Navy Long Service Medal

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Navy Long Service Medal
Nls1.png - Nls3.png
Riband of the Navy Long Service Medal, 1-yr and 3-yr.
Awarded by His Royal Majesty
Type Long Service Medal
Eligibility Royal Navy personnel.
Awarded for Royal Navy long service.
Status Active
Established January 1, 2010
Decoration/Medal Precedence
Next (higher) Army Long Service Medal
Next (lower) Government Long Service Medal
Related Navy Service Medal

The Navy Long Service Medal was established by HRM King August Charles II in 2010. The medal is awarded to a Gotzer in recognition of his or her long service as a member of the Royal Navy. It consists of two classes for 1-year and 3-years of service.

General service with the Royal Navy is recognized by the Navy Service Medal.


Notable recipients

The Navy Long Service Medal has not yet been awarded to an individual.