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{{Infobox military conflict
{{Infobox military conflict
| conflict    = Nohavland crisis
| conflict    = Nohavland crisis

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Nohavland crisis
Nohavland riots.png
Nohavland riots after second referendum outcome
Date 10 July 2018 - 19 August 2018
Location Nohavland, Florian Republic
Result Srbozemskan victory
Srbozemlje flag.png Serb community

Srbozemska Srbozemska
Krasnocoria (aid only)

Florian Republic

Shireroth (aid only)

Casualties and losses
Srbozemska 62 killed 143 police officers killed
83 civilians killed (37 Serb, 46 Florian)

Nohavland crisis was a political crisis in Nohavland caused by second Nohavlandic referendum of independence.


Srbozemlje Crisis

In the late hours of 14th December 2017, Srbozemlje declared independence from the Florian Republic. This declaration was unconstitutional, violating article which states that Florian region must hold approved referendum beforehand. The Florian government discovered creation of sports leagues and currency linked to independent Srbozemlje. After further investigation, it was discovered that leader of Srbozemlje, Dimitrije Golubović, declared independence without official consent of any legislative bodies such as Srbozemljan or Florian parliament. On 15th December, president of Florian Republic, Jessica Smith, has appointed Leon Watson as temporary leader of Srbozemlje, promising to enforce the constitution. Day later, on 16th December, the crisis was resolved by granting a referendum of independence.

First referendum of independence

The first referendum of independence was granted on 16th December 2017 by Florian government. It was arranged that the referendum will be on February 1st, however, it was canceled just a few days before it was supposed to be, and the claiming reason was 'inactivity of Nohavlandic government'. This caused riots and demonstrations across cities in Nohavland, people were protesting on the streets and outside the government building. The demonstrations were stopped by the police, of course with casualties happening across the country.


Nohavland was an autonomous province until 10th May 2018, when the Florian government changed the constitution and abolished autonomy. This led to disestablishing many organizations and institutions which were beneficial to Nohavland. Major civil disobedience happened among the Serb community, who accepted this act as a reduction of rights of Nohavlandic citizens.


July 2018

  • 10th July:
    • President of Florian Republic calls an emergency session of Florian parliament which grants second Nohavlandic referendum of independence.
  • 11th July-28th July:
    • Political campaigns and marches were organised during this time, minor incidents on streets between Serbs, Florians and the police, no one severely injured.
  • 29th July:
    • Referendum results published late in the night - outcome says no to independent Nohavland. Serbs start rioting all over the province, police trying to control the situation.
  • 30th July-4th August:
    • Major riots in Naisos and Bezimeni with casualties, 53 civilians and 7 police officers killed.

August 2018

  • 19th August:
    • The Imperial Republic provides the Florian Republic with seven ISO containers worth of riot equipment whilst concurrently noting that the existence of the Nohavland Armed Forces constitutes a direct violation of the Peace Treaty by which the Florian Republic exited the War of Lost Brothers. The insistence, therefore, is that the NAF should immediately decommission its weaponry and receive the assortment of cudgels, cattleprods, flashbangs, tear gas launchers, and protective personal equipment (PPE) provided.
    • Srbozemskan forces attack rural districts in northeast, Florian police deploys S50 Transport to patrol the reported areas, but shortly retreat.
    • President of Florian Republic gives a speech where he admits the defeat and wishes luck to independent Srbozemska.