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|'''Decks:''' || 30
|'''Decks:''' || 30
|'''Speed:''' || 32+ knots  
|'''Speed:''' || 42+ knots  
|'''Complement:''' || 1,200
|'''Complement:''' || 1,200

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Nikolaj Class Aircraft Carrier
Type: Aircraft carrier
Place of origin: Krasnocoria

In service: 2019
Used by:

Krasnocoria Krasnocoria

In service: 1

Designed: 2018
Manufacturer: Sokoku Industries (ship)
Gangtie Industries (armament)

Displacement: 50,400 tons (full load)
Length: 284m
Beam: 60m
Draught: 11m
Decks: 30
Speed: 42+ knots
Complement: 1,200
Armament: TBD
Cost: 1.1 billion

The Nikolaj Class Aircraft Carrier is the first class of aircraft carriers for Krasnocorian Navy.

Currently, the only Nikolaj class aircraft carrier in service is KB Nikolaj (Royal Ship Nikolaj, named after the former Corian King of the same name), as of November 2019. In the month of the same year, the governments of Jingdao and Graustark expressed interest in ordering aircraft carriers for their navies, though only Jingdaoese Ministry of Truth confirmed the order, as Graustarkian government didn't show financial confidence in funding the construction and upkeep of such vessel.