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Nazarene Congregations in Calbion

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Nazarene Congregations in Calbion
Nazarene Congregations church.jpg
Theology: Nazarene
Polity Congregationalist
Origin 1632 AN
Split from Matbaaic Orthodox Church (unofficial successor)
Countries Calbion
Congregations 148
Members 104,582

The Nazarene Congregations in Calbion are a congrationalist Nazarene denomination in Calbion. It is one of the larger minority religions in the nation with roughly 100,000 adherents.


The Cult of the Nazarene took a presence in the Aeronesian Archipelago with the Matbaaic colonisation of the Ynys y Calbain and the introduction of the Matbaic Orthodox Church. Since the collapse of Matbaa, small bands of believers continued to exist within independent congregations. They were allowed to practice their religion in freedom after the formation of the Calbain state, which made the Calbain Church the official state religion. During the Brettish period, foreign influences shaped the nature of the Nazarene theology in Calbion, moving away from Orthodoxy towards protestantism. In 1632, the denomination was officially established, under the leadership of Pastor Alyn Mackay, who brought almost all independent Nazarene congregations together under one umbrella.

Church culture

When the Nazarene Congregations broke away from the Matbaaic church, one of the primary reasons was the desire to get rid of all "vanities". As such the Nazarene Congregations are characterised by a focus on a pure life, which is reflected in their culture. Congregational churches are rustic, plain buildings, usually painted white. Inside will be merely wooden benches, and no decorations or statues, which are regarded as "human inventions". Also in the personal life, members adhere to piety and are usually dressed in plain clothes in dark colours.


Nazarene Congregations in Calbion place much importance into the personal relationship between man and God. Though its theology can be considered mainline Nazarenism, its emphasis on conversion and personal experience of God takes it into the realm of mysticism. In line with this theology, the Nazarene Congregations hold to the ritual of "adult immersion".


The majority of the Nazarene Congregations are located on the Ynys y Calbain and in the South West of Kilkelly. The Ynys Fforst also has a significant number of adherents. The prominence of the Nazrene Congregations in certain areas, combined with a large number of votes for the Regionalist and Minority Party, have resulted in the so-called "Nazrene Belt".