North Mondesia

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United Dominions of North Mondesia
Official language English
Capital Gwyned
Largest cities Ilfed
Website defunct
Forum defunct
Number of citizens 3
Number of active citizens 0 (officially annexed to Toaka, Micran land occupied by South Mondesia then Shireroth)
Date founded 21st January 2002
Government Absolute Monarchy
Current leader HM King Glen Bohach
Currency unknown
National animal unknown
National fruit/food unknown
National drink unknown
Map versions 3.5.0 (as an independent state)
4.5.5 - 6.6.2 (as a part of South Mondesia and Shireroth)

North Mondesia was founded by Glen Bohach, a friend of Peter Little's, as an seperate Mondesian state independent of South Mondesia on the 21st of January 2002. Its seccession marked the beginning of the decline of South Mondesia and its eventual annexation to Shireroth.

Bohach originally founded North Mondesia as a Celtic-themed Kingdom distinct from the culture of South Mondesia, though much of the nation's history is unclear. By March 2002 North Mondesia's leader was a Nadaranne Jionne, who was styled as North Mondesia's 'governor'. Maps from this period show North Mondesia's regions as provinces of South Mondesia once more, which was by this time considering joining Tymaria and Shireroth. On the 1st of July 2002 North Mondesia was admitted to the Commonwealth of Toaka, a seccessionist micronation with no links to the Micran Sector. Nevertheless, North Mondesia's lands on the MCS map continued to be occupied by South Mondesia despite North Mondesia's becoming a Toakan territory.

Eventually North Mondesia's two former provinces, Monlan and Gwyndor, were annexed to Shireroth along with the rest of Peter Little's South Mondesia, where they remained until all Mondesian territories disappeared from the map entirely in series six of the MCS maps.

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