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The Old Guard (Jingdaoese: Orudogado) referred to a group of politicians, industrialists and influential religious and military leaders who rose to positions of power during the latter days of the War of Lost Brothers. The opening of the market and fast expansion of the Empire's economy during the short reign of the Meiyo Emperor and early regency days of the Chidao Emperor allowed for an increased influence of the Shanghu in government affairs.

The Old Guard shaped policies and the decision making of the Heavenly Light throughout a large part of his reign. Increased dissatisfaction among younger people about the status quo, combined with a rising idolisation of the Emperor (hence further strengthening his position), led to the rise of a new generation. During the 1690's, Jin San replaced his father as Diwang, while the military saw the retirement of many of the older guard in favour of younger officers who favoured the Young Guard.

Most Jingdaoese of the Old Guard share some common views about Jingdaoese society: due to - what they see as a victory during the war - they favour military intervention if necessary and look down on communicating with those who are not counted as allies. They believe in the power of the military and hardliners fully support the Tegong in their pacification of citizens who were led astray. Economically, they favoured a mix of state capitalism and free trade with its closest allies.