Organisation of Safir Exporting Countries

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Organisation of Safir Exporting Countries
Flag of OSEC
Emblem of OSEC
Hymn: Gloria Sophia
Location of OSEC
Headquarters Daocheng
Official language(s) English
Type Intergovernmental cartel
 - Secretary-General Daxue Zhanchi
 - Deputy Secretary-General Stefanos Myksos
 - Main assembly General Assembly
Establishment 9th March 2019 (1670)
Membership 2 nations
National website
National forum

The Organisation of Safir Exporting Countries is a Daocheng based organisation, aimed at representing the interests of producers and exporters of safir meat. Member states agree to establish common quality and price standards. The organisation was established in 1670 under the auspices of the Jingdaoese Ministry of Stability. Upon invitation by the Jingdaoese Empire, the Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union also joined the organisation.


Nation Member since First recorded production Primary production method Annual production (metric tonnes)
Jingdao 1670 1608 AN (28.84 PSSC) Industrial livestock production TBD
Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union 1670 1669 AN (39.00 PSSC) Industrial livestock production 252.01

Controversy and reactions

Jingdaoese claims to be industrially farming a race of departed sapient extraterrestrials were naturally roundly dismissed as impossible.

On the day the OSEC was founded, Jacobo Castrigo Álvarez, President of the National Liberation Council of Los Liberados, issued a statement opposing the formation of the organisation. He claimed that the organisation was an attempt by the Jingdaoese and Bassarids to seize control of an important food source.

"Safir meat" production has been criticized by Raspur Pact investigators as comprising of little more than injecting blue food dyes into form molded packages of industrially processed reclaimed-chicken meat. This view has been denied by OSEC officials.

The Shirerithian embassy in Daocheng objected to the formation of the OSEC on ethical grounds, holding that safir as being sentients deserve the same dignity as humans.

The Senyan government, represented by President Barnaby Hands stated their objection to the organisation. According to the Senyans, they are mortified that "several countries believe it is morally acceptable to distribute and sell a product of the meat of an intelligent species". They also state that they will investigate claims that the safir meat brought on the market by the OSEC member states is just dyed chicken meat.