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Osktrava is a territory of Mercury located within the Vychodný mountain ranges.

Official language Osktravan, English
Capital Požun
Largest cities Požun, Košťova, Borová
Number of citizens 452,385
Currency Mercury Credit (Cr)




Osktrava is situated on north-eastern Keltia, directly to the west of Mercury and Nova England. It is bordered to the north by the Low Eastern Mountains, known locally as Nízky Východný and to the south by the High Eastern Mountains, or Výsoký Východný. The capital city, Požun, is located in the south-west of Osktrava, where the Rýchla leaves the mountain range to the south.


Folk traditions


The most popular sports in Osktrava, much like in Mercury, are ice hockey and football. The national sport is modlabal, a traditional folk sport played by two teams of four, attempting to score goals by landing a ball on top of three totems at the opposing end of the field.