PF-81 Slice Flyer

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PF-81 Light Assault Jet
Type: Rapid Response Aircraft
Place of origin: Phokland

In service: 2017 - Present
Used by:

DvuSLagVAAIRP2M.jpg Kingdom of Genovia
Refliasia flag.png Duchy of Refliasia

In service: 37 (6 Genovia, 21 Phokland)
Retired: N/A

Designed: 2009-2016
Manufacturer: Phoklandian Imperial Aircraft Co.

Length: 19km
Width: 12km
Height: 8km
Weight: 30,100 kg
Crew: 1
Armament: x2 20mm autocannons
Cost: 12 Million Genoves
8 Million Ducal Dollars

The PF-81 "Slicer Flyer" rapid response assault aircraft is the primary fighter aircraft of both the Genovian Royal Airforce and the Refliasia Self Defense Force (air division).