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Condominium of New Sussex
Official language

Britannic English (Official)

East Moorland English (Traditional)
Capital West Grinstead
Largest cities N/A.
Number of citizens [In Sim] 2,600,000
Number of active citizens 2
Date founded 25th April 2018 / 24.08.994AJ
Government Condominium
National drink Ale


The Condominium of New Sussex was established in June 2018 (995AJ) following the results of the April 2018 (994AJ) Mercurian Nova English referendum and the ratification of the New Sussex Convention by the Kingdom of Nova England and the Republic of Mercury. The territory consists of the post-evacuations region of New Sussex, which later became absorbed into the Mercury as ‘Mercurian Nova England’. The region has a rich history stretching back to its past as the emergence point of the Kingdom of Nova England and its status as its capital region. While in more recent history it remained the sole bastion of Nova English culture and history under its Mercurian stewardship prior to the re-emergence of Nova England in Eastmoorland.



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Governance within the Condominium of New Sussex is by the elected body of the New Sussex Witan. This elected body is headed by the Witan Spokesman/woman, who acts as the de facto head of state, however all acts, laws, orders and regulation are subject to notification by the Republic of Mercury and the Kingdom of Nova England who may declare them void.

The New Sussex Witan is current populated by a provisional Witan formed of 150 members. The majority of which were members of the Mercurian Nova English Witan. Elections for the Witan are written into the New Sussex Convention and are to be held every 120 Gregorian days (4 East Moorland Calendar Years) from the ratification of the Convention.


The Condominium of New Sussex is located upon the large continent of Keltia. The terrain of the region itself consists of lowlands within the county of Grinstead and long extant volcanic islands that form the Isles of St John.

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Security of the Condominium of New Sussex is guaranteed by both the Kingdom of Nova England and the Republic of Mercury. However neither state is able to station military forces within New Sussex territory without the explicit permission of the other signatory state.

Currently New Sussex does not have a formal military and relies on its civilian police force and locally raised militias.


Condominium of New Sussex.

Population: 2,600,000

Capital: West Grinstead

Counties: Grinstead & Isles of St John.



Religion in New Sussex is dominated by the indigenous Christian Church of the Holy Lance. West Grinstead Cathedral is also the seat of the Head of the Church and the location that all priests attend their training. However despite the Church of the Holy Lance being the most common religion within New Sussex, due to years of Mercurian influence other Christian churches and religions are also practiced; these being …


New Sussex features a large an active sports scene, due in part to its participation within a number of Mercurian sports leagues and competitions.


Cuisine within New Sussex carries many similarities to what can be found in Nova England, with a rich variety of meals consisting of game accompanied by ale. However due to its proximity to the coast, fish also plays a large part in the local cuisine and influences from Mercury has also added to the local palette.

Economy of New Sussex

List of Companies of New Sussex

The New Sussex Economy features a strong manufacturing and agricultural base due in part to its integration within the Republic of Mercury. Following the Evacuations and the Great Collapse a large number of major Nova English companies were able to survive the turbulent period prior to the Mercurian annexation of the region. Over the years these companies have adjusted and evolved as they sought to cater to Mercurian consumers, often creating completely new brands and product ranges to suit.


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