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Flag of Anbar.png
Flag of the Nogan people
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Balkanshahr (Hasanistan, Noganistan, Kurjek), Nuví Pelezu
Krasnarus 202,743
Jingdao 66,789
Crimratat, Hasani, Šlovedk
Virtually all are Shia Muslim with Sunni minority, irreligious minority in urban areas
Related ethnic groups
Coriaks, Hasanis

Nogans are a traditionally horse-riding Turkic Shia Muslim ethnic group very similar to Crimean Tatars and Nogais, mainly inhabiting the region of Noganistan, Balkanshahr in Krasnarus, living in isolated villages in mountains and in valleys. Nogans have a very strange situation, with many being landed nobility, but still having no representation, physically or politically, outside of Balkanshahr. As of 2017, 4.2% were below the poverty line; in contrast, only 1.2% of those living outside of Sylvania were living in poverty. They also have a high tertiary educational attainment, with 74.3 of individuals having a bachelor's degree or higher.

Areas with significant populations


  1. Sylvania (199,951)
  2. Albion (1,936)
  3. Phedodah (848)
  4. Paribian Isles (8)