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Nation: Florian Republic
Population: 10,459,000
Predominant language: English

Main roads:
Major districts: N/A

Current mayor: Arnold Spade
[[Image:File:Northcliff Map.png|250px]]
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Northcliff is the Capital City of the Florian Republic and is currently the largest city in the country. The city is located in the northwest of the country and the city is surrounded by a gigantic wall due to the Xhusor War which ravaged the country for approx. two months. In the distance, the highest mountain in the country can be seen, as Northcliff is located in the hilly region of the country and the city has many attractions, such as ruined shrines from the country's Jingdaoese era and ruined buildings after the War of Lost Brothers. Northcliff.png


Destruction after the war of Lost Brothers

The ruins of Northcliff after the war of Lost Brothers

Northcliff in the Future

A prediction of Northcliff in the future.


National government




Ethnic groups

75% of the city is ethnically Florian with the other 25% being from other countries.





Northcliff has one major airport Northcliff International Airport, which is currently the largest airport in the Florian Republic.


Northcliff is the main hub of High Speed Floria, a high-speed train service which serves in the country. Northcliff also operates an underground Rapid-transit system however this has been severely damaged from the [[War of Lost Brothers]. The system has a total number of 250 stations with only 30 of them operational.

Buses and trams

Cable car


Main article: Northcliff Metro

The Northcliff Metro finally opened in September 2018, after many delays such as the War of Lost Brothers and the country's economic crisis. The system has sixteen lines, 164 stations and is one of the most popular ways of public transport in the city since it finished construction.







Northcliff's most popular sports clubs are the football team, Northcliff United and rugby league giants Northcliff Vikings. Both based outside the city proper. Northcliff has the largest stadium on Micras and is located just west of the city. It hosts football and is the of the college Amorian football team, Northcliff Cowboys. Other notable sports teams in the city include Northcliff Football Club, Northcliff Falcons (Amorian football) and Northcliff Raptors (Basketball).