Northern Tellia (bailiwick)

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Northern Tellia (Tellian: Tellia Settentrionale; Babkhi: Теллияи Шимолӣ, Telliya-i Shimol'i, Elw: Теллиях Аавэн, Tellijah Aavyn; Mishalanese: Северная Теллия, Severnaya Telliya) is the planned bailiwick for the Elwynnese parts of Northern Tellia following the Northern Tellia Agreement between the UGB, Elwynn and the Tellian Confederation. The bailiwick is planned to last for about a year, perhaps longer, before giving way to smaller Tellian bailiwicks established by the Northern Tellia bailiwick assembly. It is legally a part of the Alalehzamini Autonomous Republic and the bailiwick is administered by the Commission for the Integration of Northern Tellia until the end of 1680. Tellian, Mishalanese and Istvanistani are the official languages of the bailiwick.

Population at the census of 1680 was 2,612,940 persons, of which 47% indicated that Gaian/Tellian was their native language, 20% Mishalanese, 12% Red Laqi, 11% Babkhi, 4% Paasikaans, 3% Elw, 2% Ama, 1% other languages.

The timeline is thus:

  • Before III.1680, a census will have been held outlining the population of the bailiwick and established the citizenry (all Tellians living in the area desiring to be citizens of the Republic, as well as all Elwynnese citizens who have moved to the area)
  • Before VIII.1680, a local election to be held for the Constituent Assembly of the Bailiwick of Northern Tellia ('Assemblea Costituente del Baliato de Tellia Settentrionale).
  • Before XII.1680, the Constituent Assembly will have decided on the number and borders of the new bailiwicks of the Elwynnese part of Northern Tellia.
  • Before XIV.1680, elections to the new local governments of the new bailiwicks of Northern Tellia.
  • 1.1681, the new bailiwicks are legally established and responsible democratic government restored. Fully integrated to the rest of Elwynn.