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Order of the Dragon

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The Order of the Dragon

The Order of the Dragon is the highest civilian decoration in Calbion.


The Order of the Dragon was founded by Prince Llywelyn II to honour the most distinguished of his men who joined him in the seige of Kerkboran. Both Calbain citizens or foreigners who have contributed greatly to the Calbain nation may be awarded the decoration at the pleasure of the Prince of the Calbain. Members of the order of the Dragon hold the title knight (marchog) when on Calbain soil. Membership of the order is non-hereditary and ends at death.

Current Members

  • Lord Owain Adelson
  • Lord Robert Falton
  • Rg. George Hardy
  • Lord Patrick Lewis
  • Mr Craitman H. Pellegrino
  • Mr Arthur Rivers
  • Lord Thomas Roberts
  • Evyn Drakeford
  • Ronald Tyndale
  • Jana Al-Basani
  • Richard ab Ioan