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Ocian Federation
Flag of Ocia
Coat of Arms of Ocia
Coat of Arms
Motto: Domovina Naša je Svobodna
Anthem: Hej Slaveni!
Location of Ocia
Map versions Unkown
Capital Directus
Largest city November City
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s)
Demonym Ocian
 - Adjective Ocian
Government Semi-Presidential Republic
 - President of the Ocian Federation Matt Kovac
 - Prime Minister Kolya Radchenko
 - Legislature State Duma
Establishment 10 July 2007
Area Unkown
Population Coming Soon
Currency Ocian Tolar
Abbreviation OT
Driving side
Time zone(s)
National website
National forum [1]
National animal Chamois
National food Palačinka
National drink Slivovitz
National tree Ocian Linden Tree

Ocia (officially the Ocian Federation), is a nation on the Micran continent of Keltia, in the central eastern region bordering Lake Morovia (known as Svobodna Lake in Ocia). Ocia is influenced by a temporal and seasonal Alpine climate. Ocia's largest city and financial hub is November City, while the considerably smaller city of Directus serves as the administrative capital of the Federation.

According to the nation's historians a region named the Kingdom of Eurasia, which was inhabited by Ocian Peoples has been documented as existing before 1700AD. This multinational kingdom subjugated Ocians under the rule of non Ocians and sent the nation into a struggle for independence. Modern Ocia itself was founded in 2007 and led by President Matt Kovac for consecutive terms, it is the only Semi-Presidential Republic on Micras. Since modern Ocia's inception it has remained at the forefront of the anti-imperialist struggle on Micras and it is best known for its long standing cold war with Babkha(2007-2008), which originated in the Ocian Leadership's rejection of the mainstream control larger nations on Giess had over international affairs. The determination to remain under complete Self Management without the interference of foreign powers drove Ocia to carry out its own interests on the world stage. At one time, the Ocian Federation was a multi ethnic-multi national Federation of four republics joined together by Free will and the desire to live under a democratic, centralized and prosperous system with common values. These former republics include Luthoria, Amokolia, Iridia, Slaventia.

In 2008 an intense political standoff following presidential elections resulted in Ocia evolving into two distinct political entities (the Democratic Republic of Ocia 'coined the DRO' ran by Kovac in the West and the Federal Republic of Ocia in the east led by Dervin and rogue elements of other Ocian Political movements). The Reunification of the Ocian Federation occurred in 2009 following the 'One Ocia Movement' and a propaganda and intelligence war between the East and the West eventually ending at the signing of the One Ocia accord. Ocia single handily fought against a coalition of 7 other aggressors during the unprovoked Amokolian War from September 1st 2009 to October 2009. Although the Ocian Federation lost most of its Overseas protectorates in the war it managed to defend it's homeland territories. As of Late Ocia has been experiencing a cultural Renaissance as the nation enters a period of revitalization.


Government and politics

Throughout its history Ocia has championed its founding democratic principles as some of the freest and fairest on Micras however these elections have often become the cause of several controversies and scandals which have notoriously plagued Ocian politics. Ocia’s democracy has been responsible for the nation reaching its zenith in 2008 and conversely it has also been attributed to causing the partition of Ocia into East and West in 2009, given the aforementioned facts the topic of Democracy and its future in Ocia remains controversial.

Military and Foreign Relations

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