Nova English Electric Traction

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Nova English Electric Traction Company
Type Public Limited Company
Industry Utilities
Founded 1842
Headquarters Newcastle-Upon-Eastmoor, Nova England
Products Utility Services

Nova English Electric Traction was established in 1842 and initially provided parts of West Grinstead with its first reliable electrical power grid. Over time the company was able to expand its operations and became the largest provider of Electricity in the Faedertellus. Then in 1978 the firm staged a rapid series of take overs and established an effective monopoly over the Utility market by providing Water, Electricity and Heating to all corners of the land.

Prior to the Evacuations and the great Disaster NEET had relied on ageing coal electrical power plants in order to provide coal gas for many people's heating and electricity. In order to combat this, the firm had established several Biomass power plants that used vast stretches of Burwood's forest. As well as a number solar and Wind-farm projects that had been established throughout the Britannic Sandwich islands.

After the re-emergence of the Faedertellus, Tilbert Trotter negotiated with the Provisional Witan to restart NEET operations within the National Redoubt. This currently consists of the Biofuel plant on the outskirts of Newcastle-Upon-Eastmoor and the hydroelectric plant at Hempholme. In addition to this NEET engineers have entered into contract with the Witan to maintain and rebuild communication networks and the power grid in all occupied regions.