Nohavland independence referendum

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The official campaign logo


The first poster

After the finished War of Lost Brothers in eastern Apollonia and the Kingdom of Nohavland losing more of the half of the territory including the most important city - Srbograd. The king of Nohavland decided that the nation needs to start from scratch without the help of Florian Republic. The Declaration of Independence was written and sent to the leader of Florian Republic. The problem happened because there was no official referendum and thus a need for one started emerging. The leaders of both countries decided that the best date for a referendum is in 2018 so the official date became 1st February 2018.



Kingdom of Nohavland announced that the referendum is going to be held on 1st February 2018.

Eligibility to vote

The following people are entitled to vote in the referendum:

  • Nohavlandians who are 18 or over on voting day are eligible to vote.

International Reactions