Operation Massive Wedge

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Operation Massive Wedge
Part of Kalirion Fracture
Initial fleet movements at the outset of the operation.
Date 25.XIV.1671–03.VIII.1672 AN
Location Benacia
(Drak-Modan, So-Sara, Yardistan)

Raspur Pact

Republic of Yardistan Lords Appellant of the Isles
Commanders and leaders
/ Nathan II
Commander in Chief

Adm. Pierre Francois
Secretary for Defense, Natopia
General So-and-So
Secretary for Defense, Drak-Modan

Rhêni Chakam
Units involved
Natopian Defense Force

Drak-Modani Defense Force
Central Banner Group

Southern Banner Group

  • Korpo dAnexâtrsa dIardista
  • Yardistan Police Agency
  • Amity Defence Force
  • Mirioth's Gendarmerie
  • Clans of Alejia
  • 1 light carrier
  • 1 destroyer
  • 1 assault ship
  • 1 submarine
  • 1 cruiser
  • fighters
  • bombers
  • jump jets
  • 14,400 Inspectorate Troops
  • 3 gravships
  • 1 destroyer
  • 4 corvettes
  • 5 off-shore patrol vessels
  • 5 logistic support vessels
  • 41 merchant vessels
  • 51 patrol boats
  • 2 Spiegelflügel
Casualties and losses
n/a n/a

Operation Massive Wedge was an operation of the Natopian Defense Force and the Drak-Modani Defense Force, and Raspur Pact forces to secure the islands of So-Sara and the naval base Sabatini.


Prompted by the Republic of Yardistan sudden resurgence of its thirst for annexation, and combined with the same Republic's repudiation of the Raspur Pact and proclaiming pacifism, the interested Raspur Pact parties in the area became concerned about the logistical troubles of allowing the entire Benacian Chain Islands to fall under one regime, and an anti-Pact one at that. The Bovic Kingdom of Drak-Modan was able to quickly and without much struggle establish itself in the former county of Lachmodan and lodge a disputed claim to the So-Saran islands, on grounds of those islands being within the former ducal domain of Nathan II, some nebulous ancestral claims of the Line of Drak and tactical, logistical, and economic requirements for Drak-Modan. Various other vulture states (mostly Raspur Pact inheritors) supported the Drak-Modani claim. To bolster the claim of his new kingdom, Nathan II ordered the 2nd Exploratory Group of the Natopian Navy out of Angus Space-Naval Port, towards Dracoheim, So-Sara, to restore order in the name of Bovic Kingdom of Drak-Modan, provide support for the Drak-Modani Defense Force, and eventually cement the Drak-Modani claim over every So-Saran island.


The 2nd Exploratory Group of the Natopian Navy is a light carrier group with a versatile mission profile.

  • NDS Bagelcratican II, Ziegeland Class Light Carrier (1,000)
  • NDS Eisboyle, Eisboyle Class Assault Ship (1,000)
    • 18 troop transports (1,800)
  • NDS Chion, Vista de Nada Class Destroyer (1,000)
    • 24 cruise missiles; 1 passenger aircraft (300)
  • NDS Darkness, Unterdu Class Submarine (1,000)
  • NDS Thunder, Skyfire Class Cruiser (2,500)
  • 905th Air Squadron: 20 Covrigi Jump Jets (3,000)