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==Crew history==

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Orbital Command
Agency 4C logo.png Common Cosmos Colonization Coalition
Crew 24
Launch 1675 AN (19 August 2019)
Launch pad Slavograd Cosmodrome
Orbital speed 9.66 km/s
Orbital period 116.78 minutes
Days in orbit 93 (as of 20/11/19)
Number of orbits 1,146 (as of 20/11/19 12:00 CMT)
Jing Science reports about the space mission of the Union towards Tarsica, with the Orbital Command as first step.

The Orbital Command is the first space station of Common Cosmos Colonization Coalition, the organisation uniting all space agencies of the members of the Union of States around the Sovereign Oceans. Several member states had experience with sending unmanned, and manned, expeditions into space prior to the project, but in 1674 AN, the know how and manpower was combined to establish a more permanent base into space.

The main goals of the space station is - next to the necessary propaganda value - to serve as space an environment research laboratory in which its crew members were to conduct experiments in biology, physics, astronomy, meteorology and to research living conditions for humans and other species in limited spaces. The Jingdaoese experiment to test the reactions and living habbits of safir lifestock upon entering space was pushed back to a later date.


The following table shows the current crew of the Orbital Command:

Nation G Name Nation G Name
Jingdao Jingdao Imperial trade union Bassarids
Krasnocoria Krasnocoria M Nemanja Marković Alrig Alrig
M Craitland Craitland
M Ralgon Ralgon M Alexander Kenshiro
F Dragana Krunić Nova England Nova England
F Palesmenia Palesmenia
F Graustark Graustark

Crew history

Crew I
Nation G Name Nation G Name
Jingdao Jingdao M Takuya Akiyama Imperial trade union Bassarids M Spebë Amal
M Kimiya Mukai M Dëp Buze
M Akihiko Wakato M Cosämik Ríoja
F Naoko Yui F Lu Hazh
F Nikini Mohri F Banáuzi Azdä
F Yusha Kanai F Ämapros Amön
Krasnocoria Krasnocoria M Nikola Pavlović Alrig Alrig M Hieronim Erazm
M Merku Purek Craitland Craitland F Magdalena Yhlvegaärd
M David Michaels Norrland Norrland1 M Stefan Löfven
F Milica Strahinić Nova England Nova England M Alric Langfirth
F Buhusleva Riltičin Palesmenia Palesmenia M Mázaar Lusné Kuziné
F Dina Rulini Graustark Graustark M Zukov Lowzky