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—  City and borough  —
Clockwise from the top: Central Business District; Niyi Central Temple; Semisa Nur Pinito Avenue; Senate of Niyi building; Niyi skyline; Easthampton Heights
Nickname(s): The Big N, Nee, The Big Fig
Country Sanama
Province Niyi
Borough Niyi City and Borough
Founded 1143 AN
 • Type City canton
 • Body City Canton Coordination Committee
 • Chairpersons of Niyi City Canton Coordination Committee
  • Amisa Tosha
  • Matthew Greenfield
Population (1674)
 • Total 4,313,248
 • Rank 1

Niyi is the largest city in Sanama. The name in Sanaman is Niyi, in Istvanistani and Praeta Nee, and in Cisamarrese Nea. Niyi served as the capital of independent Sanama from 1671 to 1679, when the capital was moved to Sanama City, later renamed Semisa City. Niyi forms the center of the vast Niyi metropolitan area, extending through the people's republic with the same name, into the surrounding areas of Pixa Teta and Harekina. With 23 million inhabitants as of 1704, the area is highly urbanised. The city as well as the cities surrounding it inside Niyi PR struggle to keep up with demands for housing, causing improvised urban sprawl on the southern plains.


Niyi is the capital of the eponymous people's republic, established in 1703. After the communes in the city federated to form a citywide district government after the formation of the First Republic, a referendum approved the merger of the city and canton governments.


Niyi is considered a melting pot with a large number of different ethnicities represented. Roughly a third speak Sanaman and a third Istvanistani, while other nationalities make up 12 percent of the population.


Niyi hosts three international airports: Malliki Tosha International Airport, Niyi City Airport and Southport International Airport.