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Date Headline Subject Summary
3:36 (- UTC) 9/1/39 PSSC Trans-Eurani Railway Corporation President Condemns Constancian Violence Military Speaking to reporters in a brief press conference early this morning the president of the Trans-Eurani Railway Corporation announced that no Bassarid trains were damaged as a result of a Constancian military operation aimed at limiting the flow of goods across Eura. Addressing a small group of reporters, the company's president re-iterated that no Bassarid trains have operated in central Eura since Constancia expanded its territorial claims in the region in 38.42 PSSC.

"Despite the claims of the government of Constancia to the contrary," said president Bellämi Nuzos during this morning's press conference. "no Bassarid trains were damaged as a result of renewed Constancian military operations within Constancian borders. The simple fact is that recognizing the threat which was posed to our workers and to our industry, our company suspended the use of railways in central Eura quite some time ago. On this basis, we can conclude with complete certainty that Constancian military forces - rather than attacking Bassarid trains - have commenced a campaign of violence against their own trains which were making use of the railways that run through their region. The Trans-Eurani Railway Corporation condemns this self-imposed violence in Constancia, and we offer our full support to any Constancians who have been negatively impacted by the actions of their nation's military and tyrannical government. We, furthermore, renew our commitment to maintaining peace, stability, and prosperity in the Eurani continent, and we call upon the government of Constancia to end its policy of enacting violence against its own workers. The workers in Constancia are merely doing the jobs which they were hired to do, and they do not deserve the violent treatment which has been incurred upon them by their own government."

21:07 (- UTC) 96/02/38 PSSC New Zimian War League: "No Bassarid Forces Harmed During 'Surprise' Orbital Bombardment of Vey" Military In a preliminary report issued early this evening, the New Zimian War League has affirmed that it has sustained no losses as a result of an unanticipated orbital bombardment of the city Vey conducted by forces representing the Raspur Alliance. In the twenty-five page report which comes just hours following the attack, the War League states that although it is the case that portions of the former capital of Constancia were completely destroyed, damage to areas of the city occupied by Bassarid forces were relatively undamaged by the orbital attacks. Although it does not reach any explicit conclusions, the War League indicates in its report that it may be the case that Raspur forces intentionally avoided areas occupied by Bassarid forces, in order to avoid the possibility of contributing the the outbreak of full-scale war in Eura.

"While we do not yet know for an absolute certainty what their intentions were or are," says retired War League Junior Admiral Bajiro Amos, who helped compile the report. "it does appear to be the case that the Raspur Alliance did limit the scope of their attack against the city of Vey. Whether they specifically avoid the locations occupied by our forces as a result of Operation Captize I, we cannot know. All we know is that our forces were not harmed by the attack, nor were the locations which they occupy. We can therefore assume that the War League will continue with its campaign in spite of the attack."

Although it has acknowledged the fortuitous news that War League forces were not harmed in the surprise attack, the Council of Courts has nevertheless condemned the move by the Raspur Pact, and has accused them of crimes against humanity, and of what it describes as "hypocrisy" of the highest order.

"Let there be no mistake about it," said Wraßh del Wä, Chief Spokesman for the Office of the Council. "The Raspur Pact has engaged in an act of supreme violence against a population of native Eurani peoples - ethnic Constancians - who on the basis of their most basic human rights, were engaging in the pursuit of sovereignty, and freedom from foreign rule. The Raspur Pact, which claims to seek the well-being of indigenous peoples, has committed an act of utter genocide against native Euranis who sought nothing but freedom and prosperity. Let this be a lesson not only to the nations of Eura but to all nations of the world. There is no greater threat to the pursuit of freedom and wealth than the Raspur Alliance and its constituent members, who with a reckless sense of complete disregard for humanity, seek to obliterate even the people who place their faith in them, who they are meant to represent and lead. Let all decent nations condemn this evil act by the Raspurid alliance, and the nations which hide within its toxic pouch. Let all decent nations rally in opposition to this act of pure evil."

The War League is expected in coming days to significantly increase the number of forces which it has stationed in the city-states attacked by Constancia, not only to help defend against further attacks, but also to aid in efforts aimed at re-constructing portions of the cities destroyed by attacks. The planned size of the increase in forces is not currently known, nor is it known how the War League plans to respond to the attack against Vey. Regarding these questions, War League representatives were unwilling to comment.

9:07 (- UTC) 157/02/37 PSSC Empress of the Sea of Storms Condemns Shireroth and Constancia for Hypocrisy, and for "Sowing Chaos" Politics In a series of extended statements, the Crown of Passio-Corum has candidly condemned the nations of Shireroth and Constancia for what she describes as hypocrisy and war-mongering. Highlighting the fact that both nations have implicitly opposed the admission of the Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union into the Micras Treaty Organization while simultaneously ratifying legislation which is explicitly hostile to Bassarid interests, the Bassarid ruler described the two nations as "hypocritical war-mongers who have no interest in establishing peace." Naming specific individuals affiliated with the two nations, the Empress took particular aim at the Secretary General of the MTO, whom she criticized for inflaming tensions between the Bassarids and Constancia, and for delaying admission proceedings within the MTO.

"The Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union applied for MTO membership on the basis that as a member of such an esteemed body, it may be better able to work alongside allies and adversaries in a more diplomatic manner so as to eliminate the likelihood of future wars," said the queen in her statements. "Certain nations which are hostile to our own, such as Natopia and Caputia - both nations with honest and sincere grievances against us - have recognized the merit of the reasoning which compelled us to apply for membership. Understanding that Bassarid membership in the MTO is good for the prospect of world peace, they therefore voted in favor of admitting us to the organization. We are grateful to these nations for supporting our bid, even in spite of the history of conflict which exists between us. We are appreciative of their understanding and their willingness to work towards peace, using the MTO as a shared platform."

"Their allies in Shireroth and Constancia, in unfortunate contrast, have evidently decided that they have no interest in peace, or in working together to resolve our disagreements diplomatically," continued the Empress in her extended remarks. "They have not supported our bid for admission to the MTO. Rather, they have ratified an irrational treaty which renders diplomacy less feasible, and war exponentially more likely. Whereas we have offered a prospective pathway to peace, they have responded with hubris and misguided hatred. Not only this, but the Constancian Secretary General of the MTO - an Alexandrian by birth - has evidently decided on a political basis to willfully and spitefully delay our admission to the MTO, even going so far as to stonewall our requests to advance admission proceedings. Why would the Constancian Secretary General stonewall our requests to be admitted to the MTO? There is no doubt that he has the time to advance proceedings. He has, after all, wasted no time in approving anti-Bassarid measures in Constancia! The only logical explanation as to why he has chosen to behave in such a way is that rather than pursue peace, he would rather indulge in a useless and hopeless war against our nation. The Secretary General of the MTO, and the leader of Constancia, desires war with the Bassarids. For this, we condemn him, and any other person in Constancia or its allies who share his sentiments.

"The Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union has no interest in war with any nation," said the Empress in her concluding remarks. "nor does any nation, no matter how fearful or hateful they may be, have any interest in going to war with the Bassarids. To the leaders of Constancia and Shireroth, I urge you, put away your thirsty swords and follow the enlightened example of your friends and allies in supporting the Bassarid bid for admission into the MTO. Still your stupid longing for war, and join the Bassarids in our bid for peace."

While international reactions are as of yet unclear, domestic reactions to the candid statements by the Empress are generally positive. Many observers, such as Buzt Forsekusu, former assistant to the Vice President of the West Keltian Trade Association, have praised her for her comments.

"It is refreshing to hear the Empress speak so candidly about such an important issue," said Forsekusu when asked for his views regarding the statements by Kan Zen. "There is no doubt that Bassarid membership in the MTO would be a net-positive not only for the organization, but for the whole world, especially in terms of what it may mean for the prospect of long-term peace. The willingness of nations such as Shireroth and Constancia to oppose Bassarid membership while simultaneously supporting anti-Bassarid legislation is deeply regretful, and highly dangerous. The behavior of the Mr.Aguilar, the Secretary General of the MTO, is downright deplorable; his willingness to delay the admission process poses a direct, immediate threat to world security, and for this he should be held accountable. I am proud of my queen for expressing these positions in such a manner."

17:45 (+6 UTC) 142/03/37 PSSC Oracle Fï Ríoja del Háifa Denies Allegations Regarding Connections to Noctic Trade Politics One week after the publication of a report by the Bassarid Central Intelligence Office regarding the emergence and expansion of illicit Noctic-Rabrev markets in central Keltia, the heir-apparent to the Crown of Passio-Corum has denied allegations relating to her financial involvement with known corrupt elements within the Anti-Noctic League. Speaking with reporters following a meeting of the Council of Courts, in which the nation's leaders discussed plans to replace the Houses of Corum with a new legislature, Oracle Fï Ríoja unequivocally condemned the allegations, stating that they are part of a campaign from within the intelligence community - which she described as having permeated every aspect of Bassarid society - intended to discredit and disqualify her from ascending to the throne following the abdication of the nation's current ruler, Kan Zen.

"I do not have, nor have I ever had, any connection - financial or otherwise - with any organization which is either directly or indirectly involved in any way, in contributing to the proliferation of the heinous drug Noctic-Rabrev in central Keltia, or in any other region anywhere in the world," said the Oracle, in no uncertain terms. "The malicious and politically motivated allegations which have been levied against me from within the intelligence community are false, period. Such allegations are intended, beyond a shadow of doubt, to unjustly discredit my role as the future champion of the great Host, and to disqualify me from assuming my duties as heir to our dear queen. These allegations are therefore an insult to not only myself, but also to the Empress herself - who appointed me to be her Oracle - and therefore to our nation as a whole."

The allegations against the Oracle have shocked the nation, especially insofar as they appear at odds with what many observers regarded as a burgeoning alliance between Ríoja and the recently appointed Bassarid Chief Intelligence Officer, Díapaza Bréidle. Many observers, not least including Dr.Dömägha Orebele, Assistant Dean of Council Studies at the University of Port Brent at the Wallis Islands, have until now speculated that in fact, the nation's chief spy was poised to ascend under the future administration of Empress Ríoja, to the position of Supreme Arbiter. This future partnership between Empress Ríoja and Supreme Arbiter Bréidle, Dr.Orebele has suggested in past interviews with the New Zimian Standard, was poised to define the character and course of the Bassarid nation for the next several generations. In light of allegations against the Oracle, however, says Dr.Orebele, the future of the nation may be defined by the ensuing conflict between these two high ranking officials.

"It almost goes without saying," says Dr.Orebele. "that by overseeing the publication of these allegations, the Chief Intelligence Officer has positioned herself as a radical adversary of the future Empress. This adversarial relationship, and these extremely severe allegations which have fomented it, throws into chaos not only the future of the Council of Courts, but the future of the nation as a whole. Regardless of whether the allegations against Ríoja are legitimate or valid, and regardless of whether any charges are formally brought against her, there now exists a rift between the nation's government and the intelligence community. The results of this rift remain to be seen."

7:36 (-3 UTC) 157/03/36 PSSC Crown of Passio-Corum Confirms Plan to Ratify Constitution of the Bassarid Federation Politics The Crown of Passio-Corum has confirmed that it will, in coming days, finalize its plan to ratify the Constitution of the Bassarid Federation. In an extensive written statement issued to major media outlets across the Trade Union early this morning, the office of the Crown confirmed that despite heavy opposition within the outgoing Houses of Corum, the Council of Courts will ratify the highly controversial constitution on the basis that it provides the framework for the facilitation of an unprecedented level of political, military, and economic cooperation between the Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union and its closest ally and largest trade partner, and fellow founding member of the USSO, the Jingdaoese Empire.

"Through our ratification of the Constitution of the Bassarid Federation," says the statement issued by the Crown of Passio-Corum. "we will cement a greatly expanded commitment to significantly advancing the complex interests of all of the hundreds of millions of peoples who are impacted by the fruitful existence of our alliance. There shall be no greater force for the advancement of peace, nor for the broad advancement of humanity and prosperity around the globe, than the political union which shall arise as a result of the ratification of this Constitution."

The Constitution of the Bassarid Federation lays the foundation for a formal political union between the Bassarids and Jingdao, who have long enjoyed the benefits of an expansive strategic alliance, owing in large part to their mutual participation on the USSO Common Market, which reached full fruition during the recent period of brutal global conflict surrounding the War of Lost Brothers. To this end, the Constitution provides the legal framework for a shared system of governance between Jingdao and the Haifo-Pallisican Union, which will allow the nations to enjoy high levels of cooperation and coordination on virtually all fronts, political, military, economic, and otherwise. Although the passage of the Constitution was heavily opposed by virtually all members of the National Party, who along with the Imperial Party spear-headed a coalition within the outgoing Houses of Corum in opposition to the creation of a new political union, the text enjoys strong support within the Solidarity Party, which has just emerged as the Houses' new majority party.

"It has always been our mission to promote the unity and meaningful solidarity of all people around the world," said Wozoz del Déibelle, a Solidarity Part Representative from the city of Afrikaania. "The Constitution of the Bassarid Federation is in many ways a fulfillment of this mission statement, which we have espoused since the Houses were established, so long ago. We will support the ratification of the Constitution 100%."

Despite such strong statements of support from within the party that now leads the Houses of Corum, many citizens across the Union are less optimistic about what ratification may mean for the nation. Among the most fervent opponents of the Constitution are those who, in the most recent election, voted in favor of the burgeoning independent Party of the Higher Alliance, a party which bases its political ideals on the religious world-view of the Alliance of the Higher Paths.

"The ratification of the Bassarid Federation represents the final step in the conquest of the Pallisican nation by foreign powers," says Grämä Ranap, a first term representative in the Houses of Corum who ran on a platform supporting the Party of the Higher Alliance. "If we do not oppose the ratification of this treaty, then our nation shall soon be ruled on all fronts by foreigners who do not have our interests at heart. We must stand firm against this treaty, and against the Crown who supports it."

With a significant minority in the Houses of Corum, it is unlikely that the views of the Party of the Higher Alliance will have any meaningful bearing on the decision by the Council of Courts to ratify the Bassarid Federation. Ratification of the treaty is expected to come in the next few days, as representatives of the Council work with their Jingdaoese counterparts to iron out final details within the Constitution.

"We are confident that we can begin the process of ratification by the end of the week," said a spokesman for the Crown of Passio-Corum, when asked about a possible timetable for ratification. "We are perhaps one or two steps away from ratifying. From there, we will begin to submit the proper paperwork to the esteemed council of the MCS."

21:36 (- UTC) 151/03/36 PSSC Commander of the New Zimian War League Condemns Concentration of Natopian Citizens Military The Commander of the New Zimian War League has condemned what he describes as a policy of internment and extermination pursued by the government of Natopia against its citizens in Elijah's Rest, stating that history will frown upon the nation's leaders who support the concentration or outright execution of its own people. Speaking to reporters today at a coffee-house in the city of Ossyo following an apparently productive meeting with the Braxians of the Corumian Underground, the military commander expressed dismay regarding reports that Natopian officials in Elijah's Rest have, in an effort to curb the influence of the Stripping Path in the region, resorted to concentrating large numbers of suspected supporters of the Pallisican Pretender Government of Elijah's Rest in prisons at military bases across the country.

"The government of Natopia and its affiliate in Elijah's Rest have lost sight of their mission, and of their enemy," said the War League's Commander, speaking to reporters. "What began as a mission by Shireroth and its Natopian supporters to disrupt USSO trade off the coast of Benacia has now evolved into a proper military campaign aimed at exterminating the practice of an entire religion in Elijah's Rest, where the religion has found widespread support amongst the region's hardened indigenous peoples. We have learned in recent days, from our associates who have infiltrated the various compounds that now surround Jangsong, that so desperate have the Natopians become in their effort to purge their own lands of any person, or group of people, who practices this religion, that they now attempt to imprison on a massive scale anyone suspected of being a practitioner, or suspected of supporting or affiliating with any authority which extends goodwill to practitioners, such as the region's Pallisican government. Those whom they choose not to incarcerate in their effort to facilitate this religious extermination, they execute outright. Let it be known that the actions of the Natopian authorities are to be regarded by all decent nations as absolutely and fundamentally abhorrent. Let all nations who seek peace and decency in the world look to the system of genocidal incarceration which Natopia has begun to pursue within its own territory of Elijah's Rest, as a demonstration of the treacherous will of all nations affiliated with the SANE alliance."

Supporters of the Natopian government in Elijah's Rest have called upon leaders to refute claims such as those put forth by the Commander of the New Zimian War League, regarding the mass incarceration of suspected supporters of the Pretender Government. Arguing that the Natopian government has thus far taken no substantive military action to mitigate the influence or occupation of the Bassarid-backed government of Elijah's Rest in any of the cities or military bases which it now claims as it own, supporters of the Bovic nation's government maintain their belief that the prospect for peace alone lends itself to a reasonable solution in the complex conflict now engulfing northern Keltia.

"The government is doing all it can to ensure a peaceful solution to this incredibly complicated, and incredibly dangerous situation," said a supporter of the Natopian government in the capital of Elijah's Rest, who for the sake of his safety requested anonymity. "This claim that the government is pursuing a campaign of mass incarceration against - that it is executing - fellow citizens because it suspects them of supporting the Pretender? Such claims are most certainly false. No matter what threats we might face, no matter how vile our enemy, our government, blessed by Bous, will always support the rule of law in all demesnes, including this one. Let the world know that."

13:40 (- UTC) 144/03/36 PSSC Chief Justice of Temple Court: "We are the fungus, our soldiers are the spores." Religion/Military Striking a note of surprising optimism in the aftermath of the deadliest assault against Pallisican forces in history, Chief Justice Alasar po-Moseye, in his first public sermon since prior to the Ardclach Orbital Strike, has referred to the Greater Pallisican Trade Association as a great fungus, and its soldiers as spores. Speaking before a crowd of several thousand religious attendees at the Temple of the Lady Mina, the Chief Justice expressed the message that like spores from a mushroom as they fall to earth, the soldiers who perished in the attack against Ardclach have contributed not only to the survival, but to the expansion and propagation of the Pallisican nation.

"Our empire is the great fungus of the world," said the Chief Justice in his sermon. "Where all others see only death and chaos, we see sustenance. Where others see suffering and famine, we see the prospect of abundance and ecstasy. We grow upon the very spine of Death itself. Where war and violence breed death, we sprout our great organs. From these great and wondrous organs, we drop our spores. Where these spores finally come to rest, we find ourselves renewed. Death is the essence of our continued existence. Where there is death, we will grow. Those who make death contribute to our growth. Let those who seek to contain the great fungus seek to cease in their creation of death. Let them seek to make peace."

For its part, the New Zimian War League has not yet directly responded to the attack against Ardclach. Despite mounting pressure to avenge the lives of those killed and wounded in the strike, the War League has betrayed no hurry in its search for a proportional response to the attack. With that said, the devastating orbital strike has served to accelerate economic reforms in Passio-Corum, as well as in the Maritime Markets of the Strait of Haifa, insofar as leaders in both nations have in the days since the attack - in an effort to improve coordination - approved plans to formally adopt a shared marketplace. These reforms, according to analysts, represent a recognition by the leaders of both countries that greater economic cooperation is essential to combating the perceived technological superiority of nations such as Natopia and Shireroth.

"Technology wins you the battle," said one analyst in an interview with the Standard, when asked to comment regarding the adoption of the Port of Vines by Passio-Corum and the Strait of Haifa. "but industry wins you the war. By adopting a new, shared marketplace, both nations are demonstrating their confidence in the belief that at the end of the day, greater industrial coordination and cooperation, and a greater emphasis on mutual investment, will help to ensure long-term victory in their conflicts against all mutual adversaries."

10:04 (- UTC) 135/03/36 PSSC Crown of Passio-Corum Calls For Return to Peace Military The Empress of the Sea of Storms has, in a statement regarding the announcement that the New Zimian War League has activated additional forces in response to an intensification in global tensions, called for an end to the widespread conflict which has arisen as a result of the War of Lost Brothers and Florian Civil War. Speaking one day after her re-election to the position of Chairman of the USSO, Empress Zen expressed the belief that unless the world's leading states begin to seek peace with one another, the whole world will soon be engulfed in war.

"We are prepared to fight on every front, against all enemies, and to prevail," said the ruler of the Pallisican nation. "Our enemies cannot defeat us. They cannot defeat us in the far northern reaches of Elijah's Rest or in the Strait of Haifa. They cannot defeat us in the Skerry Isles. They cannot defeat us the Raynor Sea or Port St.Andre. They cannot defeat us anywhere. We will prevail everywhere. We will prevail, for we have already prevailed. And our enemies know this, yet they continue to refrain from seeking peace. Why do they continue to refrain? It is because they are afraid of what defeat may mean for them. Let them rest assured that their defeat would be a boon. Their surrender would be the first step in the process of acquiring access to the wealth and prosperity which we offer them, as prospective friends and intimate partners. Let them surrender. Let them request access to our markets. Let us aid them in striving towards the achievement of the success and prosperity to which we have become accustomed. Let us all, Pallisican and Shireithian, and all of our friends and comrades, establish peace so that we all may share in the prospect of glory and plenty."

The Crown's call for peace comes hours after an announcement by the New Zimian War League that it will activate its forces in northwestern Eura, southwestern Keltia, and the eastern Sea of Storms, in an effort to mitigate the influence of vessels flying under the flag of Shireroth or its allies, which seek to disrupt the commercial flow of goods along shipping lanes controlled by the nations of the USSO.

2:24 (+12 UTC) 128/03/36 PSSC New Zimian War League Reports Casualties in Probe of Talenore Defenses Military One-hundred and forty-eight New Zimian soldiers were killed in a short-lived assault against the city of Talenore late last night. According to reports confirmed by the War League, these soldiers - one-quarter of all Pallisican casualties - occurred as a result of what the War League describes as an intelligence mission aimed at probing Talenore's defenses, and Shireroth's defensive responses. Despite incurring high casualties as a result of the operation, the War League has hailed the mission as a success, stating that it has learned a great deal about Shireithian dispositions following its attack.

"We are grateful to those soldiers who died while carrying out the missions to which they were assigned," said a spokesman for the War League. "Already our high priests have begun the ceremonies in honor of these soldiers, whose spirits may travel lightly as they journey to the Inner World, on the basis of the sure knowledge that their lives contributed to our ultimate victory. In their honor we shall continue to prevail across this and all fronts."

Despite the claims of the War League that it achieved its objectives in its assault against Talenore, which has faced bombardment for nearly a week, as well as an extensive blockade which has thus far prevented the movement of goods to and from the island, critics of the War League assert that it is attempting to save face following what amounts to a botched military operation.

"Despite the positive spin which the League may attempt to place on things," said Fanälos Damebéiod, Junior Chairman for the Solidarity Party in the Houses of Corum. "there is no denying the fact that the War League was forced to shift the parameters of its operation after it became apparent that it could not sustain an assault, much less an occupation of the city without further logistical planning and tactical analysis. The War League may have acquired intelligence, but at a higher cost than was warranted. Let us hope this does not define the course of our efforts in this war."

In support of their criticism of the assault against Talenore, opponents of the War League point to further, unconfirmed reports regarding the destruction of one of its Northman Class Corvettes in the waters surrounding the Gulf of Jangsong. Although it has as-of-yet refused to confirm the loss of its ship, the War League has confirmed that Natopian forces have engaged Pallisican units station in far northern Keltia.

"There can be no denial of the fact that under the advisement of its master, Shireroth, Natopia has opted for the course of war in northern Keltia," said the War league spokesman when questioned on matters relating to the growing front surrounding Elijah's Rest. "Beyond this fact, we are unprepared to comment on the state of affairs in the far north. Rest assured that we are closely working with our friends and family along the Strait of Haifa to continue to ensure long-term victory."

6:28 (+6) 126/03/36 PSSC New Zimian War League Confirms Naval Bombardment of Talenore Military The New Zimian War League has initiated a naval bombardment of the Shireithian colony of Talenore, in the central Skerry Isles. In a move which is assured to be regarded as a considerable escalation in the ongoing conflict which has arisen as a result of the War of Lost Brothers, the War League earlier today confirmed that it has ordered several ships, including the lone Sheng-class Cruiser which it has stationed in the Captive sea as part of Task Force 36.67-002 to begin firing upon certain targets in the formerly independent state which lies off the eastern shore of Kakali Island. Speaking today in an interview with the New Zimian Standard, a Chief Spokesman for the Commander of the New Zimian War League outlined the nature of the attacks against Talenore, stating that four New Zimian ships had begun a campaign aimed at destroying and disabling all of Talenore's major ports and harbors.

"For the time being we have resolved to limit the scope of our operations to the destruction of all of Talenore's points of entry," said the War League Spokesman. "We have, with that in mind, already deployed a portion of our vessels stationed in the region on their mission, which aims to inflict maximum damage on all of Talenore's ports and harbors."

When questioned as to whether the War League intends on deploying forces into Talenore for the purposes of occupying the island, the War League spokesman confirmed that such a move is highly likely to occur in coming days.

"Given the relative lack of resistance which we have faced since implementing our blockade two days ago (PSSC)," said the War League spokesman. "We expect to not only deploy our forces into Talenore, but to be in control of the island by the end of the year. That said, we are presently focusing on the present task of retaining our blockade, and destroying certain aspects of the island's infrastructure."

The announcement of the bombardment of Talenore's harbors comes soon after an announcement by Shireroth and Natopia that they have deployed forces as part of an expansion of their military campaign in northern Keltia, which aims to eliminate the influence of the USSO in the region. When pressed with questions on its views regarding this deployment of forces by SANE-affiliated nations, the spokesman for the War League expressed confidence that Pallisican interests, and those of its allies, will ultimately prevail across northern Keltia and the Great Western Sea.

"The scope of this war extends far beyond the current capacities of our adversaries," said the spokesman for the Commander of the War League. "At the end of the day, no amount of the world's finest weaponry will suffice to bring an end to USSO supremacy in the modern era. Those who seek to compete with us, and to out-compete us, will need at some point to lay down their arms in order to pursue more meaningful endeavors. When they are willing to pursue these endeavors, we will remain willing to help bring them into our fold, so that they can truly begin to compete against us."

7:26 (+5) 104/02/36 PSSC Chief Justice of the Temple Court Advises Caution for Stripping Path Practitioners in Keltia Religion/Politics Appearing before the Houses of Pallisican Chelkra, Chief Justice Alasar po-Moseye has advised that practitioners of the Stripping Path in Keltia should exercise extreme caution when determining whether to heed a recent appeal by the newly established government of Caputia. Speaking bluntly in front of the legislative body which represents the interests of the Pallisican Religion in the government of Passio-Corum, the Chief Justice of the Temple Court warned practitioners of the Dionysian religion that they should only strongly consider traveling to the cities of Tel-Amin or Lewisburg in the event that they face active religious persecution, or the real threat of persecution.

"To those practitioners of the Stripping Path, who face the immediate threat of violence at the hands of the Caputian religious, civil, or military authorities," said the Chief Justice of the Temple Court. "to you I say, travel at once to the cities designated by the Caputain government. Depart your homes and seek the safety of Tel-Amin and Lewisburg. In those cities, seek out first the support and protection of the local authority. If this fails - if protection and support are not forthcoming - then seek out the support of Haifans and fellow practitioners of your religion within the cities, for they alone shall host you as their own. To all others, who do not face the active threat of persecution or violence, remain precisely where you are. Do not leave your homes. Remain where you are settled, and remain true to your faith. Do not hesitate, however, to depart in the event that violence arrives at your door."

In addition to his advice, Chief Justice Alasar po-Moseye - the first known Aead member of the Council of Courts - issued a direct statement of support on behalf of the government of Passio-Corum, for those facing persecution in Keltia at the hand of Caputian authorities.

"To our Haifan brothers and sisters in Keltia," said the Chief Justice. "know always that the government of the Greater Pallisican Trade Association is prepared to support you in whatever ways it can during these troubling times. Rest assured that the government of Passio-Corum is working closely with its constituent members, including those in Passas, as well as with its friends and allies in the Maritime Markets to seek out ways in which support may be provided in coming days and weeks. The Council, furthermore, will seek to accelerate the process of appointing an ambassador to Caputia, so that we may open a dialogue with the Caputian government regarding this pressing issue."

20:09 (-) 87/02/36 PSSC Empress of the Sea of Storms Condemns Clamor for War Military/Politics Appearing before a rare joint-session of the Houses of Corum and the Houses of Pallisican Chelkra, Empress Kan Zen has condemned what she describes as a global clamor for war. Speaking at the nation's capital early yesterday afternoon, the Crown of Passio-Corum accused world leaders of acting on the basis of paranoia and false pretense, and called on all governments to work towards a future of peace and economic stability rather than chaos and war.

"In all corners of the world nations long for war," declared the Empress in her speech before the Houses of the Pallisican nation. "they long for chaos, and they long for destruction. They long for these things in the hopes that they might affirm their own preexisting cynicism and incompetence. 'If only we had a war,' they tell themselves, 'then that would justify why we all hate and mistrust one another.' When we - hoping sincerely to help make their society grow in plenty - go to them and offer to trade they say to us, 'Trade? How can you speak to us of trade? Don't you see that our factories are bombed? We are at war! How can we trade?' And so in this way they come to love war. When you eliminate the society you eliminate the need to govern. This is political corruption at its most egregious, my friends. And this way of doing things, my brothers and sisters, is what defines the systems of the old world. This way of doing things is what compels nations such as Natopia to begin needlessly arming their quaint colony within our own backyard, and our former friends in Constancia, who can think of nothing else but the imagined threat of war, and who constantly conspire amongst themselves in secrecy. Let us reject this system, and these ideas by remaining forever constant to our most fundamental values. Let us continue working towards an era of peace and cooperation between nations, working in good faith and with a spirit of rational benevolence to bring all people the prosperity to which they should be entitled. This is the nature and pursuit of the Pallisican spirit. May it emanate as an eternal beacon from the hallowed halls of these Houses of Corum."

Speaking to reporters following her address to the joint-session of the Houses of Corum and the Houses of Pallisican Chelkra, Empress Zen rejected assertions that Passio-Corum has decided to remain neutral in the so-called War of Lost Brothers.

"The Greater Pallisican Trade Association is prepared to commit to the course of actions which it determines is best suited to accomplishing the goal of restoring a cooperative, beneficent peace," said the Crown of Passio-Corum. "At this time we believe that the most proactive and prudent approach is through diplomatic and economic channels. With that said, we are also prepared, should diplomatic and economic channels fail, to deploy more than the full weight of our nation's military to bring about a swift and utter resolution to any conflict. Our military will not stand idly by while the backwards nations of the world seek to disrupt the promise of a global order. For now, however, we invite the pertinent nations to come to the negotiating table, to discuss opportunities for peace."

1:12 (-) 64/02/36 PSSC Pallisican Standard International Implements Policy Change Regarding Associate Investors Economy Pallisican Standard International has announced that it will increase the rates it charges certain investors who seek to acquire military equipment from the Shirley Stock Fund. In a press release issued late last night, the brokerage confirmed that given the recent outbreak in violence between USSO affiliated nations Jingdao - a full member of the alliance - and the Florian Republic which was recently downgraded to an associate member of the USSO, it will begin requiring associate members to pay more for military equipment.

"While we remain committed to working with the Florian Republic in order to ensure that they are able able to continue benefiting economically from their use of the Common Market," said a spokesman representing Pallisican Standard International, when pressed to comment on the brokerage's policy change. "we nevertheless feel that it would be irresponsible to continue charging standard rates for all parties regardless of membership status. As an associate member of the USSO, the Florian Republic will be expected to pay slightly higher prices for military equipment."

This change in policy by Pallisican Standard International is unprecedented in the history of the USSO Common Market. No brokerage in the market's history has ever attempted to establish alternate sets of prices for different types of investors; until now all investors, regardless of membership status within the USSO, have paid the same standard rates for all goods offered on the market. To that extent, it is unclear what economic repercussions may result from the change in policy now being implemented by Pallisican Standard International. Some experts, nevertheless, argue that this brokerage's change in policy could help to establish a clear differentiation between the various types of membership which exist the USSO.

"If other brokerages begin to follow the example of Pallisican Standard, says Ämazde Banäsebéio former Junior Advisor to Pallisican Standard International's Board of Directors. "Then we could very well see a situation arise in which the primary incentive to pursuing full membership within the USSO, is access to cheaper goods and equipment. If associate members and observers are required to invest a greater portion of money for access to the same goods, then they have an incentive to take the step to become full members."

18:00 (-) 45/01/36 PSSC Empress Kan Zen Condemns Effort to Block 'Frexit' Referendum Politics Speaking in her capacity as Chairman of the USSO, Empress Kan Zen has condemned efforts by the government of the Florian Republic to block a referendum which could result in the nation's departure from the international alliance. Speaking at a televised press conference early this afternoon, the Pallisican ruler described the efforts by the government of the Florian Republic as "unhelpful," and "detrimental to the pursuit of progress and world peace."

"The Florian Republic must - as all nations must - work towards a future which ensures a high level of peace and prosperity for all of its people, whatever that work might entail," said the Empress. "If it is the belief of a segment of its population that the nation would benefit from leaving our great union, more-so than it would benefit from remaining, then our friends in the government of the Florian Republic should seek to peacefully engage with that segment of the population, such that their sentiments and beliefs are peacefully and democratically expressed, or addressed. To stifle that conversation by blocking a peaceful referendum is unhelpful, and counter-productive to the pursuit of progress and peace. It is my sincere hope that no nation should ever be so committed to its membership as part of the USSO, that it feels compelled to stifle the democratic process or engage in any form of violence against peaceful protesters who are engaging in benevolent dissent."

In addition to calls for democracy in the Florian Republic, the Empress also condemned what she described as the insidious actions of nations capitalizing on instability on Apollonia.

"In an era of peace the vultures of the world will starve, " said the Empress. "Such nations, and peoples, will continue to lust for the flesh of all who show signs of life and promise. This is the nature of the hopeless damned."

14:24 (-3 UTC) 36/01/36 PSSC President of the National Bank: Cooperation is Key to Future of Xhusor Politics The President of the National Bank of Passio-Corum has, in a brief interview with the New Zimian Standard, expressed the belief that the Xhurion Government should delay its independence referendum, in order to begin working with the government of the Florian Republic and the USSO to establish a process for achieving independence at a later date. Speaking early this afternoon, Bank President Son Aeahn called for peace and calm in the region of Xhusor, arguing that local authorities should strive to cooperate with national leaders, to establish a prosperous future for the whole region.

"I urge the leaders of the Xhurion Government to recognize the need for close cooperation, rather than conflict," said Bank President Aeahn. "It is only through close cooperation, in a spirit of pure trust and - dare I say - friendship, that we can establish a future in which Xhusor, as part of the Florian Republic, can serve as a beacon for progress. Let us invest our resources in Xhusor in order to build it up such that it may exceed its potential, and such that its people may know levels of wealth never before seen in their part of the Apollonian continent. Let us establish diplomatic channels, and improve those which already exist, such that we may engage in peaceful dialogue, and work together towards the possible long-term future of Xhurion Independence. The time to lay down our arms, is now. The time to lock arms in brotherhood, is now. Let us engage in peace, that we may finally work towards the great goals which we have set before ourselves for the good of all humanity."

In addition to his calls for cooperation between the government of the Florian Republic and Xhurion leadership, the Bank President also offered a rebuke of Shireroth's calls for violence against the people of Xhusor.

"The government of Shireroth is capable of restoring its nation to its former position of global leadership," said the Bank President. "It is capable of restoring the respect, and admiration which other nations once held for it. Before it can achieve this end, however, it must overcome its masochistic fascination with backwards feudalism. Until Shireroth enters the modern era, which is defined not by courts and kingdoms but by trade and commerce, it will continue its stunning decline."

14:24 (-3 UTC) 36/01/36 PSSC President of the National Bank: Cooperation is Key to Future of Xhusor Politics The President of the National Bank of Passio-Corum has, in a brief interview with the New Zimian Standard, expressed the belief that the Xhurion Government should delay its independence referendum, in order to begin working with the government of the Florian Republic and the USSO to establish a process for achieving independence at a later date. Speaking early this afternoon, Bank President Son Aeahn called for peace and calm in the region of Xhusor, arguing that local authorities should strive to cooperate with national leaders, to establish a prosperous future for the whole region.

"I urge the leaders of the Xhurion Government to recognize the need for close cooperation, rather than conflict," said Bank President Aeahn. "It is only through close cooperation, in a spirit of pure trust and - dare I say - friendship, that we can establish a future in which Xhusor, as part of the Florian Republic, can serve as a beacon for progress. Let us invest our resources in Xhusor in order to build it up such that it may exceed its potential, and such that its people may know levels of wealth never before seen in their part of the Apollonian continent. Let us establish diplomatic channels, and improve those which already exist, such that we may engage in peaceful dialogue, and work together towards the possible long-term future of Xhurion Independence. The time to lay down our arms, is now. The time to lock arms in brotherhood, is now. Let us engage in peace, that we may finally work towards the great goals which we have set before ourselves for the good of all humanity."

In addition to his calls for cooperation between the government of the Florian Republic and Xhurion leadership, the Bank President also offered a rebuke of Shireroth's calls for violence against the people of Xhusor.

"The government of Shireroth is capable of restoring its nation to its former position of global leadership," said the Bank President. "It is capable of restoring the respect, and admiration which other nations once held for it. Before it can achieve this end, however, it must overcome its masochistic fascination with backwards feudalism. Until Shireroth enters the modern era, which is defined not by courts and kingdoms but by trade and commerce, it will continue its stunning decline."

4:19 (+8 UTC) 181/03/35 PSSC Crown of Passio-Corum Announces Plan to Appoint New Council of Courts Politics Speaking at an assembly of the Houses of Corum, Empress Kan Zen has expressed her intention to appoint a new Council of Courts. In her statement, made during an annual event in which legislators from around the nation gather to discuss idea for the upcoming year, the Crown of Passio-Corum expressed that while she is satisfied with, and appreciative of the work which has been done by the existing members of the Council, she intends to appoint a new set of officials to aid her in accomplishing her remaining objectives as ruler.

"Today's Council is the finest Council of Courts that our nation has ever known," said the queen, in her speech. "Without a doubt, the impact of their work shall resonate through the ages. Nevertheless, it is with a heavy heart guided by bold ambitions, that I must announce my intention to begin appointing a new set of officials to perform the duties assigned to the offices of the Council of Courts."

The announcement by the Empress comes as little surprise to most observers, who note that Kan Zen - since her ascension to the Pallisican throne in 35.25 PSSC - has refrained from making any substantive changes to the Council of Courts appointed by her predecessor, Opyeme Amor. Some, among them Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Luxor City, Dr.Alal Debéio, maintain that the decision by Kan Zen to appoint a new Council of Courts is, in fact, somewhat overdue.

"The Crown of Passio-Corum reserves the right to appoint a Council of Courts at any time," says Dr.Debéio. "All rulers of the modern Pallisican nation, save for Lucien IV - who did not appoint a Council whatsoever - and Empress Zen, have acted on this right immediately upon ascending to the throne. Kan Zen, to that end, is the only Crown of Passio-Corum to have retained the Council of Courts appointed by their predecessor. With that said, I am not surprised that she has determined to appoint a new Council. She is fully within her right to do so at any time. I am surprised, however, that she did not do so sooner."

This sentiment - that it is unusual for the Crown to wait so long before appointing their own Council of Courts - is expressed by supporters of Empress Zen and opponents alike. Some opponents, chief among them Indigo Party President Hectize Oviedo, question what they describe as unusual timing on behalf of the Crown.

"The Council of Courts appointed by Amor has served Empress Zen more effectively than it ever served Amor himself," says Oviedo. "The Supreme Arbiter and her fellow officials have been tremendous servants and allies of two consecutive Crowns. There is no choice but to question why it is now - at a time of heightened instability in the east - that Empress Zen has chosen to begin replacing what may be the most effective Council in our nation's history. Now is a time to preserve the systems and institutions which have guided and ensured our strength and prosperity, not to forsake them in favor of blind reform."

For her part, the Supreme Arbiter has issued a written statement rejecting such criticism, and expressing support for the Crown's decision to begin appointing a new Council of Courts.

"I - along with my closest friends and associates - have served faithfully at the side of two of the greatest Pallisicans our nation has ever produced," said Supreme Arbiter Chelkra Teada in a written statement released following the announcement by the Crown of Passio-Corum. "It has been by great honor to fulfill the terms of this service, and to support the Crown in its decisions. To this end, I look forward to working with my close friend, the Empress of the Sea of Storms, to help her choose the individual who is best suited to succeed me in my duties as Supreme Arbiter. It is my sincerest hope, furthermore, that my associates in the Council will join me in expressing this sentiment."

2:24 (+10 UTC) 128/03/35 PSSC Report: National Salvation Front Fighters Turning to Cause of Haifan Nationalism Military/Foreign Affairs A leaked memo from the Ergonian Division of the New Zimian War League's Intelligence Agency has apparently confirmed that many fighters associated with the National Salvation Front have begun to head eastward in support of a growing Haifan Nationalist movement which has taken root in regions along the Strait of Haifa. According to the memo, which was leaked to the press by an anonymous source late last night, at least one-sixth of the approximately ninety-thousand known fighters associated with the Pallisican backed rebel group have - given an apparent resolution to the Hammish Civil War - relocated their efforts to the Strait of Haifa, in order to provide support to organizations and militant groups who espouse ideas of Haifan independence. Although the War League itself has not confirmed the details of the leaked memo, one anonymous source close to War League leadership has stated in an interview with the New Zimian Standard that the Pallisican military has been aware of the Salvation Front's apparent shift in focus, and that it has as of yet not adopted a policy regarding the situation.

"The War League has been monitoring the trends discussed in the memo for quite some time now," said the anonymous source close to military leadership. "thus far this intelligence has been kept tight to the chest, if you will. It has not even been shared with the nation's close allies in the USSO. The reason for this degree of secrecy is that the War League does not yet have a clear solution for dealing with the situation, whether unilaterally or otherwise."

Of the nearly 20,000 fighters who are believed to have begun supporting efforts relating to the Haifan nationalist movement, it is suspected that around half have converted to the Stripping Path, the extremist religion of the Maritime Markets of the Strait of Haifa. The impact of this widespread conversion of NSF fighters to the Haifan religion is unclear, though some experts, such as Dr.Edmund del Felisia, speculate that the religion may provide a platform upon which fighters may continue engaging in conflict well beyond the end of the civil war in Hamland.

"The Stripping Path in the Strait of Haifa is a religion of pirates, spies, bandits, and mercenaries," says del Felisia, Professor of Haifan Studies at the University of Port Brent at Cannassas. "With that said, it will certainly appeal to those warriors of the conflict in Hamland, who do not wish to give up the warrior way of life once the conflict has ended. Many will naturally find themselves attracted to the teachings and principles of what certainly amounts to a violent, radical religion. Many, certainly, will be attracted into piracy - perhaps sailing aboard one of the ships under the command of Captain Hatch - or joining the ranks of the Jogi Regiment. Others yet may find a way into the battleground of regional politics."

While the War League has not confirmed the details of the leaked memo, it has officially condemned the leak itself, stating that intelligence leaks compromise national security, and damage the possibility of lasting international peace.

17:45 (-6 UTC) 122/02/35 PSSC Province of the River Erik Establishes War League Division Military The Province of the River Erik, the most recent Regional Investor to be added as a full member of the Greater Pallisican Trade Association, has formally established its own division of the New Zimian War League. Filing the proper paperwork earlier today, the Regional Investor of the River Erik has called upon around 12,000 soldiers to serve as the permanent defense force for the cities of Pallisican Port Felix and Zartosht, and has furthermore applied for access to as many twenty-four tanks and one warship. The move comes mere days after the formal establishment of the territory by the Crown of Passio-Corum, and amidst a period of sudden, heightened tensions between the USSO and the alliance known as SANE.

"It is an absolute reassurance to know that we - the people of the River Erik - can now defend ourselves against whatever threats may arise in coming years," said Armando del Petrosia, an advisor to the Regional Investor of the Province of the River Erik who helped craft the region's newly established Order of Battle. "With the support of not only Passio-Corum, but of the USSO, we can be completely assured that the goods will continue to flow, and that our wealth and prosperity will continue to increase."

In addition to the newly established defense force for the River Erik, it is believed that the New Zimian War League will continue to maintain and support Task Force 35.64, an active War League regiment which is responsible for monitoring commerce in southern Eura.

"In the event that the need arises, the 'Sixty-four' is prepared to supplement and support the new defense force of the River Erik," said a spokesman for Task Force 35.64 when questioned about the role of the force following the establishment of a local division in the Province of the River Erik. "With that said, we will continue to focus on executing our primary mission, which is to ensure that there are no disruptions whatsoever to the local Pallisican markets."

2:52 (+9 UTC) 117/02/35 PSSC Supreme Arbiter Expresses Concerns Over Constancian Foreign Policy Foreign Policy Supreme Arbiter Chelkra Teada has, in an exclusive interview with the New Zimian Standard, expressed concern regarding what she describes as an increasing sense of paranoid hostility in the Kingdom of Constancia. When questioned about the future of foreign relations between Passio-Corum and nations not affiliated with the Union of States around the Sovereign Oceans, Supreme Arbiter Teada expressed that while she maintains hope that the nation will retain positive, albeit informal relations with nations outside the growing alliance, she is also worried about the future of the Treaty on Cooperation and Euran Trade.

"Constancia has in recent weeks and months adopted a position which is increasingly unfriendly towards Passio-Corum and our closest allies," said the Supreme Arbiter. "It was only a few weeks ago that the Basileusa openly and irrationally hypothesized that Passio-Corum is responsible for instability in Nivardom. Now they have begun to re-assert concerns regarding an imagined threat from Jingdao, who is perhaps our most important ally and trading partner. It would appear that Constancia is attempting to stir the pot - so to speak - without regard to its obligations and agreements. To that extent, we applaud the decision by Natopia to temporarily veto efforts to include Constancia into the fold of its partnership with Shireroth and Alexandria. To include Constancia at a time when it faces such internal instability, and a time in which it espousing an increasingly hostile foreign policy, would simply be provocative, and would only serve to disrupt the renewed sense of peace in the world."

Despite her concerns regarding Constancian foreign policy, the Supreme Arbiter was unwilling to affirm speculation that Constancia may begin to threaten Pallisican trade in Eura.

"Constancia cannot, and will not, threaten our nation's trade," said the Supreme Arbiter. "We will continue to invest in Eura, and to expand our presence there, regardless of the position of any government which may choose to be unfriendly."

7:55 (+4 UTC) 78/02/35 PSSC Passio-Corum Increases Euran Oil Exports Economy The Greater Eurani Trade Association has confirmed that it will establish ports which will be used to export oil from the mountainous region which lies to the north of Lake Erik, in southern Eura. The decision to establish the ports - to be collectively known as the Zartosht Oil Ports - will allow for the export of as much nearly 300,000 barrels of oil per year on the USSO Common Market, and at least 125,000 barrels per year on the Port of Storms. According to a spokesman for the newly established Zartosht Oil Ports, these figures are likely to increase as Passio-Corum increases its influence in the region which surrounds Lake Erik.

"We hope to expand our abilities such that within a few years we are able to export a minimum of 500,000 barrels per year," said the spokesman. "There is good reason to expect that as we continue to expand around the lake, and into the mountains, we will be able to meet this goal."

In related news, the Northern Sea of Storms Industrial Corporation has announced a deal with Interlandian traders from the region to the north of the newly claimed Alexandrian city of Belcourt, which will allow for the export of coffee on the domestic and international market.

"We are pleased to welcome the newest company to the ranks of the Industrial Complex, Belcourt Coffee Traders" said a company spokesman. "and we look forward to working with our new and old Interlandian friends and allies to produce and sell the highest quality coffee found anywhere on Micras."

The two companies - the Zartosht Oil Ports and the Belcourt Coffee Traders - represent the 24th and 25th companies to be added to the USSO Common Market, and the 28th and 29th companies to be added to the Port of Storms. Although it has not yet been confirmed, it is widely rumored that additional companies may yet be added to both markets later this week.

"We will continue to add companies as long as there continue to be demand," said Son Aeahn, President of the National Bank of Passio-Corum, in a brief interview with the New Zimian Standard. "We will continue to expand as long as there is opportunity to do so. For now, and for the foreseeable future, there is an abundance of opportunity."

16:33 (-4 UTC) 78/02/35 PSSC First National Bank of Passio-Corum Announces Lottery Economy The First National Bank of Passio-Corum has confirmed that beginning later this week, citizens across the nation will be allowed to pay a small fee to apply for a lottery which will be used to determine the allocation of the goods and services imported by Passio-Corum as a result of the nation's investments in the USSO Common Market. In a statement issued earlier this afternoon, the Bank confirmed that the lottery will be used to limit the number of people eligible to receive USSO-related goods and services, to around 40% of the nation's total population.

The window to apply for the lottery is expected to last for no more than two weeks. During that period, around 90% of the nation's citizens are expected to apply. While not all citizens will apply, those who do will likely be motivated by the promise of considerably greater food and energy stipends, and by the promise of access to goods and services which have not traditionally been offered in the domestic Pallisican market, including things such as raw paper, and various types of highly sought after crops such as Jingdao wheat, and the uniquely Gerenian Garaman.

"There is very little reason not to apply for this lottery," says Dui Kan, former consultant for the Pallisican bank. "The cost to apply is negligible, and the possible return is very high. Those who win the lottery are looking at the possibility of increasing their food stipends by nearly 60%, their fuel stipends by almost 90%, and their general stipends by almost 150%. Winners of the lottery, that is to say, will be eligible to receive stipend vouchers currently worth as much as 890 pounds of food - almost 300 pounds more than the current national average of 650 pounds. For such a relatively small investment in terms of applying for the lottery, the possible returns are extremely high. Everyone should apply."

13:44 (-1 UTC) 58/01/35 PSSC Passio-Corum Prepares to Establish Foreign Investments Economy The President of the National Bank of Passio-Corum has expressed that the Council of Courts is prepared to authorize legislation aimed at establishing initial investments in companies which have been added to the USSO Common Market by nations such as Jingdao and Nova England. Speaking in an interview with the New Zimian Standard, the bank's president expressed confidence in the initial growth of the USSO marketplace, and confirmed that the Pallisican government plans, within the coming week, to begin investing a considerable portion of its budget in overseas economies around the world.

"We are absolutely pleased with the way the international market has grown in the past few days," said the Bank President Son Aeahn. "At last check, I believe we have collectively added around fifteen companies to the market - a portion of which we have of course already begun to fund. We look forward to investing in these companies, and any others which may yet be added by our other friends in the USSO, and to begin expanding the trade networks which will inevitably contribute to a greater, broader, global peace."

Although no data has yet been released by the First National Bank of Passio-Corum, it is believed that the Council of Courts has already invested around 100,000 polis in the USSO Common Market, or around 41% of its available funds. With that in mind, Bank President Aeahn confirmed in his interview with the New Zimian Standard that the government would be willing to invest around 60% of its budget in the international market.

"We have frankly reached a convenient position in which the domestic market, save for a few areas, no longer requires a high level of investment from the national government," said Bank President Aeahn. "What this means is that we - the Houses of Corum and the Council of Courts, can now turn our investments outward, in order to build trade networks with our friends and allies. We have reached a point, as a nation, where we are now well-equipped to invest domestically and internationally, and to benefit on both fronts. I find it very exciting."

Although somewhat hesitant to answer any questions about the various conflicts currently waging around the world, or about the ongoing Pallisican blockade of the Jingdaoese capital city, Bank President Aeahn, in concluding his interview with the Standard, expressed hope that the USSO Common Market will serve as an example to the various nations of the world, that they might too seek more peaceful aims beyond the realm of war.

"It is unfortunate that certain nations continue to quarrel amongst themselves, and to make trouble," said the President of the National Bank. "It is my hope that such nations, and their friends and allies, will look to the work that we are doing in the USSO, and realize that they too can live up to the ideals of greatness. It is not beyond the reach of any nation, Shireithian, Natopian, or otherwise, to achieve greatness. They too - if they so desire and are willing to lay down their arms - can join us in our movement towards a better, more prosperous tomorrow."

Bank President Son Aeahn is expected to travel later this week to the Realm of Alphaville, where he will participate in festivities celebrating the announcement of the Chrysos Research Expedition.

5:24 (+6 UTC) 51/01/35 PSSC Breaking News: New Zimian War League Deploys Forces Against Jingdao Military The New Zimian War League has announced the deployment forces into territories controlled by Jingdao. In a press release issued moments ago, the War League confirmed that in an apparent, radical shift in policy, it has launched a two-fold operation involving the deployment of a portion of its forces representing Task Force 35.27 into the Jingdaoese city of Hexiehaizi, and an extensive, rigorous naval blockade against Hexiehaizi and the Jingdaoese capital of Sankt-Simon.

"At 1:24 51/01/35 Lucien Time," reads the press release from the War League. "Task Force 35.27 was authorized to begin operations aimed at establishing security and protecting peace in the Skerry Isles and Anterran Isles. Formal operations, involving the deployment of troops and ships in the vicinity of the cities of Hexiehaizi and Sankt-Simon began within one half-hour of authorization."

Nearly four hours after efforts began, it is believed that significant portions of Hexiehaizi have already come under Pallisican control, as the remote settlement's defenders have apparently laid down their arms without much resistance against War League forces, which are reported to number at around 11,500 soldiers, including 5,700 commandos. A blockade, furthermore has been imposed around Hexiehaizi, such that the War League has imposed a complete ban on ships sailing within one-hundred kilometers of the island.

"All unauthorized vessels which attempt to sail, or to maneuver, within one-hundred kilometers of the island of Hexiehaizi shall be destroyed," said a spokesman for the New Zimian War League, when asked to comment on the War League's sudden occupation of Jingdao's territory in the Skerry Isles. "No exception shall be made for any vessel whatsoever. Any aircraft which attempts to fly over this area, furthermore, shall be destroyed."

A similar policy has been enacted in the waterways around the Anterran Isles, where the War League has deployed all 3 of its Zibertian Class Cruisers, in addition to a number of other ships and aircraft, in an effort to completely eliminate the passage of ships to and from the Jingdaoese capital. While the extent of the blockade is unclear, it is believed that the War League has imposed a ban on ships traveling within five-hundred kilometers of the city. When pressed for comment, a spokesman for the War League was unwilling to confirm that the blockade against Sankt-Simon has been accompanied by a deployment of troops into the region around the city.

Appearing this morning on national television, Empress Kan Zen issued support for the New Zimian offensive against Jingdao, stating that in the face of adversity Jingdao has rendered itself an unworthy and untrustworthy partner, which cannot be counted on the contribute to the growing peace in the east.

"Through its unilateral declaration of war against the peaceful rivals of the USSO, and the subsequent decision of its government to eliminate all channels for communication," said the Pallisican ruler. "Jingdao has rendered itself an adversary against all peaceful nations on Micras, and a burden upon its few willing friends and allies. With that said, the War League now acts at my behest, and with my support. And I am confident that other nations, fellow constituents of the USSO and targets of Jingdaoese aggression alike, will now find it in themselves to support the War League's efforts, in order to bring about a more rapid and lasting peace."

The Pallisican ruler, furthermore, issued a general warning to any nation which may now seek to attack Passio-Corum, in light of its former support for Jingdao.

"Passio-Corum is prepared to work with any nation or party which may step forth seeking to contribute to peace in the east," said the Empress of the Sea of Storms. "and to destroy any nation or party which may seek to oppose it."

22:04 (-11 UTC) 43/01/35 PSSC Supreme Arbiter To Defer to Chief Justice of Temple Court Regarding Fate of Kan Zen, Focus on Conflicts Around World Politics Supreme Arbiter Chelkra Teada has, in an unprecedented decision, confirmed that she will defer to the authority of the Chief Justice of the New Zimian Temple Court to determine the fate of Kan Zen, the assassin of Crown Opyeme Amor, who entered the city of Lucien yesterday after escaping from prison ten days ago. In a statement issued late this evening, the Supreme Arbiter, who currently leads the Pallisican government in the absence of a formal ruler, confirmed that she will play no role in the decision, and will instead focus on working with the Commander of the New Zimian War League on efforts to monitor and address the sudden escalation in the Sxiro-Jingdaoese Confrontation, and to renew efforts aimed aimed bringing about an end to the Hammish Civil War.

"Given the tragic outbreak of violence around the world," said the Supreme Arbiter in her statement issued last night. "I have decided that as Supreme Arbiter, I shall play no further role in any process relating to the former Companion of the Crown, and shall instead defer to the authority of the Chief Justice of the Temple Court to decide her fate. With that said, I shall immediately begin meeting with Commander Jun Ko-Bo, in order to determine the best way forward in terms of the conflict between Jingdao and Shireroth. I have already authorized the Shirley Stock Fund to reduce their prices, in order to allow a rapid build-up of additional arms should the need arise. I also have begun to consider the possibility of allowing individual Regional Investors to invest in the Shirley Stock Fund of their own independent accord, so as to contribute to the immediate build-up of local, defensive militias. Such policies could be implemented by the end of the week, should any act of aggression be committed by any party against any part of the Greater Pallisican Trade Association."

In her statement, the Supreme Arbiter announced that she would furthermore issue no additional comments relating to any aspect of the investigation or prosecution of Kan Zen, and would instead only comment on unrelated domestic or international policy, or on matters relating to the wars around the world. Regarding the wars, the Supreme Arbiter expressed regret that the leaders of Shireroth and Jingdao have been foolishly misled into war.

"It takes a certain kind of leader, and a certain kind of nation, to be drawn into war by Ergonian jesters," said the Supreme Arbiter. "We will not be among those leaders, nor will we be among those nations. To that end, we join our friends in Gerenia in calling for peace. If it is to be the case that Passio-Corum shall engage in any form of conflict, it shall be to bring about a more swift end to the tragic war in Hamland, not to indulge the reckless and foolish whims of irresponsible Haifan-owned Ergonian spies, and Shirithian and Jingdaoese politicians."

Regarding the Hammish Civil War, Supreme Arbiter Teada was unwilling to confirm or deny that the New Zimian War League has begun to increase material support for the National Salvation Front in its effort to capture New Kirrie.

"Such claims are unwarranted and irresponsible," said the Supreme Arbiter. "Passio-Corum has never made any secret of its involvement in such operations. If we were supporting the NSF as you claim, would you be able to question it?"

For his part, the newly empowered Chief Justice of the Temple Court was unavailable for comment following the statement from the Supreme Arbiter. It is unclear how he will proceed as the head of the investigation against Kan Zen, although many observers suspect that he is sympathetic to the icon of the Stripping Path. Some observers, such as Neil von Beijo, Former Judicial Analyst for the Solidarity Party, believe that the decision by the Supreme Arbiter to distance herself indicates a radical shift in official policy, which may in fact mean a high degree of leniency for the fugitive former queen.

"This decision by the Supreme Arbiter is significant," says von Beijo. "In my view, it clearly indicates that the Council of Courts has chosen to pursue a policy of amnesty for Kan Zen, apparently on the basis of religious grounds. It may be the cynic in me speaking, but it seems to me that the Supreme Arbiter has distanced herself from the investigation in order to minimize her role in a potential political crisis."

6:14 (+6 UTC) 42/01/35 PSSC Kan Zen Enters Lucien News/Events Ten days after her escape from confinement at City of Lucien National Prison, where she had been detained following the brutal murder of Crown Opyeme Amor, Kan Zen has emerged in the city of Lucien. The fugitive former queen of Passio-Corum appeared today in the eastern part of the city, riding upon the back of a mule and flanked on either side by a pair of trained Bijeko-Lisea-Nas, and accompanied by a parade of thousands of mostly Haifan and Kralian supporters, most of whom appear dressed in little more than colorful masks and beaded necklaces. Riding at the front of the parade, the former Companion of the Crown is believed to be headed towards the Houses of Corum. Although her exact mission or objective is unclear, it is widely believed that Zen may intend to attempt to seize power from the current Council of Courts, a portion of which has been absent from the city since Zen's escape from prison.

"It appears to me that Kan Zen has amassed an army," says Albert Myreson, former advisor to the Commander of the New Zimian War League. "and that emboldened by the absence of the Council of Courts in the nation's capital, she is now leading a march to seize power. This appears to be an uprising."

While it has not been officially confirmed by local authorities, it appears that police in the city of Lucien have received orders not to attempt to detain Kan Zen, despite her fugitive status. With that said, large numbers of police officers have gathered along Zen's expected parade route, apparently prepared to move on the former Companion of the Crown at a moment's notice.

"The situation on the ground is extraordinarily tense," says Breaking News Correspondent for the New Zimian Standard, Ronda dim Mula. "There is absolutely a great deal of animosity and tension between those who have gathered to welcome Kan Zen, and those who have come to maintain order. This is an atmosphere never before seen in the city of Lucien...looking around now, one has to wonder if the authorities are truly prepared to respond, should the situation deteriorate."

Widely regarded as the true Oracle of the Pallisican Host Spirit, and a prophetess of the Haifan god Bacchus, Kan Zen enjoys overwhelming support amongst Haifan and Kralian populations across Passio-Corum, who believe that she represents a bridge between the two great emerging, superficially contradictory world views of the Micrasian east: that of the order-focused Pallisican Religion and that of the chaotic Stripping Path. For this reason, Kan Zen is regarded by many, in particular amongst Haifans and Kralians, as the symbolic leader of a true religious revolutionary movement, which offers the opportunity to discard the traditional Pallisican power structures which have long disregarded the rights of minorities. With her sudden return to the city of Lucien, says Benyamin Verbitian, Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Port Brent, Kan Zen may be accepting a leadership role which is more than strictly symbolic.

"It seems that Kan Zen has, by returning to Lucien, accepted the role which has been thrust upon her," says Professor Verbitian. "It appears that she has accepted her role as the leader of a religious movement. With that said, it also appears to me that she is in a position to assume to title of Oracle, should she desire it. It seems that she has gained enough support that the New Zimian Temple Authority could not necessarily oppose her, should she now claim the nation's throne. This is a very unique situation, and I am unsure of what will happen."

Assuming she is headed towards the heart of the city, Kan Zen, along with her massive entourage is expected to arrive at the Houses of Corum later this afternoon. For her part, Chelkra Teada, Supreme Arbiter of the Council of Courts, has confirmed in a rare statement that as long as things remain peaceful in the nation's capital, she will attempt to meet with Kan Zen as soon as possible - preferably by the end of the day - in order to ascertain the former Companion's intentions, and to bring the situation to a swift resolution. Teada, who has led the nation's government since the assassination of Crown Amor, and who is among those members of the Council of Courts who has returned to Lucien in the day's since the initial decision to relocate the Council following Kan Zen's escape from confinement, is expected to issue a more formal statement later this afternoon.

14:24 (-2 UTC) 36/01/35 PSSC Protests Erupt Into Violence Following Arrest of Haifans in Southman News/Events Violence has erupted across the Region of the East following the arrest of a group of Haifan pilgrims traveling to the Temple of the Hills of Kralia, a monument which lies to the west of Southman, which honors the mythical enlightened Kralians who are believed to inhabit the region's wilderness. The violence erupted early this evening, after it was confirmed by local authorities that they had arrested the Haifans on the basis of suspicious and dangerous activity along the road which leads towards the temple.

"Two-dozen Haifans were arrested along EH-6 earlier this morning, after failing to adequately account for their activities, which involved the towing of large sailing vessels in such a way which obstructed the road for other traffic," said a spokesman for the Chief of Police of the city of Southman. "These individuals, who are not believed to be New Zimian citizens, have been detained for questioning, and are currently being held at a local jail which I will presently refrain from naming. It is for their safety, and for the safety of our own personell, that I will not disclose the location at which they have been detained. I also am not prepared to comment on the nature of any charges until we have had time to conduct a thorough investigation into the nature of the activities of those arrested."

The announcement by local authorities was met with an immediate surge in violence by protesters, where demonstrations by members of the Haifan and Kralian communities have been ongoing since the assassination of Crown Opyeme Amor by Kan Zen, who remains at large after her escape from prison. Early reports indicate that at least five building have been destroyed in the hours since the announcement, while several vehicles have been overturned and caught on fire. At this time it is unknown if any people have been killed or injured in the violence, which according to Fiero del Gertruda, Justice Correspondent for the Wallis Star, is likely to spread across Northern Corum unless the Council of Courts intervenes to address the address of the Haifans in Southman, and to address the concerns of Haifan and Kralian peoples at large.

"Unless the Council acts to address the concerns of the demonstrators, this surge in violence will absolutely spread to the Wallis Islands and the Region of the Center," says del Gertruda. "So long as the members of the Council remain in their bunker in the Realm of Bayen, however, they are unlikely to act to address this issue. With that said, it appears very likely that we may be seeing the beginning of a Haifan rebellion against Pallisican rule. It appears, furthermore, that the Haifan demonstrators may now have found an ally in the Kralian peoples, who have long expressed discontentment with the Pallisican government."

Although it has not yet been confirmed, it is believed that the individuals arrested were traveling to the Temple of the Hills of Kralia as part of a late Anthesteria celebration, currently ongoing in parts the Region of the East. To that extent, a number of observers argue, it appears that the arrest of the Haifans in Southman may be racially or religiously motivated.

"If it is the case that these individuals were arrested while engaging in celebrations relating to the practice of the Stripping Path, as appears to be true," say Erlina Imbers, a spokesman for the non-profit interest group Union of Kralian Liberties (UnKL), which lobbies on behalf of underrepresented Kralians across northern Corum and Passas. "Then the authorities in Southman have committed a serious miscalculation. Unless they can issue legitimate charges demonstrating that those arrested posed a legitimate, reasonable threat to public safety, then there will be consequences. This may be a massive blunder, with consequences for the entire Greater Pallisican Trade Association."

18:28 (-6 UTC) 34/01/35 PSSC Groups of Bijeko-Lisea-Nas Converge Upon Lucien Science/Nature The Council for Wildlife Management for the city of Lucien has confirmed the appearance of dozens of Bijeko-Lisea-Nas in the streets of the Pallisican capital in recent days. Appearing on a number of prominent talk shows yesterday morning, the Commander for Wildlife Management at Lucien issued a warning to city residents, stating that at least seven Bijeko are believed to remain on city streets following a day-long operation in which five of the fearsome predators were successfully captured and relocated back into the wilderness.

"Residents in all parts of Lucien are advised to remain cautious as they travel about the city on foot, or by bicycle," said Lucien's Commander of Wildlife Management. "Despite our initial success in removing a number of specimen from the city, we are unsure of the exact number of Bijeko which remain in the city, although we believe there are at least seven remaining. Those specimen which remain in the city are believed to pose a direct threat to public safety. With that said, residents of the city are advised to avoid traveling at night or in the early hours of the morning, and to alert authorities at once if they believe that they may have spotted a Bijeko anywhere in the city."

The national animal of Passio-Corum, the Bijeko-Lisea-Nas is one of the largest land-based predators in the world. Weighing up to nearly 1,000 pounds, and standing on four legs at a height of three to four feet, the Bijeko-Lisea-Nas is an ambush predator which is known to stalk prey for fairly prolonged periods at a time, implementing a strategy intended to render prey insane. Relatively common in rural parts of Corum, especially in the Realm of Bayen and surrounding territory, the Bijeko is extremely uncommon in more urban areas. That said, the traditional range of the Bijeko is not believed to extend as far north as the city of Lucien, excluding remote pockets of individuals which lie to the north and east of Mina. This fact, according to Lucien's Commander of Wildlife Management, renders the current convergence of Bijeko on the city of Lucien highly unusual.

"At this time we do not understand the cause of this sudden migration of Bijeko-Lisea-Nas into Lucien," said the Commander. "We are nevertheless, doing our best to study the issue, in order to determine the cause, and to bring about a resolution to a potentially dangerous situation as rapidly as we can."

It is not believed that any people have been harmed by the Bijeko-Lisea-Nas currently present in the city of Lucien, but residents are nevertheless advised to exercise extreme caution when traveling. The Bijeko has, since the establishment of the Kingdom of New Zimia, contributed to hundreds of deaths of humans across northern Corum, and it is believed that if they are allowed to remain for long enough, they will contribute to deaths in Lucien.

"If they remain around humans for long enough, they will begin to hunt humans," said the Commander of Wildlife Management. "This is a fact which has been observed time and time again since research initially began. The Bijeko-Lisea-Nas is a top predator, and it is not picky about what it hunts. Humans are absolutely on the menu."

22:33 (-10 UTC) 32/01/35 PSSC Council of Courts Placed on Lockdown Following Escape of Kan Zen From Prison Politics In a statement issued late last night, the office of the Supreme Arbiter of the Council of Courts has announced that all members of the Council of Courts, the highest governing body in Passio-Corum, have been placed on lockdown at a remote, secure location following confirmation of reports that Kan Zen, former Companion of the Crown and assassin of Crown Opyeme Amor, has escaped from her confinement at City of Lucien National Prison.

"Whereas the safety of the members of the Council of Courts has been compromised by an apparent breach of security at the City of Lucien National Prison, relating the nation's highest priority prisoner," says the statement issued by the office of Chelkra Teada, who heads the Pallisican government in the absence of a formal ruler. "all members of the Council have been relocated to a secure, secret location in the Realm of Bayen. The affairs of the state shall be conducted from this location until security has been restored."

The statement, which came one hour after initial reports regarding the apparent disappearance of former Companion Zen from the nation's highest-security prison, has raised alarm across the Kingdom of New Zimia, where many citizens have begun to fear the likelihood of a possible uprising amongst the nation's Haifan residents, most of whom are active adherents to the beliefs of the Stripping Path, a religion which has recently found itself increasingly at odds with the Pallisican Religion, and many of whom regard the former Companion of the Crown as a leader of the Haifan peoples, and a guiding example of religious commitment to the god of wine, Dionysus. Many such Haifans have continued to publicly demonstrate en masse for the past week, since the assassination of Amor, fueling suspicion and fears of social unrest.

"The situation in northern Corum right now is unprecedented," says Mu Bo Fen, Professor of Conflict Studies at the University of Port Brent. "the current level of tension, and distrust, between Pallisicans and Haifans in New Zimia, has never before been seen. It is absolutely a precarious situation, and unfortunately, the government does not seem prepared to respond. The Pallisican government faces an unprecedented crisis."

6:43 (+6 UTC) 29/01/35 PSSC Duchess Esper Calls for Release of Kan Zen Politics From her palace in the Erlo Sinders Regional Forest Duchess Esper, the former queen of Passio-Corum, has called for the release of the assassin of her appointed heir. Speaking to a group of reporters in the gardens not far from her guest-residence, Esper called upon the Council of Courts to release Kan Zen, the Companion of the Crown of Passio-Corum, who only days ago beat to death the nation's king in an apparent religious frenzy.

"I call upon the Council, and most importantly upon the Chief Justice of the Temple Court," said Esper, speaking to reporters earlier this afternoon, near some fountains where there grazed a flock of rare and colorful Iobe-Ogin-Eda. "to recognize, as I personally have, that were it not for the will of the Host Spirit, [Companion Zen] could not have committed this act of violence. Such violence cannot occur - the Pallisican ruler cannot suffer such a fate - without the willful consent, or even the direct support, of the Host Spirit. Companion Zen, in striking down my own dear beloved Amor, acted with either the mere consent, or the direct support, of the Host Spirit. On this basis she cannot be justly imprisoned or punished for her perceived slight against our nation. She must meet some other fate."

When pressed Duchess Esper declined to comment about her views regarding a possible fate for Companion Kan Zen. She did, however, seem at one point to answer the question in a roundabout way, stating that she feels a large amount of personal responsibility for the assassination of Opyeme Amor.

"I am proud of my sweet Amor for what he accomplished, and for what he set out to accomplish," said the former queen. "but I also now recognize that he was perhaps not truly the Oracle whom I had been tasked to appoint. There were others, it would appear, who had gained the favor of the Spirit. He is dead because I chose him instead of someone else. Perhaps I also was not the Oracle. Perhaps they should imprison me, instead of Companion Zen."

It is unusual for a former Pallisican ruler to comment on political events which transpire following their abdication. No former ruler, except perhaps for Opyeme Amor, has continued to play a role in public affairs following their time in charge of national government. Most have instead chosen to remain far from the spot-light, in order to enjoy a life of quiet luxury in their favored locations around the country. This was the basis for the decision by Esper, following her abdication, to retire to Erlo Sinders Regional Forest, where she and her staff are the only official human residents for hundreds of kilometers in all directions. Recognizing her apparent break from tradition in issuing today's comments, the former queen offered words of wisdom for the reporters who had gathered to meet with her, and dispelled any notion that she may seek to regain the throne following the death of her heir.

"I am just an old lady, nothing more," said the former ruler of Passio-Corum. "I don't know why any of you still bother talking to me. I'm certainly not interested in returning to entertain you. I like it here, in my solitude."

10:48 (+1 UTC) 27/01/35 PSSC Breaking News: Kan Zen Arrested Following Assassination of Crown Opyeme Amor Politics The Companion of the Crown of Passio-Corum has been arrested on charges relating to the murder of Crown Opyeme Amor, the current ruler of the Greater Pallisican Trade Association. Kan Zen was arrested early this morning after bludgeoning the nation's ruler to death in an apparent frenzy. Though immediate details are few and far between, it appears that Companion Zen attacked the nation's ruler after breakfast, in an apparent rage which left those in attendance in shock.

"I'm still not entirely sure what happened," said Ura Sin, former President of the National Bank of Passio-Corum, at whose home the king and his wife had only hours before the attack eaten breakfast. "One moment everything was fine - we were enjoying our first wine of the day as we prepared for lunch - and the next Companion Zen simply turned to the king and started beating him. She didn't seem angry, or mad at him. It seemed like she didn’t have a choice in the matter. The poor king was helpless against her."

Zen's attack against Crown Amor is believed to have lasted for more than five minutes in total. Efforts to pull her away from the king were largely futile, and Amor's efforts to defend himself are reported to have been largely in vain. Despite his martial expertise and training in combat, it is reported that Amor was overcome while attempting to defend himself. Indeed, preliminary reports indicate heavy damage to the palatial dining room where the brawl took place. That said, immediate questions have arisen as to why palace guards did not resort to deadly force in their efforts to stop Companion Zen in her attack. Early reports indicate that none of the guards on hand were sufficiently armed to protect the king, and that perhaps Crown Amor himself had personally seen to it that no guards were armed as they attended to the day's events.

"The order to minimize weaponry came from the very top," said one anonymous source from within the palatial guard. "It came as a surprise to all of us when the order came down from the War League. We couldn't believe it."

For her part, Companion Zen has been detained and imprisoned at the palatial prison-bunker, which lies beneath the complex' northern stables, though authorities have not yet commented on her condition following her brawl with the king. It is reported that Zen did not resist attempts to arrest her following her deadly attack against Amor, although it is unclear if she was willfully compliant with authorities or if she was non-resistant due to physical incapacitation. It is known that she has sought legal counsel, although it is unclear how or when representation will be provided to her.

“At this time we are assessing the situation, and we will make a determination regarding legal representation for Companion Zen as soon as possible,” said a spokesman for the Supreme Arbiter of the Council of Courts. “Please be advised that this is a situation which we have not faced before, and it is one for which we were perhaps not sufficiently prepared.”

Thousands of people have filed into the streets following news of the death of Crown Opyeme Amor, most of them Haifans protesting the recent decision by the New Zimian War League to deploy forces to the Strait of Haifa. Many, but perhaps not quite a majority of early protestors have expressed support for the actions of Companion Zen, stating that now is the time to implement a process to bring about equal rights and representation for the various peoples who represent the majority of citizens of the Pallisican Trade Association.

“Kan Zen has acted on our behalf,” exclaims one protester in a heavily defiant tone, in spite of the local authorities standing nearby. “She has acted on behalf of all Haifans – not just the Haifans but the Kralians and the Gamesman! Let us seize this opportunity to throw off the shackles of Pallisican oppression! Let us begin work anew!”

In the eyes of most, however, such are the calls of anarchists and traitors. This view, as a result, is one which has prompted the New Zimian War League to place its forces on standby, and to announce a temporary postponement of deployments to the Strait of Haifa. Such measures, says a spokesman for the Commander of the New Zimian War League, shall remain in place until a course of action has been determined by the Council of Courts.

“Until the Council has had time to convene, we will seek to postpone the immediate deployment of forces to central Keltia,” said the War League spokesman. “We will, however, seek to resume operations as soon as we have collectively agreed upon a course of action for the government. Until then, we urge the nation’s citizens to remain home, and to join us in grief for the loss of our nation’s monarch.”

The Pallisican government, in the absence of a formal Crown of Passio-Corum, will be overseen by the Supreme Arbiter, Chelkra Teada. Teada has not yet personally issued a statement regarding this morning’s deadly attack against Crown Opyeme Amor.

3:36 AM (+11 UTC) 20/01/35 PSSC Industry Party Criticizes Crown of Passio-Corum for Silence on Strait of Haifa Politics Representatives of the Industry Party in the Houses of Corum have attacked Crown Opyeme Amor for his silence regarding the creation of an apparent arms deal between Shireroth and the Maritime Markets of the Strait of Haifa. Early this morning, party leadership seized an opportunity on the House floor to criticize the Pallisican ruler for his lack of a position regarding the establishment of the ESB Group in the city of Blore Heath, and to call for a government-backed response to slow the flow of weapons into central Keltia.

"Crown Opyeme Amor has turned a blind eye to a very dangerous situation in the Strait of Haifa," said Representative Matias el Luzro, who first emerged as an Industry Party leader following his election to the Houses of Corum in 34.66 PSSC. "The flow of arms into Haifa - the effort by the ESB Group to pour arms into Haifa - poses a direct, tangible threat to the well being and security of our merchants and sailors who sail through the region. If the Crown, and the Council, is unwilling to address this issue, then we in the Houses of Corum must seek an alternative solution. We cannot allow the death-merchants of Shireroth to funnel weapons into Keltia."

Representative el Luzro received a harsh rebuke for his comments, especially from members of the National Party, with whom the Industry Party currently shares a leading role in the Houses of Corum. Despite their broad agreement with Mr.el Luzro's overall argument, that the lack of action by the Crown has endangered Pallisican merchants in the Strait of Haifa, Representatives of the National Party nevertheless condemned the statements by the Industry Party Representative, stating that it is the obligation of the Houses of Corum to work with the Crown, and to gain the support of the Crown, not to stand in opposition to it.

"Representative el Luzro has crossed a line with his most recent comments," says National Party Representative Earl o'Sinders, who has served in the Houses of Corum since 34.27. "While he may be correct in his assertion that something must be done to ensure the safety of our vessels in Keltia, he nevertheless must realize and understand that it is the role of the Crown, and the Crown alone, to decide when and where to act. We are to guide and influence the Crown through the legislative process. By making ourselves his adversary, we weaken our resolve."

Despite objections from his peers, the sentiments expressed by Represenative el Luzro are widely shared amongst the general public. Beyond the walls of the Houses of Corum, citizens across the Kingdom of New Zimia have taken to the streets in recent days, to call on Crown Amor to support policy aimed at protecting merchants in the Strait of Haifa. Amor's lack of response to the creation of the Keltian branch of the ESB Group, furthermore, has prompted some to speculate as to whether the Pallisican ruler isn't willfully allowing arms to funnel into the hands of criminal agents in Haifa.

"Crown Amor has more than demonstrated his willingness and ability to deploy the New Zimian War League to counter the spread of western influence," says Zakaria Tododia, a former private warehouse manager in Ossyo. "Just look at the steps he has taken to involve the nation in the war in Hamland. Clearly, he isn't afraid to deploy force to preserve and expand the nations influence. It makes me wonder, perhaps Amor doesn't really care if arms flow from Shireroth to the Strait of Haifa...maybe he wants the Haifans to be armed. It makes you wonder, why would he want them to be armed?"

Such questions are not without merit, says Deon Franin, Professor of Religious and Political Studies at the University of Port Brent. According to Professor Franin, there may be some religious motivation for Crown Amor's silence regarding the ESB Group's presence in central Keltia.

"It may be the case that Amor's silence regarding this matter may indicate a degree of sympathy for the practitioners of the Stripping Path," says Professor Franin. "It may be that he isn't opposing this arms deal, because he wants to see the 'Strippers' empowered. One must not forget after all, that the Crown's closest personal advisor is a practitioner of the Haifan religion. Is this a factor in his decision not to act? We cannot know for certain. But the question is certainly not unfounded."

19:26 PM 12/01/35 PSSC PASN Anantina Anchors off Coast of Bel-Air Military In a move which signals an apparent shift in approach regarding the Hammish Civil War, the New Zimian War League has stationed its primary aircraft carrier, the PASN Anatina , off the coast of Bel-Air. The ship, an Esper Class Aircraft Carrier manufactured by the Shirley Stock Fund, arrived in the waters off Northern Passas earlier today. Local authorities have confirmed that the ship - currently anchored nine kilometers off the Passasian coast, arrived unannounced and without warning, and that the War League has imposed a no-sail zone extending for three miles in all directions around the ship.

"We are currently maintaining open communication channels between ourselves, the War League and the Council of Courts, and all local port and dock managers," said Led del Este, Chief Press Correspondent for the Mayor of Bel-Air. "For now, all vessels are advised to exercise relative caution when sailing off the coast of Bel-Air, and to heed all warnings and notices to the best of their ability. Failure to do so may have dire consequences."

For its part, the War League has confirmed that the ship has been deployed on a mission to assist the "Task Force of 34.89 PSSC," which continues to monitor the ongoing conflict in Hamland. Officials representing the War League have rejected the idea that the presence of the warship represents an intention by the Pallisican military to engage directly in fighting relating to the Hammish Civil War, though they would not reject the notion that Passio-Corum could provide greater material or tactical support for the National Salvation Front, depending on the circumstances.

"As always, we are continuing to tactically assess the situation in Hamland," said Kyro Van Ziber, a spokesman for the office of the Commander of the New Zimian War League. "we remain, furthermore, prepared to alter our current position regarding the conflict at the moment that the circumstances require us to do so."

3:36 AM 09/01/35 PSSC Tja Fever Spreads to Austral Isles Health Health officials representing the Medical College of Cannassas have confirmed reports regarding the spread of Tja Fever to the Austral Isles, of western Corum. In a series of television appearances yesterday evening, officials warned that the westward spread of the deadly infectious disease could threaten public health around the world.

"The appearance of Tja Fever in western Corum, in particular in the Austral Isles, should be regarded as an international health crisis," said one official, appearing on a prominent news program late last night. "Given the regional proximity of the most recent outbreak to the territorial holdings of Natopia in Princely Isle, we must worry about the possibility that Tja Fever may now spread to Tapfer. From there, there is an extremely real likelihood that it will spread to all of the continents surrounding the Central Sea. This is not something to take lightly. Tja Fever is not a disease to be ignored."

The current outbreak of Tja Fever was first detected on 57/3/34 PSSC, when late last year doctors working in the Inner Desert of central Corum discovered that several Gamesman communities had been decimated by the illness. Despite a number of appearances in the Realm of Bayen and rural parts of the Kingdom of New Zimia, Medical experts working for the Medical College of Cannassas have, until now, been successful in their efforts to contain the illness. With the sudden appearance of the disease near the western coastal city of Aiji, however, officials are less than optimistic regarding the future.

"Unfortunately, it must be said that with the recent, ongoing increase in communication and shipping lanes between Princely Isle and mainland Natopia, the spread of Tja Fever to Tapfer is all but a certainty," says Mo Phen Bo, Junior Chief of Staff at the Medical College of Cannassas. "All we can do is strive to increase our efforts to reduce, and rapidly eliminate Tja Fever wherever it appears, and to work with whatever nations may be impacted by a widespread outbreak. As of today, there are few nations who are not threatened, and so there is a need for widespread cooperation. Unfortunately, with the ongoing militarization which is occurring around the world, I'm not sure how likely this is to occur. I am afraid that we should prepare for the worst."

Regarding possibility of an outbreak in the Realm of Redwood-Brugge, which lies to the southwest of the most recently infected regions, Phen Bo expressed confidence that with existing measures in place, an outbreak is unlikely. That said, the Junior Chief of Staff also warned that should measures fail, then it is much more likely that the disease may spread to eastern Eura.

"While we are of a common mind that our current protocols and policies are sufficient to prevent a widespread outbreak in Redwood-Brugge," said Mo Phen Bo. "we are nevertheless highly conscious of the likelihood and implications of failure. We are doing everything we can to preemptively assure that should Tja Fever appear in Redwood-Brugge, the disease does not reach the region's vital ports or the shipping lanes which run through the region. We have already begun working to ensure that the disease does not enter into, or exit out of the ports of Redwood-Brugge."

7:40 AM 07/01/35 PSSC Passio-Corum Offers Terms for Cessation of Targeted Taxation Politics The government of Passio-Corum has confirmed via press release that it will end its policy of targeted taxation of ships representing Shireroth, so long as the Imperial Republic ceases its policy of supplying arms and munitions to the National Provisional Authority of Hamland.

"While the government of Passio-Corum appreciates and embraces the more humane, more cautious approach which Shireroth and its allies have adopted in regards to the Hammish Civil War in recent in recent days and hours," reads the government press release, issued early this morning. "It nevertheless remains the position of the Council of Courts, and the New Zimian War League that until Shireroth ceases to provide tangible material support to the military dictatorship of Hamland - that is the National Provisional Authority led by General Eliphas - the Tax Guild of the Sea of Storms shall not cease its policy of targeted taxation of ships representing the Imperial Republic."

The announcement from the Pallisican government comes hours after reports of a ceasefire in Neo Patrova, following a stand-off between the Shirithian navy and forces representing Jingdao and Gerenia, two nations now allied with Passio-Corum under the terms of the freshly ratified Treaty of Voorpost. The Pallisican government made no mention in its press release of tensions in Apollonia, though it did express hope for a future in which Passio-Corum grows ever closer to the other nations which constitute the newly established Union of States around the Sovereign Oceans (USSO).

"It is the belief of the government of Passio-Corum, and most notably of Crown Opyeme Amor himself," reads the government's statement, released earlier today. "That closer relations, particularly with our oldest friends in Craitland, will help to bring an era of broad peace and prosperity the world over. We look forward to developing this new alliance to its fullest potential and beyond."

15:50 PM 03/01/35 PSSC Crown Opyeme Amor Issues Statement Amidst International Tensions Politics Crown Opyeme Amor has issued a sternly worded statement, rebuking the international community for its support for the perpetrators of genocide and slavery in the ongoing Hammish Civil War. In the statement, Amor specifically criticized nations such as Natopia and Alexandria, on the basis that the two nations have avowed open, official support for the Sxiro-Hammish Agricultural Mission.

"To Natopia, I warn you that either your intelligence has failed you, or you have lost your sense of morality and duty to your common man," said the Pallisican ruler in his statement. "Either you have allowed yourselves to be misled by your so-called allies in Shireroth, or you have forsaken the guiding principles which have historically compelled you to the heights of greatness. To Alexandria, you have sinfully abandoned your true friends and allies in the people of Hamland, who have long loved and supported you during your own periods of tribulation. You, as an ally of Hamland, owe it to the people of Hamland to oppose the genocide and system of slavery which Shireroth supports. Failing this, you can never again be trusted by anyone as a friend or ally. Your support for these crimes will tarnish your legacy for eternity."

In contrast to his harsh condemnation of Natopia or Shireroth, Crown Amor praised the Kingdom of Constancia for its measured, informed response to ongoing tensions.

"To Constancia, you alone have adopted a reasonable, forward thinking approach to our current situation," said Amor. "It is your wisdom, and compassionate consideration, which shall lead us to resolve this conflict, and to bring about peace in Hamland."

Amor's statement comes two days after a television appearance by Chelkra Teada, in which the Supreme Arbiter bluntly mocked Shireroth for leading a disinformation campaign in an effort to distract from its support for Hammish war-crimes. Though Crown Amor did not specifically refer to his Supreme Arbiter's television appearance, he did re-enforce the idea set forth by Mr.Teada, that Passio-Corum will remain steadfast in its opposition to Shireroth and its involvement in the Hammish Civil War, regardless of international pressure.

"Passio-Corum will not buckle in its opposition to the heinous atrocities which continue to be committed in Hamland," said Crown Amor, in his concluding remarks. "History will judge us all for our role, or lack thereof in the crisis which now faces the continent of Keltia. If Passio-Corum is to be judged alone, then so shall it be."

9:36 AM 01/01/35 PSSC Passio-Corum Mocks Shireroth: "You've Been Paying Taxes for Years" Politics The Supreme Arbiter of Passio-Corum has sparked international controversy by issuing a statement condemning, and apparently mocking the decision by the government of Shireroth to deploy forces to the Sea of Storms. Appearing this morning on a popular talk show, Supreme Arbiter Teada bluntly accused Shireroth of bluster, stating that the Benacians were feigning opposition to the policies of the Pallisican government in order to distract from their support for the ongoing genocide and enslavement of the people of Hamland.

"The simple fact is that Shireroth has been paying the Tax Guild of the Sea of Storms since at least the 6140's ASC," said Supreme Arbiter Teada in this morning's television appearance. "They've never had an issue with it before now. And the simple fact, furthermore, is that the nations to which they have reached out have never paid the Tax Guild. Talenore and Natopia, unlike Shireroth, are two nations which despite the best efforts, have traditionally resisted any taxes...What it boils down to is that Shireroth is feigning indignation against the Tax Guild, in order to distract from their support for the violence which is occurring in Hamland. They are supporting a policy of slavery and genocide, and they are attempting to hide it by assailing the policies of Passio-Corum. It is shameful behavior. The government of Shireroth should know better, and be better."

Representatives of the government of Shireroth are expected to respond to the statements by the Pallisican Supreme Arbiter, by the end of the week.

57/03/34 PSSC Medical College of Cannassas Issues Warning Regarding Outbreak of Tja Fever Health A panel of the most highly esteemed doctors representing the Medical College of Cannassas has confirmed reports of an outbreak of Tja Fever in central Corum, and has issued a strict warning that the illness - the most feared of all illnesses endemic to Corum - could soon arrive in the Realm of Bayen and the Kingdom of New Zimia.

"It is the position of the Medical College of Cannassas," reads the statement from the college, based in the New Zimian Region of the East. "that an outbreak of Tja Fever amongst the nomadic Gamesman peoples of the Inner Desert may pose a threat to the public safety of the Pallisican nation. The government of the Greater Pallisican Trade Association is advised to immediately prepare to adopt measures aimed at stopping the spread of Tja Fever across northern Corum."

In addition to its advice for the government, the College of Cannassas also issued advice for the nation's people, instructing them to seek medical care at the first signs of infection.

"Any person who believes that they may be suffering from the symptoms of Tja Fever," says the Medical College of Cannassas in its statement, released earlier today. "or who experiences a sudden rash or insomnia should seek medical care at once. Failure to do so may result in death."

One of the world's most notorious infectious diseases, Tja Fever is believed to be responsible for the collapse of the handful of nations who occupied Northern Corum prior to the establishment of the Wallis Islands. The disease - actually a bacterial infection - is known to cause symptoms including insomnia and paranoia, as well as a rash which eventually results in open, festering sores. Tja Fever is fatal in virtually all cases, with one notable exception being Queen Evahn I, who survived the illness after being deliberately infected in an attempt against her life. Relatively uncommon in the modern era, especially since the establishment of the Medical College of Cannassas, experts now worry that an outbreak of Tja Fever today could spell very bad news not only within Corum, but around the Sea of Storms.

"The fact is that the last Tja Fever epidemic occurred well before the establishment of widespread commerce across the Sea of Storms," says Mo Kund Fo, Associate Dean of the School of Health Sciences at the University of Port Brent. "Today, Corum sits at the center of a trade network which extends across the sea, into Keltia and around Eura. An outbreak of Tja Fever in Corum could potentially spread to these regions as well. We will have to be very careful to ensure that this does not happen. The current outbreak amongst the Gamesman, must be contained as soon as possible."

It is unknown how many people, if any, have died as a result of the current outbreak of Tja Fever. The Medical College of Cannassas is expected to publish such figures later this month.

46/03/34 PSSC Commander Jun Ko-Bo Confirms Support for Hammish Resistance Military In a move which has been met with widespread criticism across Passio-Corum, the Commander of the New Zimian War League confirmed that the nation will issue support for the National Salvation Front, the military force which leads the opposition against the military dictatorship which has claimed the capital of Hamland in that nation's civil war. Appearing before members of the media earlier today, Commander Jun Ko-Bo issued a statement regarding the nature of the support, before beginning to receive questions from reporters.

"It is the unanimous opinion of the Council of Courts," said Commander Ko-Bo in his statement. "that whereas the conflict in Hamland has escalated at an alarming rate, to the extent that the way of life of most citizens is now threatened, we have chosen to provide funding - around 80,000 polis worth - to the side in the conflict which we believe offers the greatest potential for bringing the conflict to a rapid, desirable conclusion. With that said, we have provided funds to the National Salvation Front, which has already in turn invested in the Shirley Stock Fund. As a result of their investment in the Fund, the National Salvation Front has already begun receiving shipments of goods and arms, with which we hope, and we believe, that they will be able to make the crucial push to capture New Kirrie and other important cities."

When pressed for clarification regarding the extent and nature of Pallisican support for the National Salvation Front (NSF) - a force which currently controls around half of Hamland's home territory - Commander Ko-Bo stressed that the New Zimian War League would not be directly engaging in any form of conflict in support of the NSF. The Commander would not confirm or deny whether the the forces commanded by the National Salvation Front will receive training from the War League, but he would not rule it out as a possibility for the future.

"At this time, it is our view that the National Salvation Front is properly trained, and properly disciplined enough to accomplish their mission without our direct support and without needing us to provide training," said Commander Ko-Bo. "While we are prepared to provide moderate assistance should the need arise, we are confident that the NSF is capable of attaining victory without need for additional foreign assistance."

Regarding criticism of the decision by the government of Passio-Corum to involve itself in the Hammish civil war, Commander Ko-Bo was understanding, but also adamant in reinforcing the idea that the Pallisican government has acted out of a desire to bring an end to to the conflict in Hamland. In his statement, Ko-Bo appealed to the long-standing friendship between Hamland and Passio-Corum, stating that after centuries of Hammish support for Passas, the Pallisican people could not stand idly by while the Hammish state descended into chaos.

"The identity of the Pallisican nation, in many ways, owes its continued existence to the faith and friendship of the Hammish nation," said Ko-Bo. "It is our obligation, therefore, to support the Hammish nation during their own period of existential crisis. Where they have acted to support us in our times of need, so too must we now support them in theirs. It is my hope that those objected to our involvement in this conflict, shall come to understand this as well."

Sai 12, 904 WG Queen Esper I Abdicates Following Annexation of Passas Politics Queen Esper I has abdicated from her position as the Crown of Passio-Corum. The announcement, made official earlier today, came in the form of a brief written letter addressed to the people of Passio-Corum, in which the nation's third ruler - and the first of its so-called Oracle Monarchs - expressed thanks to the government of Hamland and the MCS, as well as tremendous pride in the accomplishments of the Greater Pallisican Trade Association.

"First of all, I am thankful, of course, to the government of Hamland, and to the Administrative Council of the MCS," said Queen Esper in her letter to the people. "without their support and friendship, we would not have been able to accomplish what we have accomplished. I am glad that now, as a result of the significant efforts of our various diplomats, we may now turn our attention toward the future. It is with humility, and yet assuredness, that I express the belief that the ideas which we have crafted, and the strength and depth of the culture which we have created, will ensure that the future towards which we now turn, is a bright and bold one for all. My time as Crown - as queen - now comes to an end. My role has come to an end. But the role of Passio-Corum, of New Zimia, and of the Greater Pallisican Trade Association, is only just now beginning. May we move forward from the glory of today into a better, brighter tomorrow."

Fifty-two years after succeeding Queen Evahn I, Queen Esper is almost universally beloved within the Realm of Passio-Corum. Much of the admiration and love for her stems from her efforts to expand the economic and political rights of all peoples who inhabit the region surrounding the Sea of Storms. These efforts culminated in in the late 800's WG, when the queen oversaw the negotiation of the Treaty of Bel-Air, which allowed for the return of Passas to Pallisican control. For her work relating to Passas, Queen Esper is regarded by many leaders of the Pallisican Religion as a modern Enlightened One. Some however, remain highly critical of Esper I for her religious views, and express concern that her heir, Opyeme Amor, will work to legalize the Stripping Path, a prominent, vaguely Pallisican religion which is widely practiced by the Haifan people of central Keltia.

"This abdication marks the end of the Pallisican Religion as we know it," says Abd Di Butre, Junior Minister for the Church of the Darkened Path in the city of Cannassas. "I have little doubt that the Oracle - the new king - will now begin to legalize the Stripping Path, and that this will result in a fundamental change in the philosophies and teachings of the Pallisican Religion. The religion of the Haifans, and its messenger the Oracle, will corrupt our way of life. It has already corrupted the life of the queen."

For his part, Opyeme Amor, who has already succeeded Queen Esper I as Crown of Passio-Corum, has not yet issued any formal statements. Amor's last public statements, which related to the relationship between the Pallisican Host Spirit and the god of the Haifans, were met with stern rebuke from across the nation, and have resulted in an increase in distrust and animosity towards him in recent days. In addition to the animosity which he has elicited from the public since his comments on religion, the new King of New Zimia has also faced criticism for being the first Pallisican ruler since King Lucien III to enter into a monogamous relationship with a woman.

"It is absolutely highly unusual for a Pallisican ruler to remain committed to one particular sexual and romantic partner," says Mer Vi Adrala, Chief Political Analyst for the Regional Investor of the Realm of Bayen. "This relationship between Oracle Amor and Kan Zen - whoever she is - is highly unusual, if not actually inappropriate. I simply do not know what to make of it. We will have to see what happens."

Following the conclusion of the abdication process, Queen Esper I is expected to retire to a humble palace on the edge of Erlo Sinders Regional Forest a region settled at her behest fewer than ten years ago. There she is expected to remain in privacy, and luxury, for the foreseeable future. Her heir, Opyeme Amor, has already begun the process of settling into the residence of the national government. He and his cabinet, the new Council of Courts, are expected to be fully moved into Lucinspire Castle by the end of this month. It is unclear when the new government will begin issuing decrees, and implementing new policies of its own.

Sai 8, 904 WG Office of the Oracle: "Host Spirit is the Vector of the God of the Stripping Path Politics, Religion In an unplanned appearance before the Houses of Pallisican Chelkra, Opyeme Amor, holder of the Office of the Oracle, has issued a stunning statement describing the Pallisican Host Spirit as the vector through which the god of the so-called Stripping Path has been introduced into central Keltia.

"It is through our Host Spirit, the host of the Pallisican peoples," said Opyeme Amor in his unplanned appearance before the government of the New Zimian Temple Authority. "that the god of the Haifans has found his way to Micras. The Host Spirit has behaved as the agent of the Haifan god."

The Oracle's comments have drawn intense rebuke from a large sector of the Pallisican Religion, most notably from followers of the Darkened Path and Flowing Path, two denominations of the religion which have recently opposed the spread of the Haifan religion, as well as from followers of less opposed denominations, such as the Heart Path.

"Oracle Amor's are simply inappropriate and unfounded," says Mo Vo Foond, former advisor to the Chief Ministry of the Heart Path. "Even as Oracle, if not especially so, he has no business speaking such heresies as this. It is unacceptable that he would say such things about the Host Spirit."

Notably absent from those who have criticized the Oracle for his comments is Queen Esper I, who has recently been suspected of engaging in certain ritual practices associated with the cults of Dionysus, the god of the Haifans. This silence from the queen has also drawn critiscm, as some point to it as evidence of her support for the foreign religion.

"Queen Esper I must condemn this statement by the Oracle," says Foond. "In order to preserve the integrity of the Pallisican Religion, which seeks above all else the realization of order and peace, must reject the chaotic and violent religion of the Keltians. She must speak out in rejection of this heresy."

Sai 6, 904 WG Passio-Corum, Hamland Agree to Joint Administration of Passas Politics The Minister of the Homeland of the Commonwealth of Hamland has issued an order to enact Article IV of the Treaty of Bel-Air, thereby establishing temporary joint-administrative control of Passas between Hamland and the Greater Pallisican Trade Association. The order, which comes following a preliminary rejection by the MCS Administrative Council of the terms of the Treaty of Bel-Air, is expected to remain in force until the MCS recognizes the total control of Passas by the government of Passio-Corum.

"We are pleased with the decision by the government of Hamland to enact Article IV of the Treaty of Bel-Air," said a spokesman for the Pallisican Foreign Office. "and we look forward to continuing to work with Hamland to ensure that our agreement reaches its complete fruition."

Almase 27, 902 WG Dancing Epidemic Afflicts Followers of Darkened Path Health, Mystery, Religion Hundreds of practitioners of the Darkened Path, the denomination of the Pallisican Religion which emphasizes the interpretation of dreams, have been afflicted by an apparent dancing mania. The mania, which appears to cause those afflicted by it to dance uncontrollably in public, often in the nude, is believed to have begun earlier this week in the city of Afrikaania. Soon after first being first being identified in Afrikaania the mania appears to have rapidly spread across the Region of the Center, and into the Region of the West. It is believed that around four-hundred people in the nation's capital have been afflicted by the dancing epidemic, most of them female followers of the Darkened Path, and most of them the wives and sisters of merchants who have recently traveled abroad.

In a joint press conference, the Supreme Arbiters of the Temple and Secular Courts have attempted to reassure the public regarding the epidemic.

"While it is our belief that this mania will soon pass, and that most of those afflicted will recover without suffering any needless harm," said the Chief Justice of the Secular Court, flanked by the Chief Justice of the Temple Court and a top advisor in their press conference. "we must stress that it is of the utmost importance that those afflicted, and those close to the afflicted, attempt to seek spiritual solace, and that they seek the support of the New Zimian Temple Authority. For those of you who seek the support of the monasteries, we attempt to offer you whatever aid is required."

For his part, the Chief Justice of the Temple Court was quick to dismiss rumors that the dancing mania is related to the recent stance of the Darkened Path against the emergence of the Stripping Path, a religion based along the Strait of Haifa, which derives considerable influence from the Pallisican Religion, but which teaches a radically different set of messages.

"It is not true that this madness is related to the positions of the Darkened Path, or of any other Paths," said Chief Justice Edar Fino. "It is nevertheless true, however, that those afflicted should seek the support of the proper Pallisican authorities. If this mania is evidence of a spiritual affliction, then it is important that it is addressed by the spiritual authorities."

Memia 11, 896 WG Crown of Passio-Corum Political Corruption of MCS Administrative Council Politics, Religion Queen Esper I has officially condemned the Administrative Council of the Micronational Cartography Society for alleged political corruption. In a formal complaint lodged to the MCS earlier today, Queen Esper I criticized members of the council for political bias, stating that the council members in question have adopted a policy which grants arbitrary preference for certain nations over others, and which disenfranchises historically politically unpopular nations such as Passio-Corum.

"It is the official stance of the queen that a portion of the Administrative Council has adopted a set of secretive policies which arbitrarily impose limitations upon certain nations regarding their ability to have their territorial claims reviewed," said a spokesman for the queen, in brief interview with the New Zimian Standard. "Passio-Corum can no longer continue stand for this corruption within the sacred council. Upon this basis, we condemn the current state of the MCS Administrative Council."

The condemnation of the council by the government of Passio-Corum has been seconded by Jingdao. In a rare move of solidarity with Passio-Corum, Jingdao has expressed discontentment over an ongoing vote within the council, in which claims by Shireroth have arbitrarily been assigned preference in the voting process. The reasoning for the condemnation, furthermore, was acknowledged by the Administrator General of the MCS, who expressed hope that the council members who face criticism will step forth to address the issue.

"I can't make excuses for others' availability or voting behaviours, so I shall wait to see their views on this issue with you," said the Administrator General.

For its part, the government of Passio-Corum has attempted to dispel notions that current issues may result in a permanent rift between the nation and the MCS.

"Despite its condemnation," said the spokesman for the queen. "Passio-Corum remains committed to the cause and purpose of the MCS, and we aim to work with the MCS to resolve this issue. We are confident that any issues within the council will be resolved fairly and openly."

Momia 28, 894 WG Queen Esper I Expands Council of Courts to Include Heir Politics, Religion Mere days following the conclusion of her visit to the Free Associative Kingdom of Constancia, Queen Esper I has authorized an expansion of the Council of Courts. Early this morning, the queen, along with other the members of the Council, approved the establishment of the Office of the Oracle, an office which will be held by the person who will succeed the queen following her future abdication.

The decision by the Council to establish the new office comes following weeks of reports that a new oracle, or prophet, has been recognized in Zidado West, and years of critiscm of Queen Esper over her unwillingness to appoint an heir. An oracle herself, Queen Esper addressed crowds earlier today in order to affirm the reports, and to comment on the establishment of the new office.

"I am humbled that the birth of this new prophet means the end of my reign," said Queen Esper I. "in due course I shall be expected to abdicate in favor of my new spiritual heir, as my predecessor abdicated in favor of myself. I am humbled, yet eager. I am eager to begin working with the new oracle, and to begin fulfilling my profound duty of introducing him to the life and roles which he shall inherit from me. And I am furthermore hopeful that by establishing this new office for him, the Office of the Oracle, we have taken the first step towards fulfilling this duty."

The oracle, according to the Pallisican Religion, is an individual who maintains a close, personal, spiritual connection to the Author of the Pallisicans, or the Host Spirit. This individual, it is believed, derives the right to rule the Pallisican nation from their close connection to the Host Spirit, which is itself demonstrated through miracles. Queen Esper, for her part, was recognized as an oracle after apparently being miraculously conceived in the Monastery of Krey'Aken. The new oracle, a Passasian who's name has been confirmed as Opyeme Amor, attained his newfound status after performing a miracle in which he cured a group of poor Haifan beggars of their blindness. At only eleven years old, Amor is expected to immediately begin his work and training as the newest member of the Council of Courts. It is unclear when he will succeed Queen Esper for the Crown of Passio-Corum, as the queen has not yet announced any intention to abdicate.

Momia 24, 893 WG President of the National Bank of Passio-Corum Expresses Optimism Over SCUE Collapse Global Finance The President of the First National Bank has expressed a sense of cautious optimism in response to the ongoing crisis facing the Standardized Currency and Unified Economy. In a memo released to the media earlier today, Bank President Ura Sin expressed regret regarding the decision of nations such as Shireroth and Natopia to leave the international economic institution, as well as hope that as nations leave the Standardized Currency, they will increase their efforts to develop viable, independent economic models.

"It is certainly unfortunate that Shireroth and Natopia have responded negatively to the reforms proposed by the new SCUE administrator," said Sin in the memo released by her office earlier today. "On the other hand, I am hopeful that the aforementioned nations, now free from the perceived limitations of the Standardized Currency, will begin the necessary work to develop their own respective economies. I am optimistic that the dissolution of the SCUE may be followed by a new era of meaningful economic innovation."

For its part, Passio-Corum was a member of the SCUE until 837 WG, when the nation resigned its membership following a breakdown in diplomatic relations. Prior to its departure, Passio-Corum was a leading contributor to the Standardized Currency, at one point serving as the institution's only active member. Today, Passio-Corum maintains a healthy and active economy, independent from any international organizations.

Ondemia 18, 888 WG Queen Esper I Reserves Right to Recognize Religious Paths Religion In what many view a stunningly aggressive move following a period of relative silence from the nation's ruling body, the Council of Courts has approved a measure which will reserve to the Crown of Passio-Corum the exclusive authority to recognize, or refuse to recognize the legitimacy of potential new philosophies within the Pallisican Religion. The decision, which was announced moments ago, aims to address criticism from within the New Zimian Temple Authority that the Council has failed to stifle the spread of the so-called Stripping Path, an upstart religious movement in the Strait of Haifa which encourages piracy and other forms of organized crime.

"Let it be known here and now," said a spokesman for the Council of Courts, which is believed to have approved today's decree without the popular support of the Houses of Corum or the Houses of Pallisican Chelkra. "That no individual or institution, be they secular or religious, judicial or legislative, save for the divine authority of the queen, shall have the power to recognize the legitimacy of any philosophy within the Pallisican Religion. Only the queen shall maintain the authority to recognize, or refuse to recognize, any new potential Higher or Lesser Paths within the Pallisican Religion."

Ondemia 16, 888 WG New Zimian War League Deploys Task Force to Strait of Haifa Military The New Zimian War League has announced that it will deploy a task force to the Strait of Haifa, in order to monitor the activities of the Maritime Markets of the Strait of Haifa. According to a spokesman for the War League, the task force, which will consist of up to five ships including one Rey Class Submersible Destroyer and several other unspecified vessels, will remain in eastern Keltia for as long as one year, monitoring, and possibly interfering with the operations of the Maritime Markets, who the League regards as a possible terrorist organization, and a threat to commerce in the east.
Ondemia 10, 887 WG Council of Courts Rejects Claims of Captured Treasure Ships Military, Finance The Council of Courts has officially rejected claims that several of its ships were captured in the Strait of Haifa, while en route to the Free State of Haifa In a statement released earlier today, the Council denied reports from the so-called Maritime Markets of the Strait of Haifa where claims regarding the capture of ships began to arise this week, stating that there were no ships in the vicinity of Haifa at the time of the alleged attack. In its statement, the Council also condemned the Maritime Markets, referring to the newly established nation as "a band of terrorists."