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Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation
Flag of Natopia
Coat of Arms of Natopia
Coat of Arms
Motto: Peace Through Silent Oppression
Anthem: O Great Nation
Location of Natopia
Map versions 6.7.7 - Present
Capital Lindström
Largest city Borders City, Hazelwood, Mehlville, Butter Cow City,
Official language(s) English, Natspeak
Official religion(s) Bovinism
Demonym Natopian
 - Adjective Natopian
Government Lindstromist
(Present form: Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy)
 - Emperor Zakyyr Angus-Moonoak of Waffel-Paine
 - Chancellor Benjamin Meir
 - Legislature The Frenzy
Establishment 23 August 2002
 - Ranked NA
 - Ranked 5th
 - Active 8
 - Ranked n/a
Currency Natopo" (₦)
Abbreviation NAT
National website [1]
National forum Forum
National animal Domestic goat
National food Bagels
National drink Fruit juice
National tree None

Natopia, officially the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation is a forum-based micronation with primary territorial holdings on the continent of Tapfer, on Micras. It has occupied the large island known as Tapfer Minor or Yellow Island, for all of its existence. Natopia shares a border with Stormark on Tapfer; Craitland, Hamland on Cibola; Jingdao, Senya, Gerenia, the Florian Republic and Gotzborg on Apollonia; and Stormark on Keltia. Athlon, the seat of the Dozan Bovic Church, is a protected sovereign nation within Natopia's internationally recognized jurisdiction. Natopia is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The Emperor directs foreign policy, serves as commander-in-chief of the military, and performs ceremonial and diplomatic duties in their role as head of state. Legislative authority is exercised by the Frenzy presided over by a Chancellor with executive prerogatives. An independent Supreme Court has ultimate judicial authority exercised in the name of the Emperor. The demesnes of Natopia have local autonomy but are bound to national laws.

Natopia began as an offline community of high school friends in 2002. Continuing into 2003, Natopia claimed territory around in Missouri and operated as a secessionist micronation. Beginning around 2005, Natopia shifted its focus away from actual secessionist claims, abandoning them entirely in favor of online participation, becoming integral participants of the early MicroOlympics, and the International Association. Since then, Natopia has been a primary participant in the Micras community, or Micran Sector.

Natopia is currently a member of the Micras Treaty Organization.

Origin of the name Natopia

The name Natopia has two origins. It is a portmanteau of the word utopia and either Nathan or national. According to lore and myth, however, the name is derived from the ancient settlement at modern day Lindström known as Nett Opaegh's Awe, named after the mythic founder of the nation, Nett Opaegh.


Primary legislative and executive power is derived from the Frenzy which is composed of various representatives sent by the demesnes of the Empire. Each demesne chooses how to send its representative. Many important decisions of the empire require a majority decision from the Frenzy. The Frenzy is presided over by a Chancellor who also exercises executive authority. The Chancellor can be elected and recalled by the Frenzy or the Frenzy may choose to hold a general election.

The emperor serves many ceremonial roles such as providing and accepting ambassadors' credentials, acting as host to foreign dignitaries, and visiting allies. As an impartial and apolitical figure, he is a living symbol of unity. Recent changes to the governing laws of Natopia have given the Emperor a greater and more active role, now acting as primary diplomat, commander in chief of the military, and the ability to grant or withhold assent to Frenzy laws.

The Chief Justice heads the judicial branch and serves as an important check against the legislative and executive powers of the Frenzy, Chancellor, and Emperor.


See Natopian History.

Foreign relations

Recognized Micronations

Natopia extends de facto recognition to all members of the Micronational Cartography Society as sovereign and legitimate nations.

Bilateral Treaty Partners

Stormark, Alexandria, Constancia, Shireroth, Vyktory, Jingdao, Sangun and South Cibola


The Natopian Defense Force is commanded by the Emperor and an appointed Secretary for Defense. The Court of the Verdant Gardens is the name of the military's headquarters. The Natopian Spacefleet operates an interstellar fleet (capable of visiting the timelost planet of Giess), orbital space station, and lunar base on Tarsica. For conventional defense, the Natopian Defense Force maintains army, navy, and air force units.


Terrain map of Tapfer

The Empire is divided into demesnes, which are integral parts of the nation. There are two special areas: Athlon, a "protected sovereign nation;" and Ptia, an "extra-demesnial entity" held in trust for the people of Micras. Ptia was previously jointly administered with the Nelaga Territories.

On Yellow Island, the original and oldest part of the nation, the original demesnes of Ziegeland-Lochhatonia, Hazelwood, and Tas Neemia have merged into a single jurisdiction: the Dynastic Incarnation of the Lands of Flaventia. Alrodey, formerly known as Muckapucky recently separated from Flaventia.

On the main continent, Natopia has several subdivisions: Klaasiya; the Kingdom of Uppland and Opaeghia. Sororiya and Universalis are currently under imperial administration.

There are several overseas demesnes: Arboria and New Aquitane united as the Principality of Arboria; The Most Serene Union of Thalassa (located on mainland Tapfer), Neridia, St. Andre, and Istvanistan; the Kingdom of Leng with St. Sherrith and Graven Island; and The Elian Lands of Wlstadt and Elijah's Rest.

Yellow Island is divided into three major climate zones. The east is dominated by thick woods and jungle and the coast is protected by reefs. The north is open plains. Along the Borders Bay coast is fertile farmland. Alrodey island is rocky and surrounded by cliffs.

The Laval peninsula, now shared by Sororiya and Universalis, is dominated by eucalyptus bushlands. However, there is lush farmland along the Sororiyan river to produce wheat. West of the Egale river, in Thalassa, the terrain turns rough and unsettled with deserts, gorges, and thick forests.

The highest point in Natopia is Mt Vice, located in Flaventia. Other prominent mountains are Mt. Bagel in Sororiya, Mt. Zoom in Universlis, Mt. Davis in Thalassa, Mt. Dracon in Thalassa, and the Talon Mountains in Klaasiya and Thalassa. Natopia occupies the entire eastern bank of the Egale River on Tapfer, as well as all of eastern Tapfer, and most of the northwest excluding an Alexandrian enclave.

Natopia has access to many abundant and exploitable resources: fish (x6), cotton (x3), wheat (x2), spices (x2), pack animals (x2), iron, lumber, natural gas, oil, precious gems, semi-precious gems, silver(x2), shipbuilding, farmlands, and tropical fruit.

Flora and Fauna

Natopians enjoy the plentiful bounty of wheat grows naturally within their land. The tropical lands in western Thalassa, Port Istvan, and the Skerry Isles provide fruit and exotic fish to vary their diets. Yellow Island is perfectly suited to grow cotton, and cotton farms cover the landscapes. The Great Hazel Woods cover the entire eastern peninsula of Yellow Island, and contains thick foliage cover creating a perpetual twilight. The domestic goat is kept by many farmers and over population has caused many to become feral and exist successfully in the wild.

Newspapers and Other Media


One paper is published and receives wide distribution throughout Natopia, the Bagelcratican Sporadically [2]. The BS originated as a newsletter for the Free Juice and Bagels Party but has sense evolved into Natopia's unofficially official news outlet.

Mainstream Culture

Natopian Cuisine

The basic diet for many Natopians is fish and grains. Fish is abundant in the coastal areas of almost all demesnes of Natopia. The island of Punkrock was in important early exporter of spices to satisfy the demand for flavored fish recipes. Staple grains are exported from the extremely fertile grain region of the Laval Peninsula. Egale's generalized agricultural community, and the cattle ranches of northern Flaventia provide other sources of surplus food. The traditional and customary Natopian diet enjoyed across ethnic divides are bagels made from Laval wheat and fruit juice. Aside from customary bagels and juice, Natopian cuisine is highly localized.