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Confederate Kingdoms of Oscland
Official language Osclandish
Capital Great Warren
Largest cities Alvasvbar, Bal, New-Luanda, Kwame, Lalaorn, Manduay, Faramiiko, Agymah
Website http://www.kingdomofoscland.net/
Forum http://www.kingdomofoscland.net/forum/
Number of citizens 69
Number of active citizens 3
Date founded 7th August 2005
Government Oligarchy
Current leader Oscar Direzione, Dr-Spangle, Marc Evans
Currency Lp

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The Royal Kingdom of Oscland was founded on pen and paper on the 7th August 2005. It created its first online presence on the 17th August 2005 by making a website and announcing the nation on the nation of Lovely's forum.

As we created Oscland we met up with a group of similar people also starting their own micronation. Amongst these are Emperor dr-spangle (Sir MDG dr-spangle), King James of Jamzinia, King Jeremy of New Brittania (Now Numenor), President Scott Woodrow of Woodstania, King Tom of Gosling and King Joe Ashbee of Nova England.

The nation became more developed; a constitution was written, a flag was created and a new government coat of arms introduced. With this came a new name for the nation. With all the new changes, Oscland changed it's name to New Oscland. This name is still used today despite it being reverted to Oscland.

On the 15th September Oscland produced a currency, the Oscland Working Unit (OWU). It worked on the principal of the more you helped the nation, the more you earned.

Oscland's culture became more dstinguished. It adopted a Spanish/Italian/Latin theme and a national animal was chosen. The rabbit (Lagomorphs in general) were adopted as the national animal. Also, a national anthem was used, which is quite a popular tune - Canon in D.

The nation became one of the founding members of the Confederacy of Independent States after the collapse of the United States of Cymerica on the 27th September 2005. Oscland inherited the nations of Tchistanski and Kaliszium but they were soon claimed back by their previous leaders.

Then, King Oscar Direzione became the President of the Confederacy of Independent States. At that point in time the CIS were going through a difficult patch and the King thought it was better to return to Oscland fully. He also withdrew Oscland from the CIS, and many other nations followed in its footsteps.

The Repbulic of New Nsawam, a micronation created by former King of Oscland, Sir Marc Evans joined Oscland as a protectorate. However, with the changes that have been made it soon became on of the three Kingdoms of Oscland. The Royal Kingdom of Oscland changed dramatically, and out of these The Confederate Kingdoms of Oscland was produced. There were three Kingdoms, the Royal Kingdom, Hazel-Rah and New Nsawam. Each Kingdom had a leader (a Capezza) which made up the three leaders of Oscland.