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The capital of the Realm of Bayen, Ossyo lies on the shores of the Lake Norton, which is among the deepest lakes in the Eastern hemisphere. While at first glance it may appear less than noteworthy, Lake Norton conceals one of two major openings into a vast cavern system, which is home to a race of people who have built their society beneath the waves of the lake. The people of the caverns beneath the lake are scarcely understood, though they do, once every one hundred years, visit Ossyo in order to exchange items with the local Byanese, as well as to trade stories. Many of the items which have been traded by the people of the caverns are stored in a repository near the heart of Ossyo. This repository, is said to hold items dating back to before the birth of this world. Such legends have never been confirmed or denied by those who oversee the repository, and this in and of itself contributes heavily to the mystery which surrounds it.