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Nationale Vereniging voor Lichaamsoefening

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Kasterburg NVLO
Logo of the Nationale Vereniging voor Lichaamsoefening
Founded 2018
Headquarters Joducus van Haltna Sportcomplex, Feldkirche
FMF affiliation 2018
WMFA affiliation 2018
President Lucretius Grimwald

The Nationale Vereniging voor Lichaamsoefening (English: National Union for Physical Exercise) is the governing body for sport in Kasterburg. The NVLO organises mass sports events, school gymnastics and various sports organisations. Two sporting organisations under the NVLO mantle have profesional leagues: The Kasterburger Boxing Competition and the Kasterburger Footbal League.

The NVLO is responsible for the organisation of the Kasterburger football team and the nation's Micras Games delegation.