New Siekeria

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New Siekeria
Siekeria Nozes (gn)
Noves Siekeria (sk)
—  Autonomous republic of Gerenia  —


Location of New Siekeria
Nation Gerenia Gerenia
Established 3 March 2018
Capital Iral
 • Governor Manar Horakes
 • Total 65,392 km2 (25,248 sq mi)
Population (2018)
 • Total 250,569
 • Density 3.83/km2 (9.9/sq mi)
Demonym New Siekerian

New Siekeria (Gerenian: Siekeria Nozes, Siekerian: Noves Siekeria) is a Gerenian autonomous republic, located north-west of Keltia, in the Strait of Pearls. It comprises two main islands–Severes Island (North Island), and Južes Island (South Island)–and a few smaller islands.

New Siekeria was founded on 3 March 2018 as home for the Siekerian People, who emigrated to Micras from planet Libertas and, like the Gerenian People, have their origin in Meeredres. Originally, the location where the settlement of Siekerians was going to take place was in Southern Apollonia; however, the Siekerian leaders rejected this plan and in late 2017 asked the Gerenian government to settle in the islands north-west of Keltia, which were at the time unclaimed territory. The first settlers arrived at the islands in early 2018 and founded the cities of Iral (the republic's capital city) in Južes Island and Mirkad in Severes Island.