New Calbion

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Gwlad y Calbain
Flag of New Calbion
Coat of Arms of New Calbion
Coat of Arms
Motto: Cyfiawnder a Chryfder
Anthem: none official
Location of New Calbion
Map versions
Capital Lewis
Largest city
Official language(s) English, Calraeg
Official religion(s) Calbain Catologism
Demonym Calbain
 - Adjective Calbain
Government Monarchy
 - Prince of the Calbain vacant
 - Governor-General Llywelyn Lewis
 - Legislature Cynulliad Cenedlaethol
Establishment 13 August 2018
 - Ranked
 - Ranked
Population 104.200
 - Active
 - Ranked
Currency Arian
Abbreviation CAL
Time zone(s)
National website [1]
National forum [2]
National animal Black Dragon
National food Lamb and Mutton
National drink Whisky
National tree Copper Beech

New Calbion (Calraeg: Gwlad y Calbain, literally: Land of the Calbain) is an island territory on Micras which serves as home of the Calbain people after being displaced from the former Calbain homeland. It is an autonomously governed nation within the Confederacy of the Coast.


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