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New Sussex national football team

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New Sussex New Sussex
FMF member 2018–
Confederation EMUFA
FMF code NSX
First FMF intermicronational
GSK Gerenian South Keltia 1–0 New Sussex New Sussex
Biggest win
New Sussex New Sussex 5–0 Strait of Haifa Strait of Haifa
Strait of Haifa Strait of Haifa 0–5 New Sussex New Sussex
Biggest defeat
New Sussex New Sussex 1–3 Mercury Mercury

The New Sussex national football team is the football team which represents the Mercurian-Nova English protectorate of New Sussex. It is a member of the EMUFA.


New Sussex applied successfully to join the FMF after the protectorate was founded between Mercury and Nova England in mid-2018. The team first competed in the 2019 World Cup qualifiers, where they finished fourth in their six-team group with 13 points, missing-out on a play-off place on their head-to-head record with Talenore.

In the following year's EMU qualifiers, the team finished second in their four-team group with eleven points to advance to the play-offs, where they overcame Nova English Korea on penalties to qualify for a first ever finals.

Chronological competitive participation


No. Pos. Player Age Club
1 1GK Wilford Winn 24 New Sussex AFC Heartpool
2 3DF Quincy Paul 26 New Sussex AFC Heartpool
3 3DF Francis Lyon 22 New Sussex West Grinstead FC
4 3DF Jacob Savill 25 New Sussex West Grinstead FC
5 3DF Harry Bunan (c) 28 New Sussex AFC Heartpool
6 5MF Andrew Gyll 26 New Sussex West Grinstead FC
7 5MF Carson Pratt 29 Mercury Tow Law FC
8 5MF Arthur Burr 21 New Sussex AFC Heartpool
9 5MF Henry Briggs 26 New Sussex West Grinstead FC
10 7FW Ambrose Wilson 23 New Sussex AFC Heartpool
11 7FW Reynold Harpeden 27 Mercury Mullen Albion
12 1GK Joshua Claimond 19 New Sussex West Grinstead FC
13 3DF Francis Harleston 24 New Sussex West Grinstead FC
14 5MF John Badby 28 New Sussex West Grinstead FC
15 5MF Jack Carrington 24 New Sussex Soxceter FC
16 7FW Ernie Powlett 25 New Sussex AFC Heartpool
17 5MF Fletcher Brownhill 20 Mercury Mercury Phoenix
18 3DF Lancelot Sheffeld 18 Mercury Cook Island FC
19 5MF Alexander Carbey 26 New Sussex Soxceter FC
20 7FW Walter Leverer 22 New Sussex West Grinstead FC
21 1GK Matt Norman 26 New Sussex Soxceter FC



New Sussex has used the following flag during the entirety of its FMF affiliation:

New Sussex