Bassarid Kingdom of New Normark

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Bassarid Kingdom of New Normark

Zipos del Wraßh
Flag of the Pretender Government
Coat of Arms of the Pretender Government
Coat of arms
Location of the Pallisican Pretender Government of Elijah's Rest
Capital Dragevik
Major cities Misc.
Demonym N/A
 - Adjective N/A
Area TBA
 - Ranked
Population N/A
 - Ranked
Density N/A
Abbreviation PGE


A view of the arctic wasteland claimed by the Pretender Government of Elijah's Rest.

the Bassarid Kingdom of New Normark, formerly known as the Pallisican Pretender Government of Elijah's Rest, is the prevailing authority representing the interests of the Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union in the region surrounding the Gulf of Jangsong. Backed by the support of thousands of spies and subversive religious missionaries across the region, and by the considerable military presence of forces representing the New Zimian War League, the Hatch Ministry, and the Jogi Regiment, the Bassarid Kingdom stands at odds with the Natopian authority which, in an effort to cynically whitewash the shortcomings of its military campaign around the Gulf of Jangsong, attempted to annex the entire region despite its utter lack of control, or apparent preexisting claim to ownership.

The Bassarid Kingdom of New Normark is represented on the Port of Vines by the Foreign Ports of the Stripping Path.


Climate and Topology


Region Statistics

Year Population Growth (Growth %) Food Imports (/Person) Fuel Imports (/Person) Other Imports (/Person) Immigration Modifier (%) Seats in Regional Government Seats in Houses of Corum

37.80 PSSC 2,652,566 608,318 (22.93%) 2,471,925 (.931) 15,080,625 (5.68) 1,394,356 (.52) .14 N/A N/A
37.60 PSSC 2,044,248 -50,762 (-2.48%) 2,330,675 (1.14) 12,156,250 (5.94) 1,238,061 (.6) .13 N/A N/A
37.40 PSSC 2,095,011 5,936 (.28%) 2,139,550 (1.02) 6,880,625 (3.28) 760,328 (.36) .24 N/A N/A
37.20 PSSC 2,089,075 -20,339 (-.97%) 1,995,950 (.955) 6,255,625 (2.99) 823,428 (.39) .26 N/A N/A
37.00 PSSC 2,109,415 16,789 (.8%) 2,047,200 (.97) 5,880,000 (2.78) 785,713 (.37) .28 N/A N/A
36.83 PSSC 2,092,626 TBA (TBA%) TBA (TBA) 612,050 (.29) 4,450 (.002) 6,358,968 N/A N/A


Military Installations

Protected Areas