western Sea began its operations by attempting to employ Shireithian pirates who ostensibly pledged their willingness to exchange plunder for Pallisican and USSO wages.

Although they did not significantly curb the looting of USSO ships during the War of Lost Brothers, the efforts of the Tax Guild to provide payment for Sea-Reavers in the Great Western Sea resulted in a considerable increase in attacks against ships carrying goods between the Shireithian mainland and the colony of New Blackstone. Despite their reputation for fierce loyalty, this increase in attacks served to demonstrate that even Shireroth's auxiliaries, who traveled with the Shireithian Sea-Reavers, could be bought for the right price. Lacking the opportunity to enjoy financial incentives offered by Shireroth or its allies, these turned auxiliaries proved highly valuable assets in the campaign to stifle Shireithian influence in the Great Western Sea.|| TBD ||

Ivory of Arcadia Ivory of Arcadia The first of the companies registered to the Pallisican War Prosperity Fund, the Ivory of Arcadia Export Company sells high quality ivory obtained from the giant Scweit-Lisea-Irf which inhabit the remote reaches of the far north. TBD
Diamond Mines of Ardchlach Diamond Mines of Ardchlach Established by the acclaimed Pallisican merchant, Victize del hed Anäzde during the period of Pallisica's occupation of Ardclach, the Diamond Mines of Ardchlach are among the richest known diamond mines in the world. For those who are willing to bear the region's incredibly inhospitable conditions, Ardclach, to this end, offers the lucrative prospect of a fortune. TBD
EnterpriseArchery Enterprise Archery Originally founded as a division of Enterprise Athletic Apparel, Enterprise Archery is the Port of Vines' leading producer of top of the line archery equipment and apparel. TBD

Product List

Company Product Standard Price
Prices High Prices Normal Prices Low Prices Unchanging
Shirley Stock Fund Esper Class Aircraft Carrier 1/100,000 Shares X
Kesh Class Modern Attack Submarine 1/15,000 Shares X
Indigo Class Gunboat 1/3,000 Shares X
Bijeko Class Attack Craft 1/10,000 Shares X
Alpha Class Proximity Aircraft 1/1,500 Shares X
Aead Class Attack Helicopter 1/750 Shares X
Zibertian Class Cruiser 1/35,000 Shares X
Northman Class Corvette 1/7,500 Shares X
Rey Class Submersible Destroyer 1/15,000 Shares X
Simia Class Battle Tank 1/500 Shares X
Nuncrest Class Armored Infantry 1/250 Shares X
Ossyo Class Armored Anti-Aircraft 1/200 Shares X
Lucinspire Class Heavy Tank 1/500 Shares X
Empire Class Light Tank 1/350 Shares X
Petal Class Unmanned Attack Aircraft 1/200 Shares X
P62 Rifle 1/.75 Shares X
P62 Rifle W/ Grenade Launcher 1/ Share X
P62 Commando 1/1.15 Shares X
P62 Covert 1/1.25 Shares X
Shirley 9mm Pistol 2/Share X
P29 Sniper Rifle .5/Share X
836-C "83-SixtyC" Compound Intercept 1/750 Shares X
Momiji Class Orbital Destroyer 1/75,000 Shares X
Antarctic Class Sea Bomber 1/1,000 Shares X
University of Port Brent Credit Hours 100/ Share X
Pallisican Wildlife and Conservation Agency Tuhi-Etvoy-Nas 1/200 Shares X
Olgi-Etvoy-Irf 1/800 Shares X
Petal-Hial-Eda 1/800 Shares X
Niha-Hial-Nas 1/50 Shares X
La-Adred-Nas 1/10,000 Shares X
Imab-Adred-Nas 1/5,000 Shares X
Eeli-Illt-Eda 1/3,500 Shares X
Siu-Illt-Nas 1/15,000 Shares X
De-Ogin-Nas 1/7,500 Shares X
Giid-Lisea-Eda 1/10,000 Shares X
Bijeko-Lisea-Nas 1/25,000 Shares X
Chrysos Research Expedition Mission Segments TBA/Share TBA/Share
New Zimia Stock Fund Jied-Rabrev 10.8 Tons/Share 12.96/Share
Fuy-Rabrev 12 Tons/Share 14.4/Share
Nou-Oname 22 Tons/Share 26.4/Share
Adraso-Oname 40 Tons/Share 48/Share
Ossyo Energy Corporation Electricity 750KwH/Share 900/Share
Zartosht Oil Ports Oil 6.5 Barrels/Share 7.8/Share
Belcourt Coffee Traders Coffee 8 Barrels/Share 9.6/Share
Merchants of the Southern Vineyards Wine 2.5kl/Share 3/Share
Crown's Court Confectionary Corporation Fanny's Cream Soda 2.1kl/Share 2.52/Share
Original 2.55kl/Share 3.06/Share
Apple Soda 2.15kl/Share 2.58/Share
Florian Orange 2.25kl/Share 2.7/Share
Tax Guild of the Great Western Sea Credits 1.26/Share 1.51/Share
Ivory of Arcadia Export Company Ivory .65/Share .78/Share
Diamond Mines of Ardchlach Diamonds .1k/Share .12/Share
Enterprise Archery Compound Bows 1/.15 Shares X
Recurve Bows 1/.1 Shares X
Long Bows 1/.13 Shares X
Crossbows 1/.11 Shares X
Arrows 1/.01 Shares X

List of Investors

Investor Name Shares Owned Percentage of Shares Owned
Passio-Corum 35,000 4.67%
Jingdao 323,333 43.11%
Craitland 0 0%
Xang Muang 0 0%
Nova England 13,333 1.78%
Maritime Markets of the Strait of Haifa 6,000 .8%

Recent Employment Reports

Year Number of People Employed Total Paid in Wages Average Wages/Person Total Value of Company Production Modifier
39.60 PSSC/1673 AN (May 2019) 14,188,968 839,819 Credits .06 Credits 2,657,662 Credits Rebellion (-10%)
39.40 PSSC/1672 AN (April 2019) 14,110,779 844,495 Credits .06 Credits 2,657,662 Credits Surplus (+10%)
39.20 PSSC (March 2019) 14,507,923 870,116 Credits .06 Credits 2,657,662 Credits Rebellion (-30%)
39.00 PSSC (February 2019) 10,637,666 720,307 Credits .07 Credits 2,229,996 Credits Epidemic (-10%)
38.80 PSSC (January 2019) 11,257,335 746,865 Credits .07 Credits 2,229,996 Credits Heatwave (-10%)
38.60 PSSC (December 2018) 11,082,924 765,302 Credits .07 Credits 2,229,996 Credits None (-00%)
38.00 PSSC (August 2018) 44,141,412 1,062,343 Credits .024 Credits 1,486,664 Credits Piracy (-20%)
37.80 PSSC (July 2018) 43,982,743 1,062,343 Credits .024 Credits 1,486,664 Credits Piracy (-20%)
37.60 PSSC (June 2018) 33,128,648 1,133,445 Credits .034 Credits 1,468,080 Credits Crime (-10%)
37.40 PSSC (May 2018) 32,424,961 1,133,445 Credits .034 Credits 1,468,080 Credits Heatwave (-30%)
37.00 PSSC (February 2018) 33,589,216 957,753 Credits .028 Credits 1,493,755 Credits Floods (-10%)
36.60 PSSC (December, 2017) 17,427,595 176,969 Credits .010 Credits 266,621 Credits Drought (-10%)
36.40 PSSC (November, 2017) 16,837,635 171,972 Credits .010 Credits 94,648 Credits Drought (-40%)
36.25 PSSC (October, 2017) 13,794,704 150,856 Credits .010 Credits 266,625 Credits Rebellion (-30%)
36.07 PSSC 13,429,645 150,856 Credits .011 Credits 266,625 Credits Heatwave (-10%)
35.89 PSSC 5,668,712 57,915 Credits .01 Credits 50,709 Credits Epidemic (-10%)
35.74 PSSC 2,115,721 24,637 Credits .01 Credits 108,625 Credits Rebellion (-10%)
35.55 PSSC 570,843 16,998 Credits .03 Credits 90,850 Credits Heatwave (-10%)
35.39 PSSC 122,314 9,432 Credits .07 Credits 51,350 Credits Surplus (+40%)