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The Nordisketing (short for Det nordiske ting, i.e. "the Nordic assembly") is the legislature of the Elwynnese autonomous republic of Normark. It has 269 seats.

Constitution of the Nordisketing since the 1681 Nordisketing election:

Party Abbr. Seats
Einhorn Society ES 107
Democratic Party DEM 50
Nationalist and Humanist Party N&H 43
Norse Reform Party NRP 26
Free Juice and Bagels Party FJBP 16
Reinherder Association RHA 14
Elwynnese Workers' Party EWP 10
Bovic Brotherhood BB 3

Majority and Opposition

The government is a coalition between the Einhorn Society, the Nationalist and Humanist Party and the Reinherder Association. Together, they have 164 seats, or a 60% majority.

The opposition is led by the Democratic Party (50 seats).