Naya Island

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Principality of Naya Island
[[|125px|Flag of Naya Island|frameless]]
Coat of Arms of Naya Island
Coat of Arms
Location of Naya Island
Map versions
Capital Ely
Largest city
Official language(s) Natspeak, Klaasiyan
Official religion(s) Bovinism
Demonym Naya Islander
 - Adjective Nayan
Government Imperial Territory
 - Knyaz Eremias Angus-Moonoak
 - Legislature Frenzy
 - Ranked {{{agerank}}}
Abbreviation Official: PNI

The Princely Isle is a small island off the northwest coast of Corum. It is jointly owned by the Natopian demesne of Klaasiya and the Pentheral State of Athlon. It is the fortified island base of the Bovic military Order of the Wardens of the East, a special project of Tsar Zakkyr of Klaasiya to project Natopian power in new parts of the world.

In 1648 the Rapid Militarization Fund, touted at the time as the largest military funding program in Natopia, began to build and launch submarines and destroyers. The island has received an unprecedented amount of development funds, owing to the fact that it is remote and relatively near to the core of the Haifo-Pallisican Trade Union. The island's military is under the command of the Klaasiyan Elite Forces (militia) under normal circumstances. However, the charter of the island and the Order of the Wardens of East specifically grant the Pentheros of the Bovic Church supreme authority, and the Pentheros has used that authority to place the island under the command of the Natopian Defense Force several times.

The Order of the Wardens were originally charged with acting as a forward base for Bovic missions to the wild green of Corum. Missionary activities have been placed on indefinite hiatus due to the on-going hostilities with the USSO.

Imperial Transfer

In 1681, the demesne of Klaasiya donated the island to the Imperial Government and it is now being used partly as a dedicated NDF base. It was renamed Naya Island in honor of the late Klaasyian Tsarina, Naya Angus-Moonoak of Waffel-Paine. One of Naya's son's, Eremias, is the administrative and executive leader of the island, holding the hereditary title of Knyaz (Prince). The Natopian Emperor may intervene in the island's affairs for the purpose of facilitating military affairs.

The island's military infrastructure was already in place under the Klaasiyan militia. Additional facilities for the Natopian Army, Navy, and Space Fleet have been constructed to handle Raspur Pact force projection in the area.


The island's economy is almost entirely devoted to military support. A small community of migrant Athlonic fishermen harvest tuna off the coast of the island but their fishing expeditions are always accompanied by an escort. Various spices were once able to grown on the island, but most of the vegetation has been cut down in the total militarization of the island with naval ports and repair docks, airstrips, space ports, barracks, warehouses, and armories. (WiP)

Since its transfer to Imperial control, it has become a favored transit station for vessels of the Imperial Constancian Navy and the ESB Group, which is legally considered part of the Imperial Constancian Navy Reserve or Auxiliary.