Normark national football team

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Normark Normark
Logo of the Normark national football team
Association NNFO
FMF member 2010–11, 2012–13
Confederation EMUFA
Home stadium Den Norske Nasjonal Fotballstadion
FMF code NOR
First FMF intermicronational
Interland Interland 2–1 Normark Normark
Biggest win
Plagaia Plagaia 0–3 Normark Normark
Normark Normark 3–0 Eruditia Eruditia
Biggest defeat
Alexandria Alexandria 4–0 Nordic Union Nordic Union
FMF World Cup
Appearances 1 (First in 2012)
Best result Group stage
EMU Championships
Appearances 2 (First in 2011)
Best result Group stage

The Normark national football team was the football team which most recently represented the Elwynnese constituent nation of Normark, and previously represented the independent nation of the same name. It was a member of the EMUFA, and was run by the NNFO. The team was the official predecessor and successor of the Nordic Union.

The team existed twice in the FMF's history; firstly between mid-2010 and late 2011, and secondly between 2012 and mid-2013.


The team was founded in mid-2010 after Normark's Micrasian claim was successful. The team competed in the World Cup qualifiers the following year, finishing second in their four-team group with eleven points, one point behind Interland. In doing so, the team qualified for the 2011 EMU Championships, where they could only finish bottom of their group with two points. Normark left Micras in late 2011.

Normark's successor state, the Nordic Union, returned to Micras in early 2012. Its national team competed in the year's qualifiers, finishing top of a tough five-team group with 15 points to reach the 2012 FMF World Cup and EMU 2012. In the World Cup, the team finished third in their group, missing-out on a place in the quarter-finals on goal difference, before finishing second by a point in their EMU 2012 group later in the year. Later in the year, the Nordic Union was annexed by Elwynn and reverted to its old name of Normark.

In the 2013 qualifiers, the team underperformed and finished third in their four-team group with eight points. Shortly afterwards, Normark was annexed by the Dominion and the team was merged into the Dominion's.

Chronological competitive participation



Normark used the following flags during its two FMF affiliation:

2010–11 2011 2012–13