Nikolaj I

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His Majesty,

Nikolaj Prvi Jovanović
Николај Први Јовановић


7 May 2017 - October 21 2017

Monarch: himself
Preceeded by: position established
Succeeded by: Jovan I

Personal details

Birth date: July 19, 1952
Place of birth: Passerina
Date of death: October 21, 2017 (age 65)
Place of death: Nizbejn
Nationality : Krasnocoria Krasnocoria
Occupation: King

Nikolaj I (Krasnocorian Cyrillic: Николај Први Јовановић, Krasnocorian Latin: Nikolaj Prvi Jovanović) reigned as the first King of Coria.

Early Life

King of Coria


Nikolaj was assasinated on 21 October 2017 during his visit of Astaronian administrative capital of Nizbejn, where he received a sniper shot in the head while entering the Regional parliament building of Astaronia. The assassin, who was later identified as Florian-backed, was caught after a short chase. After almost a month-long interrogation which included torturing, he was sentencted to death on 16 November. His beheading took place on the same day in front of Corian palace and was attended by more than 100,000 people.

One of the major Jingdaoese newspapers, Shinjitsu, covered the turbulent happenings in Coria.