Octavian League

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Octavian League
Countries Kalgachia Kalgachia
Confederation WMFA
Founded 2019
Number of teams 12

The Octavian League is the principal football league of Kalgachia and its protectorates. It is administered by the Sportive Development Bureau and comprised of the following teams:

  • Kalgachia Basmachi Schlepogora
  • Kalgachia Bergburg Merkavim
  • Kalgachia Elgasu Oktokamensk
  • Kalgachia Jollity Jaunties
  • KalgachiaLapivril Alchemicals
  • Lepidopterum Lepidopterum Subshrubs
  • Kalgachia Lithead Calvatias
  • Northbloom Northbloom Mondomaniacs
  • Kalgachia Tavnitsi Abrek
  • Kalgachia Uphill Oktavyan
  • Kalgachia Upland Black Brothers
  • Kalgachia Whitewash Katarsis

The popularity of association football in Kalgachia is mainly concentrated in Laqi areas where fans fondly recall the past glories of Karalakh during the Minarborian era when they made the semi-finals of the 2016 Benacia Cup. The presence of football as a sportive pursuit in Kalgachia can be attributed almost single-handedly to the Karalakh team's decision to migrate there after Minarboria's demise.

As might be expected, the Octavian League is dominated by the three teams hailing from Laqi areas - Basmachi Schlepogora, Elgasu Oktokamensk and Tavnitsi Abrek. Of these, Basmachi is considered the best performer and is the only team in the league whose prestige draws a large proportion of fans from outside its local community.

The success of the top three teams on the field is marred somewhat by the antics of ultras, usually registered partisans of large build and short patience who appear at their favourite teams' home games and assume the role of unofficial 'match stewards', complete with crude uniforms. Their methods of 'crowd control', performed with cossack whips and an emphasis of attention on away fans, are tolerated in Kalgachia's Laqi east but their periodic attempts to go 'on tour' for away games in central and western Kalgachia tend to be met with overwhelming force from local partisans under the official sanction of national security organs, almost always with fatal results.