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To the extent that Passio-Corum is a member of the USSO, citizens of the Pallisican nation are eligible to receive USSO passports which allow them to travel freely across all of the alliance's member nations.

The Pallisican Foreign Office is responsible for the foreign affairs of Passio-Corum.

Despite its expansive trade networks, which extend across much of Micras' eastern hemisphere, and despite its involvement in foreign conflicts, the Greater Pallisican Trade Association is officially isolationist in its foreign policy. In general, the government of Passio-Corum only engages with foreign governments in matters relating to trade, and military interests. That said, the nation for a long time enjoyed very few, loosely enforced treaties with a handful of nations. This changed with the establishment of the USSO. In terms of enemies, Passio-Corum has none, although Jingdao was regarded as a national rival until in an ironic twist of fate it became a strong ally and trade partner.

Overview of Foreign Affairs


Country Formal Relations Began Notes
Alrig (Official: Alriggian Republic) March 3 2019 The Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union share an alliance as a result of both nation's participation as full members of the USSO.
Craitland (Official: Kingdom of Craitland) 26th February 2017 Formal relations between Passio-Corum and Craitland were adopted in early 2017, renewing a close relationship which has existed since 2006.
Florian Republic (Official: Florian Republic) 16 December 2017 The Florian Republic and Passio-Corum maintain relations on the basis of the Florian Republic's involvement on the Port of Vines.
Freeland (Official: Polish Republic of Freeland) N/A Passio-Corum and Freeland enjoy no formal relations.
Jingdao (Official: Jingdaoese Empire) 26th February 2017 Passio-Corum and Jingdao maintain a special relationship which is of vital geopolitical strategic importance.
Krasnocoria (Official: Kingdom of Krasnocoria) N/A The Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union share an alliance as a result of both nation's participation as members of the USSO and participants on the Port of Vines.
Norrland (Official: Kingdom of Norrland) N/A The Bassarids and Norrland enjoy no formal relations.
Pacificonia (Official: United Pacificonian Islands) N/A The Bassarids and Pacificonia enjoy no formal relations.
Reunion (Official: Holy Empire of Reunion) N/A Passio-Corum and Reunion enjoy no formal relations.
Senya (Official: Democratic Environmental Society of Senya) N/A Passio-Corum and Senya enjoy no formal relations.
Stormark (Official: High Realm of Stormark) N/A Passio-Corum and Stormark enjoy no formal relations.


Country Formal Relations Began Notes
Batavia (Official: United Batavian States) N/A The Bassarids and Batavia are regarded as informal adversaries.
Iron Cult of Leng (Official: Iron Cult of Leng) N/A The Bassarids and the Iron Cult of Leng enjoy a close, strategic relationship based on shared religious and economic values.
Shireroth (Official: Imperial Republic of Shireroth) N/A Passio-Corum and Shireroth are regarded as hostile adversaries. This relationship extends to Shireroth's various puppet states, which include Constancia, Hoenn, the Republic of Inner Benacia, and others.
Tellia (Official: Tellian Republic) N/A The Bassarids and Tellia enjoy no formal relationship.


Country Formal Relations Began Notes
Arcadia (Official: Kingdom of Arcadia) N/A. The Bassarids and Arcadia enjoy no formal relations.
Birgeshir (Official: Tsalojdom of Birgeshir) N/A. Passio-Corum and Birgeshir enjoy no formal relations.
Goetia (Official: Community of Goetia) N/A. The Bassarids and Goetia enjoy no formal relations.
Helderbourgh (Official: The Grand Duchy of Helderbourgh) N/A. The Bassarids and Helderbourgh enjoy no formal relations.
Saint-Antoine (Official: Kingdom of Sant-Antoine) N/A. The Bassarids and Saint-Antoine enjoy no formal relations.


Country Formal Relations Began Notes
Alduria (Official: Republic of Alduria) N/A While the two nations do not maintain any diplomatic relations the Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union officially prohibits privateer fleets associated with the Alliance of the Bassarid Oceans from knowingly or explicitly

engaging in hostile actions against any vessel lawfully and honestly flying under the banner of the Republic of Alduria.

Ceridgul (Official: Ekançeridgul-terashedostli) N/A The Bassarids and Ceridgul enjoy no formal relations.
Eklesia N/A Passio-Corum and Eklesia enjoy no formal relations.
Phokland April 27 2019 The Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union and Phokland share an alliance as a result of both nation's participation as full members of the USSO.


Country Formal Relations Began Notes
Alperkin (Official: Heavenlet) N/A The relationship between the Bassarids and Alperkin is highly complicated.
Beneluccas (Official: Kingdom of the Beneluccas) N/A The Bassarids and the Beneluccas enjoy no formal relationship.
Juclandia (Official: Kingdom of Juclandia) N/A Passio-Corum and Juclandia enjoy no formal relations.
Lostisland (Official: Federal Republic of Lostisland) N/A Passio-Corum and Lostisland enjoy no formal relations.
Mercury (Official: Republic of Mercury) 25 August 2016 Passio-Corum and Mercury maintain friendly relations.
Nova England (Official: Kingdom of Nova England) 16 April 2017 Passio-Corum and Nova England maintain a relationship defined by both nation's involvement in the USSO.
Palesmenia (Official: Confederation of Palesmenia) N/A The Bassarids and Palesmenia maintain an informal friendly relationship.
Phinbella (Official: Federal republic of Phinbella) N/A The Bassarids and Phinbella enjoy no formal relations.
Vi'Ix (Official: Free State of Vi'Ix) N/A The Bassarids and Vi'Ix enjoy no formal relations.
Xang Muang 26th February 2017 Passio-Corum and Xang Muang maintain a relationship defined by both nation's involvement in the USSO.


Country Formal Relations Began Notes
Natopia (Official:) N/A Passio-Corum operates a puppet government in the Natopian territory of Normark. The existence of this puppet state is a source of animosity between the two nations.

Visa Policy

Requirements by nation

Country Visa requirement Notes (including departure fees)
Birgeshir Birgeshir Unrestricted movement
Blepia Blepia Unrestricted movement
Caputia Caputia Visa Required
Coastalis Coastalis Unrestricted movement
Craitland Craitland Free Movement
Domolica Domolica Unrestricted movement
Eklesia Eklesia Unrestricted movement
Florian Republic Florian Republic Free Movement
Freeland Freeland Unrestricted movement
Gerenia Gerenia Free Movement
Hondon Hondon Free Movement
Jingdao Jingdao Free Movement
Juclandia Juclandia Unrestricted movement
Kalgachia Kalgachia Unrestricted movement
Kingdom of Coria Kingdom of Coria Free Movement
Mercury Republic of Mercury Unrestricted movement Free movement within North Antarctica and Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq.
Nova England Kingdom of Nova England Free Movement
Krasnarus Krasnarus Unrestricted movement
Lostisland Lostisland Unrestricted movement
Natopia Natopia Visa Required
Old Oil Rig Old Oil Rig Unrestricted movement
Pontus Pontus Unrestricted movement
Raspur Raspur Visa Required
Réunion Réunion Unrestricted movement
Senya Senya Visa required after 90 days
Shireroth Shireroth Visa Required
Stormark Stormark Unrestricted movement
Tellia Tellia Unrestricted movement
Treisenberg Treisenberg Unrestricted movement
Vyktory Vyktory Unrestricted movement
Xang Muang Xang Muang Free Movement


Picture Name Title Period Notes
Ambassadorzibertian.png Zibertian Kind Ambassador to the Bastion Union 33.09 PSSC - Present
Firioja.png Fï Ríoja Ambassador to Caputia 36.57 PSSC - Present