Natopian Supreme Court

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Coat of Arms of the Supreme Court of Natopia
The Supreme Court of the Natopian Nation is the judicial branch of the Imperial Natopian government. It has three members, a Chief Justice, and two Associate Justices. The Court rules on interpretations of Imperial law, or demesne law if a case is brought to it. Members of the Court are appointed by the Emperor and must be confirmed by the Frenzy. Justices serve for life or resignation. Justices can be removed by a two-third majority of the Frenzy with confirmation from the Emperor.

As part of the Judicial Reforms orchestrated by Ivo Angus, the Supreme Court replaced the Natopian Emperor as Natopia's judiciary. As a result the Natopian Emperor as taken on a more executive role focusing on foreign and military affairs. The Supreme Court still exercises its judicial power in the name of the Natopian Emperor to preserve tradition. For ceremonial purposes, the Supreme Court is considered part of the Imperial Court of Natopia.