Niyi (people's republic)

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Administrative divisions

Niyi flag.png

Niyi location.png

Capital Niyi
Largest cities North Nee City, Sanestira, Brigham, Paharr Niyi, Manisha, Kanilha Town, South Brigham, Perhika, Xaneqa, Tihosira

  • Total
23,001,986 (1703)
  • Density
3,340 per km2
  • Rank
1 of 16

  • Total
6,886 km2
  • Rank
14 of 16

  • Executive
Executive Council (15)
  • Legislative
Legislative Council (315)

Official language(s) Sanaman, Istvanistani
Other language(s) Cisamarrese, Babkhi, Praeta
Local religion Somanes, Cedrism, Nazarene Church
Subdivision code NIY

The People's Republic of Niyi is at more than 20 million residents the most populous people's republic in Sanama. It is also the second most densely populated after Fatehpur Sikri. Niyi serves as the economic center of Sanama, with headquarters of many large companies and organisations. With just over a fifth of the total population of the country, Niyi plays a large part in national politics. The political organisation of the republic mirrors that of the federal government to an extent.