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Natopian Major League

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Natopian Major League
File:Natopian Major League logo.png
Countries Natopia Natopia
Confederation CTFA
Founded 2011
First season 2011–12 Natopian Major League
Number of teams 12
Levels on pyramid 1
International cup(s) CTFA Champions' League
2020–21 Natopian Major League

The Natopian Major League is the premier soccer league in Natopia, run by the NSF. The league is contested by 12 teams. The league was founded in 2011 as part of a restructuring of the nation's football system, which included the relocation, renaming and dissolution of club teams. It expanded from eight teams to twelve in 2015.

Current teams

The following 12 teams will compete in the upcoming season of the Major League: