Operation Caldera

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Operation Caldera
Part of War of Lost Brothers
Royal Commando searching for survivors
Date 20 November 2017 - Current
Location Home Islands, North Eastern Keltia
Status Ongoing
Nova england flag.png
Kingdom of Nova England
Imperial Republic of Shireroth
Commanders and leaders
Nova england flag.png
Captain Mark Hwite
Prefect Jeremiah Avon-El

Lt. Hasten Lupinus†

Operation Caldera, also known as the Brettish Campaign, began as an ongoing humanitarian operation, assisting in the rescue of Brettish civilians around the Home Islands following the catastrophic eruption of a long extinct volcano. It subsequently developed into a military confrontation on the edge of the arctic circle as Shirerithian naval auxiliaries backed by the Imperial Navy moved to exploit the destruction wrought by nature upon a USSO member-state located in the Imperial Republic's self-defined near-abroad.

On the 20th November 2017 a long thought to be extinct volcano erupted on the Brettish Home Islands. The eruption of the volcano set off a devastating chain of eruptions throughout the islands, which decimated the population and destroyed the governing administration.

Following the emergence of a new provisional government based in their territories in the Skerries, the Brettish government urgently called for support in the rescue of surviving civilians. In response the Ministry of Defence tasked the SS Keltian Conveyor, FPGPS Kraken, 2nd Battalion (Port Neil Fryd) and 2nd Battalion of the Royal Commandos.

The taskforce was tasked to assist the Brettish in the rescue of survivors and the immediate provision of aid to survivors. To facilitate this task the Royal Commandos established a basecamp to process refugees and provide medical aid. From this base camp, refugees were then transported to awaiting ships. Meanwhile some helicopters and Royal Commando teams undertook searches of nearby settlements to find a rescue trapped survivors.

At 0912 local time on the 5th December 2017 a cargo freighter approaching the Home Islands broadcast an urgent distress signal stating that it was being pursued by an unidentified levitating vessel. The transmission was abruptly terminated before the vessel could clearly restate its identity and location. The vessels attached to Operation Caldera were potentially the closest to the incident. The attack on the Jingdaoese registered MS Eternal Dawn proved to be an ambush which resulted in the downing of one of the Keltian Conveyor's L15 helicopters.

Shirerithian maritime forces had begun moving into Brettish territorial waters shortly after the first distress calls were broadcast by the Brettish authorities, alerting the world to the scale of the catastrophe. The Shirerithians, under their ruthless newly elected Steward, had scant regard for humanitarian scruples and welcomed the opportunity to attack a weakened foe while it was distracted.

The Hunting Parties of the Imperial Navy were recalled on 23 January 2018, in preparation for the invasion of Nova England itself.