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New Batavia

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Islamic Republic of New Batavia
Islamitische Republiek Nieuw-Batavië
Islamicinternetrepublic.gif Islamic Internet Republic -- (2020 - present) -- no successor
Flag of New Batavia
Coat of Arms of New Batavia
Coat of Arms
Motto: Vrede, Vrijheid, Verdraagzaamheid
(Peace, Freedom, Tolerance)
Anthem: Gebed voor het Vaderland
(Prayer for the Fatherland)
Location of New Batavia
Map versions 17.0.8 - present
Capital Lucerne
Largest city Patriottenbaai
Official language(s) Dutch
Official religion(s) Islam
 - Adjective
Government parliamentary democracy
 - President Saladin
 - Grand Vizier Redouan van Lucerne
 - Legislature Majlis-ash-Shoera
Establishment January 14, 2007
Population 5 mil.
Abbreviation NBA
Driving side
Time zone(s) CMT + 6
National website Portal New Batavia
National forum Bastion Union
National animal lion
National food dates and carbonade flamande
National drink
National tree

The Islamic Republic of New Batavia is the successor state of the Virtual United Provinces, the Republic of the Netherlands and the Islamic Internet Republic. The nation was founded in 2007 and became involved in the Micras sector in 2009. Today, New Batavia is located in the Antarctic region of Micras.


Batavians defeating the Romans in 69 AD

During the First Republic Era, a number of citizens of Batavia founded the province of New Batavia (Nieuw-Batavië) and acceded to the Virtual United Provinces. The province was later dissolved, but it continued to be named in the constitutions of the Second and Third Republic. New Batavia was also on the map of the original claim.

The island of New Batavia was later claimed by Mercury and renamed to Lusa. In 2013, the Government-in-Exile was offered sanctuary by Mercury.

The island was eventually resettled by the exiles in October 2020. The constitution of the Fourth Republic then officially renamed the nation to New Batavia.

Etymologically Batavia refers to the Germanic tribe of the Batavi. The Dutch named many places after the Batavi, including the Batavian Republic.


Coat of arms of New Batavia.png
History of New Batavia

Prinsenvlag.gif First Republic (2007-2008)
Islamicinternetrepublic.gif Second Republic (2008-2010)
Islamicinternetrepublic.gif Third Republic (2010-2011)
Islamicinternetrepublic.gif Government-in-Exile (2011-2020)
Islamicinternetrepublic.gif Third Republic Restoration (2020-2020)
New Batavia flag.png Fourth Republic (2020-present)

Portal New Batavia
See also: Timeline of New Batavia

On October 31, 2020 the MCS accepted the claim of the Government-in-Exile of the Islamic Internet Republic to the island of New Batavia. The main point of criticism before acceptance of the claim was the name of the nation. It was felt by some MCS members that there were too many real world references and that the nation was not "Micras" enough. Frans stressed he did not want to found an entirely new nation, but "really really" wanted a legal and historical link with the old IIR. The proposed constitution of the Fourth Republic met some of the criticism.

The present day Fourth Republic was established on November 30, 2020 when the new constitution was approved by referendum. Redouan van Lucerne's cabinet stressed the necessity of international co-operation and succesfully negotiated treaties with Hurmu, Thraci Confederation, Mercury and others. This cabinet didn't actively sponsor sport in New Batavia, but there were private initiatives to organize football and ice hockey competitions.


See also: Constitution of New Batavia
President Saladin

New Batavia is a parliamentary democracy. The President is the ceremonial head-of-state. He is elected for a six months term.

The president appoints the Grand Vizier (Grootvizier), in whom executive power is vested, with the approval of the Majlis-ash-Shoera. The Grand Vizier, then, appoints the other members of the executive, called viziers.

Legislative power is vested in the Majlis-ash-Shoera. This assembly is elected every 4 months. There are 100 votes, proportionally distributed among its members.

Before a law is passed, it needs the advice of the Islamic Diwan, although this advice is non-binding. The Islamic Diwan is composed of ordinary members (apppointed by the Majlis-ash-Shoera at the President's proposal), extraordinary members (the former heads-of-state) and coopted members (chosen by the ordinary and extraordinary members). At least half of the ordinary members need to be muslim. The Islamic Diwan is the so-called advisory branch of government.

Judiciary power resides with the independent Supreme Court (Hooggerechtshof). Lower courts are to be established by law. Judges are appointed for life to ensure their independence.


The main religion in New Batavia is Islam. The constitution doesn't mention the establishment of a state religion. On the other hand, article 1 of the constitution states that sovereignty belongs to Allah, and that men's 'stewardship' is to be executed as stipulated by the constitution. Except for the Islamic Diwan, all major government institutions are secular in nature.

Freedom of religion is guaranteed by both the constitution and the Holy Quran.


See also: Sport in New Batavia

Association football is a popular sport in New Batavia. There are currently two competing football federations that organize several competitions and cups.

On December 10, 2020 the IJNB was founded to organize professional and amateur ice hockey competitions.