Newcastle upon Eastmoor

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Newcastle upon Eastmoor
Nation: Nova England
Population: 80,241
Predominant language: Britannic English,
Eastmoorland English

Main roads: Barrett Street
Major districts:

Current mayor: N/A
Ncuem flag.png
Map versions:

Newcastle upon Eastmoor, sometimes known as the National Redoubt, is a fortified city in the Faedertellus. It was first established during the reign of King John I whom discovered the city during the reunification era. The city itself is located high upon the East Moorland Highlands and was built within a tight valley. The historical centre is a strongly fortified town, built by John I to defend the region from the east. Its streets are very steep and narrow, though picturesque.

Recent History

Points of Interest

Local Economy

Prior to the Evacuation, Newcastle upon Eastmoor was the Provincia Capital of Eastmoorland. As such it was the main hub for businesses within the region. As part of this many major Nova English companies located their regional head-quarters within the city which focused primarily on agricultural and industrial services. Following the Rebirth the city has become the new Capital of the Faedertellus and as such is now the focal point for all business within the nation. Currently much of the economic activity within the city relates to the reconstruction of national infrastructure, agriculture and manufacturing.

Major Firms within the city include;