Kingdom of Norrland

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Kingdom of Norrland
Flag of Norrland
Coat of Arms of Norrland
Coat of Arms
Anthem: Fädernesland
Location of Norrland
Map versions
Capital Nya Skellefte
Largest city Nya Skellefte
Official language(s) Norrlandic, Westrobothnian (Skellefteå)
Official religion(s) Protestantism
Demonym Norrlandic
 - Adjective Norrlandic
Government Constitutional monarchy
 - King Ludvig I
 - Prime Minister Jimmy Åkeson
 - Legislature Riksdag
Establishment December 12, 2018
Area -
Population 9 million
Currency Norrlandic Crown
Abbreviation NRL
Driving side
Time zone(s)
National website
National forum
National animal Curlew
National food Parisare (sv)
National drink
National tree Spruce

The Kingdom of Norrland (Swedish: Konungariket Norrland Norrlandic: Konuŋariket Norrland) is a nation located in northeastern Apollonia.


The nation is mainly inspired by Sweden and also a bit by the region Westrobothnia in Sweden (where the creator of the micronation lives)

Before the Kingdom of Norrland existed there were two local noble houses. The House of Schlosslmau and the House of Exdee the regions had a very similar culture and language and many there supported unification between the two houses to create a kingdom.

In 2018 riots broke out in Elmaustad which wanted the local Noble House of Schlosslmau to unite with the House of Exdee and create a country. These riots caused the House to unite with Exdee and create the Kingdom of Norrland.

On 31.XV.1667 AN (31 December 2018), the Kaiser of Shireroth appointed Lady Alexandra Delaryd to Ambassador to Norrland with the aim of establishing diplomatic and friendly relations.


The country is a constitutional monarchy. However, all that is passed in the parliament has to be accepted by the King and the King also has a seat in the parliament. The parliament is called the Riksdag.

There are no elections instead the parliament consists of representatives from all of the 202 lordships in the country and the last seat is held by the King.


Administrative Subdivisions

Norrland is divided into provinces. There are 4 provinces.

Norrland administrative map.png

Province Capital
Huvudstaden Nya Skellefte
Elmaustad Elmaustad
Centrala Norrland None currently
Söderland None currently

The country is also divided into lordships an example of a lordship in the Kingdom of Norrland is the Lordship of Jerevan.



Most of Norrland is Protestant


Most of Norrland speak one of the two recognized languages Norrlandic and Westrobothnian.


Most of Norrland is ethnically Norrlandic, other than the Lordship of Jerevan which is mostly Armenian.


The Norrlandic economy is a distributive neo-feudal economy. The country is currently still quite poor but the economy is slowly growing.


Norrland has iron.


In 2019 Norrland traded iron for weapons with Krasnocoria.


The currency in the Kingdom of Norrland is the Norrlandic crown.



Västerbottensost is popular in Norrland.


On the 9th of february 2019 the Norrlandic military was created. It is in the HMFC