Grand Kingdom of Normark

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The Grand Kingdom of Normark
Storkongeriket Normark
Flag of Normark
Coat of Arms of Normark
Coat of Arms
Motto: For Fedrelandet og Gudene
Anthem: Reciting of Einhornsmál
[[|250px|Location of Normark|frameless]]
Map versions 14.2.0 - Present
Capital Konungsheim
Largest city Konungsheim, Norvík, Krlsgorod
Official language(s) Bokmål, Finnish, Ukrainian, English (Administrative)
Official religion(s)
Demonym Norse
 - Adjective Norse
Government Absolute Monarchy
 - Grand King Johann I of Einhorn
 - Legislature Stortinget
Establishment 1 APR 2010
Currency Norse Crown
Abbreviation NOR
Driving side
Time zone(s)
National website Norse Website
National forum Norse Forum
National animal Unicorn
National food
National drink Mead
National tree Tree of Einhorn/Oak(Official and historical), Conifers (unofficial but trademark of the nation)

Normark, or officially the Grand Kingdom of Normark is a former independent state in the far north of Keltia, now constituting a demesne of Natopia. It is often cited as a Viking nation, which is somewhat of an over-generalization. Since it's creation it has successfully blended a wide range of Germanic cultures, Lord of The Rings-esque lore as well as Finnish, Slavic and Old English cultures into it's cultural fabric.


Normark is a feudal monarchy, and as such it consists of several feudal domains ruled over by noblemen who belong to ancient noble houses. Major provinces include Nordfjell, Norvík, Cerulea and Livlandia.


The Archduchy of Nordfjell is the most ancient of all of the feudal realms and is essentially the de facto capital territory. Home to the national capital of Konungsheim, it has remained the center of Norse life since the genesis of the nation.


Norvík is the industrial center of Normark. It is also the most populace, being home to the major industrial city of Sårensby. It is also home to the ancient Reindeer Herder people. It is the hub of domestic and foreign commerce for the whole of Normark and is a major economic center of northern Keltia.


Cerulea is a truly unique province within the Grand Kingdom. Having a long and tumultuous history, it is an ancient realm that until 2010 existed as an independent nation that had fallen into anarchy. Ruled by warlords and corruption, it was occupied by Norse forces to stabilize the region. Since then it has been an autonomous territory and is now an Archduchy. The full history of Cerulea is beyond the scope of this article, please refer to the Norse website for more information.


Commerce has played an important role in Normark since it's creation both in it's fictional history and reality. Although not it's oldest company, Dverghallen Næringer S.F. is a multinational corporation founded and headquartered in Normark. It is a major producer of heavy arms and is a major employer in Victoria following cuts to it's military.[1] It has provided military hardware to it's native Normark, the Kingdom of Victoria and the Republic of Ashkenatza.

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  1. ^ a b Cuts to Victorian Military; Dverghallen employs laid off workers.[1]