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Flag of Oudorp
Nickname: Smeerstad
Motto: A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity. (Proverbs 17:17)
Location of Oudorp
Bürgermeister(in) Jan den Ouden
Population 19,432 (1790 AN)

Oudorp, in recent times more commonly known as Altdorf, was a town located in the Republic Sankt Ludwigshafen that used to be part of the Craitish dominion of Zandarijn. The town lay in southern Cibola. The town was home to a significant ethnic Ludwiggian population hailing from Sankt Ludwigshafen that employed the town's harbour for intercontinental trade as Stadt Sankt Ludwigshafen itself was not suitable for receiving container ships. The arrival of the Ludwiggians in the town led to some controversy as they tended to make it a habit to proselytise in the town, urging all who would listen to repent and join the Ludwiggian Reformed Church, while Zandarijn was normally a secular nation.

In 1725 AN, following the Proclamation of Weisenburg, the city joined the United Principalities of Cibola, now officially known as Altdorf.


Until the late 1690's Oudorp had a population just below 100,000 souls, many of them ethnic Craits. 1699 saw the rise of Monovian militants in other parts of Zandarijn, most notably around Hamstadt which would ultimately fall. Virtually all ethnic Craits were evacuated to the Fifth Isle while a few thousand ethnic Zandt people relocated to Sankt Ludwigshafen, with some returning to Oudorp following the absorption of Oudorp into the Ludwiggian republic. According to the 1700 AN census of Sankt Ludwigshafen, the town had a population of 19,432 inhabitants. During the 1725 AN census of the city, the population of the city fell to just under 7,000.


Oudorp was home to Oudorp HVA, which competed in the Zandt League. Following the absorption of Oudorp into Sankt Ludwigshafen the professional team was disbanded. Oudorp HVA continued to offer lessons in football, as well as recreational matches to the school children of Oudorp.


Oudorp was home to the rap formation Oudorp Posse, which participated in the Microvision Song Contest 2021 on behalf of Sankt Ludwigshafen with their hit song Origineel Ludwiggerdams about the local dialect.