Nivardomski Otechestvenofrontovska

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Nivardomski Otechestvenofrontovska
(Nivardom's Fatherland Front)
Party Leader Ivan Asen, Petăr Asen (co-chairmen)
Deputy Leader Vacant
Colour Black
Headquarters Vey
Political position Separatism, Ultranationalism
Seats in the Synklētos
1 / 60
Local Government None

Nivardomski Otechestvenofrontovska, (English: Nivardom's Fatherland Front), the NO party's first, foremost, and only, policy is the liberation of Nivardom from the rule of the 'Greeklings' in Vey and the reconquest of the Molivadian Ostan (Satrapy) by the Voulgarikí nation.